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These Great Yan Jing were new, they were no longer the ancient Nine Emperors and Five Venerables. As for their strength, compared to the ancient Nine Emperors and Five Venerables, they were weaker.

The most unhappy person here should be the Fire Emperor. Although there was no new Great Emperor to take over his position, his current power was extremely embarra.s.sing, which made him hate the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord more. At the same time, he was also regretting making the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord his enemy.

When these five new great emperors came here, they all looked at Fire Emperor with a gaze filled with pity and ridicule. It seemed that these five new great emperors, who had known the Fire Emperor in Great Yan Jing all those years ago, were definitely not as strong as the Fire Emperor.

However, the current Fire Emperor was far inferior to them. This kind of feeling made them feel very comfortable in their hearts.

There were five new Great Emperors,, Bai Yaowei and Fire Emperor, the three ancient Great Emperors. There were already eight of them here, and when the Soldier Elder Jiang Sheng arrived, there would probably not be many such Strong of Lord Stage gatherings in the Ancient Era.

Bai Yaowei and Qi Shi had both hidden themselves, and those five new Great Yan Jing did not notice him. Chen Xiang looked at Qi Shi, and discovered that he had a very relaxed expression.

Qi Shi resurrected using a remnant soul and no longer had the strength that looked down upon the heavens back then. However, he had said before, even with his current strength, it was still possible to kill one or two of these great emperors. A skinny camel was bigger than a horse, furthermore Qi Shi was not thin at all, his Heaven Earth Killing Method was not a joke.

In the seating area of Ice Dragon Race, another handsome man had appeared unknowingly with a smile on his face. This man was the famous Divine Craftsman of the past.

He said that he didn't need to change his appearance, because back then, he looked like a bad old man. He had immersed himself in the Emperor's Tomb for many years, regaining his youth and becoming extremely young.

"Beat him up... "Why aren't you fighting? I came here to watch the fight." Jiang Sheng who had just arrived saw the many strong warriors gathering and immediately became happy. He shouted blindly as if he liked watching others fight.

Because of the sudden appearance of the few great emperors, the atmosphere was extremely tense, no one dared to say a word, and amidst the silence, Jiang Sheng's playful voice sounded out, causing everyone to look at him immediately.

When Jiang Sheng went out to catch some dragons to eat, he let a few Sky Dragons go. Maybe they were in the Sky Dragon Group.

Jiang Sheng was not discovered, and smilingly crossed his legs.

"Let the match continue. Please go on stage." An old man cleared his throat and shouted.

Chen Xiang, on the other hand, was calm. He walked up the stage which was full of ruins and did not feel any pressure from it.

Before he could shout "begin", Heavenly Slave opened his arms and roared towards the sky, "Demon Emperor."

A bolt of lightning fiercely struck his body, and Heavenly Slave's body suddenly swelled up, his muscles suddenly becoming extremely sinister. His two eyes became one hundred times darker, making him look extremely strange and terrifying.

What caused everyone to be moved was that the supreme demonic G.o.d power, especially the evil devil power, was extremely strong, causing all the Evil Emperor present to frown. The aura of that divine power also caused the spirits of the cultivators present to tremble.

"I am the Demon Emperor. Kid, the day of your death is here." Heavenly Slave's voice became hoa.r.s.e, as if two people were talking.

Chen Xiang took a few steps back. The opponent's strength was just too terrifying, he felt that she had fused two Strong of Lord Stage s together, just like that she had two powerful souls.

Even the Dragon Emperor and the other Great Emperors below had grim expressions. It was clear that they had not expected such a strong person to fight.

"Even if you have a very strong Devil-suppressing kungfu, you still won't be able to do anything to me. Anyone who insults me will die." The sudden green veins on Heavenly Slave's arms made it possible to see b.a.l.l.s of black and white energy flowing inside, it was extremely frightening.

Jiang Sheng who was smiling a moment ago, suddenly had a serious face, he knew that the person on stage was Chen Xiang, and Chen Xiang's opponent was so powerful, that he could not help but be worried.

"Why haven't you started?" Heavenly Slave shouted at the old man who was still in shock.

"Open... "Let's begin." The old man reacted and shouted.

It was a very dense demonic power. Chen Xiang fiercely jumped, to prevent it from being absorbed into his body, but suddenly a golden divine hand print appeared in the air, suddenly smashing down, covering the entire stage, causing Chen Xiang to have no place to dodge.


The black liquid on the ground turned into mist and evaporated without a trace, but Chen Xiang was not pressed down at all. He traveled through s.p.a.ce and arrived above the handprint.

"This b.a.s.t.a.r.d, it's as if something powerful suddenly possessed his body, causing him to become so powerful all of a sudden."

Chen Xiang frowned as he looked down. If it was the Heavenly Slave before, he probably wouldn't feel the slightest bit of pressure. But now, the guy he was facing was some kind of Divine Demon Emperor, which made him feel extremely powerless.

To be able to dodge the hand print just now and even float in the air, that could only be accomplished through penetrating s.p.a.ce. However, the hand print that was pressed down just now, in addition to the extremely evil devil aura on the ground, caused the s.p.a.ce to become extremely unstable, but Chen Xiang was still able to pa.s.s through.

"FiendG.o.d domain." The Heavenly Slave shouted loudly. A gigantic black and white ball suddenly appeared in the entire Contest Ring, enveloping both Chen Xiang and Heavenly Slave inside. The strong power of the G.o.d Demons reinforced the s.p.a.ce inside, making it impossible for Chen Xiang to travel through it easily.

"This kid was so c.o.c.ky earlier, but now he's dead."

"I never thought that the Heavenly Slave would have such skills. Maybe what we saw before was just a clone of that Great Demon G.o.d. Now, this sovereign has come."

"In other words, he is facing a Strong of Lord Stage."

Everyone began to discuss in surprise when they saw the extremely st.u.r.dy, translucent black and white ball.

"Don't worry. I will finish it so soon. I will allow you to enjoy the world's most painful torment in the shortest amount of time." The Heavenly Slave laughed out loud, his palms danced, the black gold palm image was like a wave, flooding towards Chen Xiang from all directions.

"Do you really think I'm that easy to deal with, an idiot who calls himself a servant?" Chen Xiang laughed coldly, his body suddenly releasing a Qi shield, which was covered with a profound divine Spirit grain, releasing sets of strong lights, causing all the palm images that landed on it to be completely purified.

Chen Xiang who had obtained Divine Deity was not easy to deal with at all, even if he went all out with his life.

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