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The two sides currently facing off were actually familiar faces. They were merely old rivals.

If their strengths were equal, they wouldn't be able to understand the enmity here. However, the Heavenly Dragon Head Tower was very confident, the Heavenly Evil Realm's tall and skinny man on the other hand was somewhat afraid.

Just as the old man who presided over the fight was about to shout, a strong pressure suddenly came from the sky. Everyone looked up and saw a mighty middle-aged man running towards them with lightning on his feet.

Seeing the arrival of this person, the people of the Heavenly Region all walked to a flat piece of land, bowed, and said loudly, "Welcome, Thunder Emperor."

This was a genuine Strong of Lord Stage. Although it was not the kind of Strong of Lord Stage that came from back then, it was indeed the strongest person in the entire Holy Thunder Heavenly Realm. Otherwise, they wouldn't dare to call themselves Thunder Emperor.

Chen Xiang looked at the dignified and domineering Thunder Emperor, a little perturbed in his heart. Now, everyone could tell that the sudden appearance of the Thunder Emperor was because of the man in white who crippled an important subordinate. It was normal for the Thunder Emperor to appear.

After the people from the Heavenly Thunder Region finished bowing, they immediately reported about what had happened. A few of them even pointed at Chen Xiang, telling him that it was Chen Xiang who had injured the white clothed man.

The arrival of the Thunder Emperor caused the hidden Bai Yaowei and Qi Shi to be stirred. This was because this was an opponent that they needed to face, an opponent that was very strong.

They all knew of Chen Xiang's ident.i.ty, so they felt that they still had the chance to take action. As long as Thunder Emperor made a move against Chen Xiang, they would definitely make a move to protect him.

Thunder Emperor looked at Chen Xiang, his expression calm, but anyone could feel his killing intent.

"Brat, you're in trouble. This Thunder Emperor seems to be that guy's father." Huang Jintian laughed.

"How do you know?" Chen Xiang asked.

"From his killing intent, you can tell that he isn't that fellow's father but his master. Judging from his appearance, they look similar. The person that you crippled just now is the Crown Prince of the Thunder Emperor." Huang Jintian teased: "Make your preparations to fight with this Thunder Emperor, let me see your current strength."

"Don't worry, when the time comes, it won't be my turn to act." Chen Xiang laughed, he was not worried at all, still calm and composed, but Xu Teng who was seated beside him was already covered in cold sweat, because the killing intent from Thunder Emperor was aimed straight at them.

The arrival of the Thunder Emperor caused the experts of the other Heavenly Regions to whisper to each other. When Chen Xiang heard the discussions, he found out that the man in white was indeed the son of the Thunder Emperor.

Since he was the son of the Thunder Emperor, he was not crippled. As a Thunder Emperor, there must be a Pill Saint who knew him.

Furthermore, the fact that these Strong of Lord Stage s hadn't come before did mean that they had a secret agreement with each other, so as to not create pressure on these juniors.

Chen Xiang felt that the Thunder Emperor should thank him, because he had already held back. Previously, when the Sky Dragon Head had attacked him, it was much more ruthless than him.

Thunder Emperor sat on a very large chair and waved his hand, indicating that they could continue. He did not know what intentions Thunder Emperor had, he was definitely not here to spectate, and everyone felt that there was a high possibility that he would come for Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. Devil-suppressing Divine Palace did not have Strong of Lord Stage supporting him, so there was a high possibility that he would be annihilated by the Heavenly Thunder Region.

No one dared to say anything when the Heavenly Thunder Region annihilated their Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. No one wanted to become enemies with a Strong of Lord Stage.


The moment the hourgla.s.s turned over, it meant that the battle had begun. However, the Heavenly Dragon's leader and the lean man from the Evil Realm did not immediately take action. Unlike the previous fights, they began with fierce and swift attacks.

Even though the two of them did not fight, they were frantically acc.u.mulating their power, especially the leader of the Heavenly Dragon Race. He had condensed a large amount of holy spirit energy in the air, causing a thick layer of golden clouds to float in the sky, and the churning golden clouds came from all directions to heavily collide against each other, producing intense golden lightning.

"This is a Heavenly dragon seal." Chen Xiang could tell it with a glance. "It should be the Evil Killing Holy seal, specially used to deal with the Evil Demon."

On the Heavenly Evil Realm's side, the pressure was immense, especially the tall and skinny man on the stage, who had a serious look on his face, but he was not willing to be outdone, because a layer of faint purple mist appeared from his body, bringing with it an extremely evil Qi. From his body, it flew out and condensed into a purple black Qi ball in front of his chest.

The two of them seemed to have come to a tacit understanding. They actually didn't engage in a crazy battle and were preparing for their strongest attack, a final move that would decide the outcome of the battle.

Seeing that the two of them were about to use their life on the line, they were all ready to defend themselves. They didn't want to be overthrown later on.

The sand in the hourgla.s.s was about to run out, and the acc.u.mulated energy of the two was already very strong. Even if they didn't attack, the two energies resonated with each other, a hostile resonance that caused the ground to shake, as if there were countless cracks in the ground.

Everyone was already well-prepared as they released a force barrier to block the attack.

"It's begun." Chen Xiang did not try to resist like the others. His body was strong, he did not need to use G.o.d Power to protect himself.

At the moment when the hourgla.s.s was about to leak out, a loud dragon's roar was like a thunderclap, suddenly shaking the entire arena. The people around the dueling platform felt as if their hearts were shattered by the dragon's roar, and their blood started to boil.

The Sky Dragon had already launched an attack, the golden clouds in the sky suddenly turned into a dazzling gold dragon, although its body wasn't very large, but its imposing Qi was extremely terrifying. It swooped down from the sky and attacked the tall and skinny man from Heavenly Evil Realm, and when it rushed down, the stage suddenly cracked, and like the rising and falling of water, began to crack.

The purple ball of light on the man's chest lost its demonic purple glow, and instead turned black. A vortex appeared in the middle of the black ball, as though it could swallow everything, he raised the black ball up high, and when the golden dragon rushed down, a large amount of its power was absorbed by the black ball.

The Sky Dragon used the Evil slaying Holy seal, against the Evil Demon's power, it had an amplification of damage, striking the black ball, it still produced bursts of Qi waves, piercing through the enchantment, causing many cracks to appear on the plaza floor. The thick stone tiles on the plaza were mostly shattered.

Just as the hourgla.s.s was about to hit him, the black ball that the man was holding up suddenly cracked open, causing a burst of black Qi to explode. Soon after, another golden flying dragon descended from the sky and crashed into the man's head, causing him to spew out a mouthful of black blood.

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