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Sky Dragon's attack hadn't finished yet. The golden clouds in the sky turned into numerous golden dragons, bringing with them a strong Evil Killing Saint Force. They fell onto the stage like rain.

The plaza was already in a mess, and this was only the power of the two Evil Killing Holy Dragons. If they were to attack so many of them, they would definitely raze the entire plaza to the ground, and perhaps even the houses around the plaza would be affected.

Just as everyone was panicking, Thunder Emperor waved his hand, releasing a black wind that flickered with purple lightning. The black wind turned into a barrier that surrounded the stage and started to revolve around the stage.

Inside the fighting arena, the golden dragon continuously smashed down, exploding out with bursts of golden light and shaking. Thunder Emperor took action to isolate the energy that exploded out, the kind of scene that everyone imagined did not occur.

"It's over." The stage calmed down and the golden clouds in the sky dissipated. Thunder Emperor retracted his power and a tall, skinny man laid on the stage, who had already lost his battle prowess.

"Heavenly Dragon Realm wins."

The people of Heavenly Evil Realm immediately rushed to the stage to help the tall and skinny man. It looked like he was still healthy, but he had fainted.

Even in the face of this sort of wild attack, he didn't die.

Although they had won, that leader didn't have a single smile on his face. It was definitely because he couldn't kill that evil man, so he didn't have any grudges against them.

The compet.i.tion arena had already been destroyed. Just when the people from the Heavenly Sacred Thunder Region were considering if they should stop for a while and fix it, the Heavenly Slave shouted, "If it's rotten, then it's rotten. It's not like we have to stand on flat ground to fight."

When warriors fought, it was normal for them to float in the sky to fight. The Heavenly Slave couldn't wait to kill Chen Xiang, so he said that.

"I don't care. Since this dog slave is in such a hurry to die, I also want to help him." Chen Xiang purposely used a very arrogant tone to anger the Heavenly Slave.

had seen the cultivation method of the Divine Devil Cult long ago, so no matter what, he had to eliminate this Heavenly Slave today.

Just as Chen Xiang and Heavenly Slave wanted to walk onto the stage, a strong pressure suddenly descended.

Chen Xiang was not surprised. Lei Yanjing had come, the other Emperor level figures would definitely appear.

The person who came was a masked man dressed in black robes with long, elegant hair. From his physique and his large hands, it was obvious that he was a man, and his entire body was filled with strong Evil Qi. He was stepping on a black cloud as he arrived, and when he landed, he was at the place where the Heavenly Evil Realm was.

He looked at the injury of the tall and skinny man who was defeated just now, took out a golden pellet and stuffed it into his mouth. Then, he sat on a chair, he did not look as arrogant as the Thunder Emperor.

Everyone was sure that this person was Heavenly Evil Realm from the Heavenly Evil Realm.

"Senior, is he the Evil Emperor that you know?" Chen Xiang immediately sent a sound transmission to Qi Shi. Evil Emperor had gone to the Heavenly Evil Realm, and the person who appeared was also called the Evil Emperor.

Back then, the relationship between the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord and the surface of the Evil Emperor was normal, and there were even some contradictions between them, but they were secretly on good terms, which was what Duan Ming had told Chen Xiang.

"It wasn't him. That guy didn't scratch the wind." Qi Shi answered: "The next round will be you, brat. Can you get rid of that Heavenly Slave? This baldy is very evil, both G.o.d and demon cultivate together, both G.o.d and devil support each other, the devil is the master, and they do not reject each other. This kind of cultivation method is not something that he can create.

"Let's not talk anymore. Heavenly Dragon Race's Dragon Emperor is here. Be careful, this Dragon Emperor's Spirit Cultivator is very powerful. He might even be able to detect our sound transmission or even eavesdrop on him."

Just as Qi Shi finished speaking, an extremely huge golden dragon door appeared in the air.

When the dragon gate opened, a giant golden carriage the size of a mountain was pulled out by two huge dragons. The huge dragons roared, bared their fangs and brandished their claws as they stepped on the golden clouds.

Although everyone already knew that there would be many experts from the Realm of Heavenly Secrets gathering here today, they never thought that they would be able to witness such a mighty and mighty dragon. However, those two large dragons were only pulling a carriage.

The huge dragons and carts stopped in midair, and all the dragons of Heavenly Dragon Race immediately flew up to receive them. At this moment, one could tell with their knees that they were the Dragon Emperor s.

When they saw that the Dragon Emperor had arrived, a wave of resentment immediately emerged from the Ice Dragon Race. They were extremely furious, because their Ice Dragon Ancestor's Supreme Dragon blood had been taken away by the Dragon Emperor.

"Brat, if you defeat that Heavenly Slave, you will fight with that Sky Dragon in the end, and it would be best if you kill that fellow without holding back. If that Dragon Emperor were to make a move, Old Bai and I will also make a move, I have already informed the Old Jiang, he will be here shortly." When the Dragon Emperor was still not here yet, Qi Shi hastily sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "Let us settle the matter of attacking the Evil Dragon Graveyard here."

Chen Xiang suddenly had a strange feeling of nervousness. He did not expect that an Emperor Level Ranker would appear before him, as the Heavenly Dragon Realm, Heavenly Evil Realm and the Great Yan Jing of the Saint Thunder Dominion had already arrived in the Five Heavenly Regions. The rest would definitely come as well.

The Heavenly Dragon Realm appeared, following the group of Sky Dragons to the seats by the side of the fighting stage. This Dragon Emperor was a tall and st.u.r.dy old man, his white hair was combed extremely neatly, his stern eyes swept across the crowd, causing them to immediately feel a powerful aura, he was dressed in a golden dragon robe, bringing the group of powerful people into the Sky Dragon Seat.

Thunder Emperor was the first one to come here. He came here because his son had been crippled, and the other Heavenly Regions immediately reported him to the sect, so the other emperors quickly followed suit. Just like Thunder Emperor, the people who were partic.i.p.ating in the battle were all people who were closely related to these emperors.

"This Dragon Emperor really did come. Where's Xue Yi? Where did she go?" Chen Xiang started to worry again. Long Xueyi and Leng Youlan's whereabouts were unknown, and Chen Xiang felt that they might be together.

They were the same as the Evil Emperor, both being rather low-key. They came here on their own, the Ice Emperor being a white-haired old granny, the Star King being an average looking middle-aged man who didn't have that kind of intimidating aura.

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