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After circulating that chant, Chen Xiang's eyes shone with a golden light, the divine power in his entire body swirled, and both of his hands continuously poured out the Devil Slayer G.o.d wind that was like liquid.

Although Bai Yaowei was a big devil, he was still a part of the Devil-killing Summit and was extremely knowledgeable about the Devil slaying G.o.d wind. He could tell that Chen Xiang had not used enough Devil slaying G.o.d wind, so he guessed that someone was secretly guiding Chen Xiang, but he was actually not discovered by the G.o.d Realm Dragon Emperor.

Chen Xiang did not manage to control the condensed G.o.d wind well enough, so he turned it into liquid and gushed it into his hands. At this time, the Heavenly Slave released another two black b.a.l.l.s made from devil energy.

As the two black b.a.l.l.s flew towards Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang withdrew his overflowing G.o.d wind, but his palms still had very strong remnants of G.o.d wind left. With a wave of his hands, he aimed at the two devil fiend black b.a.l.l.s that could produce a violent explosion.

Just a moment ago, they had seen that this black ball was extremely deadly. If it had not had a good defense, even if it was damaged, it might have been destroyed by the explosion, but with just two of Chen Xiang's palms, it was turned into black smoke.

At this time, Chen Xiang had already gained some experience in controlling the Devil Slayer G.o.d wind.

At that moment, he felt that his body was extremely light and light, and with just a thought, those strange and powerful devil slaying G.o.d wind immediately followed his will, and in an instant, he arrived at the side of the Heavenly Slave.

Chen Xiang suddenly came to his side, in shock and anger, Heavenly Slave threw a punch at him.


Chen Xiang unleashed the Devil Subduing Method with nine echoes and one attack, in addition to the devil slayer G.o.d wind, it made his punch extremely terrifying. In this extremely st.u.r.dy s.p.a.ce, a large crack suddenly appeared, and the spatial tear spread to the entire sky. The spatial tear, which extended for several kilometers, covered the sky like a spider web, causing people to feel fear in their hearts, as if the world was about to split open.

Such a terrifying fist met Heavenly Slave's black punch. Heavenly Slave's fist that was filled with the evil spirits was crushed by the force before it could even touch the G.o.d wind, and his entire arm instantly turned into dust.

Seeing that he did not touch Heavenly Slave's fist, Chen Xiang immediately destroyed Heavenly Slave's entire arm. In his heart, Chen Xiang felt even more admiration for the devil slayer G.o.d wind, so he quickly changed the direction of his fist and aimed it towards Heavenly Slave's head.

No one expected that in that extremely short period of time, Chen Xiang would actually change the trajectory of his punches, and incredibly hit Heavenly Slave's head. His fists struck Heavenly Slave's head, and it was as if an iron hammer had smashed onto a piece of charcoal.

Heavenly Slave's head turned into a pile of black particles. Chen Xiang was also shocked by the punch, but it had exhausted a large amount of his divine power.

After Heavenly Slave's head was shattered, a ma.s.s of black Qi surged out from his neck. This was Heavenly Slave's soul, it was actually black, and it turned into a huge black shadow that enveloped the entire stage.

"I want to devour your soul, Soul Absorbing Devil Spell." Heavenly Slave laughed sinisterly as a black shadow slapped towards Chen Xiang.

Heavenly Slave's soul was exceptionally strong, after leaving his body, he turned into a group of black shadows that could be seen with the naked eye.

Chen Xiang sensed the enemy's soul leaving his body and immediately activated Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, quickly consuming it and searching for the memories he needed.

The Heavenly Slave actually knew the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell! Everyone's face was filled with fear, as they hurriedly distanced themselves from the stage, worried that they would be affected by the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell.

Just when everyone was in a precarious situation, the Heavenly Slave actually started to howl for himself, "You … You also understand Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, ah … "

The black soul of the Heavenly Slave quickly became smaller following the scream, and finally disappeared. The Heavenly Slave's body also turned into a ball of black qi, and dissipated into the heaven and earth.

There was still a little more sand left in the hourgla.s.s, but the Heavenly Slave was already dead, and Chen Xiang had obtained victory in this battle.

Before anyone could regain their senses, Chen Xiang had already walked off the stage. Everyone felt that he was the real G.o.d and demon, controlling the extremely terrifying Devil-suppressing kungfu, but they did not understand the long lost devil arts that caused people to tremble in fear, moreover, he was extremely proficient in it.

was not surprised at all that using the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to deal with souls was the best. He was just curious about who had suddenly taught Chen Xiang the chants of the Devil Slayer G.o.d wind.

Chen Xiang walked down the stage and scanned the crowd, searching for Lv Zhen. Lv Zhen's divine sense had already been withdrawn from his Divine Sense Sea, and he was no longer able to send a sound transmission to Lv Zhen. He really wanted to tell Lv Zhen that Lv Qilian had been looking for him this entire time.

However, he was sure that Lv Zhen was still nearby and had been watching the entire time.

Chen Xiang felt that Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable's current strength must be the same as the other Strong of Lord Stage s. Even Qi Shi was a little worried that the Dragon Emperor would discover the sound transmission, but Lv Zhen didn't.

When Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable went missing back then, his strength was already extremely strong. He went to a Heaven Realm, and then to Devil-killing Summit, his strength must have increased greatly, so was even more curious about Devil-killing Summit.

"Devil-suppressing Divine Palace wins." The old man announced the result.

At this time, the disciples of Divine Devil Cult all ran away. The powerful Heavenly Slave was killed in such a short period of time, and that person's strength was definitely not someone they could deal with.

Previously, everyone secretly looked down on Devil-suppressing Divine Palace because there were no Emperor level experts in Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. However, now that the Great Yan Jing had been destroyed in such a short period of time, no one dared to look down on the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace anymore.

The last time she and Chen Xiang had cultivated the G.o.ds join method, Chen Xiang's strength was still very weak. However, right now, he was comparable to those great emperors of the Sky Region who were seated around the table.

The final battle was between Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and Heavenly Dragon Race. Just now, Qi Shi sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, telling him to kill that Sky Dragon no matter what.

But what Qi Shi was worried about was, whether the Heavenly Dragon Race would admit defeat, the strength Chen Xiang had displayed just now was too strong, and it was not something that the middle-aged man could endure.

"In the final match, if we don't decide who will win, then we'll compete from a new beginning to a new one." The old man shouted, "Please come up on stage."

"Your rules don't seem to have said before that no one is allowed to change, right? My Heavenly Dragon Race's people just now were a little unwell, so I helped them fight. This is permitted."

Everyone immediately looked at the one who spoke, it was Dragon Emperor.

The Dragon Emperor coming out for battle, what was there to be afraid of? This was too much bullying.

Everyone scolded in their hearts. This was clearly because they saw how powerful Chen Xiang was just now. If they had let that middle-aged man fight again, he would definitely have lost.

The Dragon Emperor of the Heavenly Dragon Race, his strength was more powerful than the other great emperors in the eyes of many. After all, he was a dragon.

"Changing people does not violate the rules." The old man nodded as he secretly exclaimed in his heart. If the two Emperor-level characters were fighting here, then he no longer needed this city.

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