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Heavenly Dragon Race's crazy tactics immediately angered the entire Starfield Region. A strong wave of killing intent was like a haze that enveloped a large portion of the sky. However, this did not violate the rules of the compet.i.tion.

"You don't have that kind of strength, so don't send them up. You can't blame others for dying, but now you think you're overestimating your own abilities. You deserve it if you die." The Sky Dragon middle-aged man slowly walked down from the fighting stage. He was the one who had brought Heavenly Dragon Race here earlier, the strongest person there.

Everyone was gloating in their hearts. The Starfield had indeed overestimated itself, sending a young man instead of a powerful old man. It seemed that they saw this as a form of training, but they didn't know that in order to compete for command, they would send out their strongest man.

The youth who died was indeed very strong. He was just a deity at such a young age. There was no end to his training, but right now, he was dead.

In just the second match, there had already been victors who had won under such harsh conditions, and there were also deaths.

The following round was the third round. The Heavenly Evil Realm versus Divine Artisan Mountain Villa, the funny thing was, Divine Artisan Mountain Villa admitted defeat right from the start.

The fourth match was between Divine Devil Cult s. Heaven Sword City s only changed the strongest among them, while Divine Devil Cult's Sect Leader Heavenly Slave was like a devil, afraid that he would be killed. Heaven Sword City's old City Lord also admitted defeat right from the start.

Everyone was looking forward to the fifth match, because it was between the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and the Heavenly Region of Holy Thunder.

Just a moment ago, the Divine Palace Protectors was provoking the Divine Devil Cult at the risk of his life. It seemed that the Divine Palace Protectors was quite strong, making people feel that he was very strong.

The one who walked up on stage was not the Lord Hallmaster of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, but rather that Divine Palace Protectors.

If Devil-suppressing Divine Palace didn't send the strongest Lord Palace Master up, he could very likely be killed in an instant like that young man just now.

The person who was chosen as the leader of this group was none other than the white-clothed man who presided over the event just now. He had revealed a few moves just now and was very strong. He was in charge of this meeting and had very high authority.

"Don't you think about it any longer? In order to win, I won't go easy on you." The one who was in charge of the shouting was this man from the Heavenly Region of Holy Thunder. He said that but he really hoped that Chen Xiang could stay and fight with him.

"Cut the c.r.a.p, hurry up and start."

Chen Xiang coldly replied, his tone extremely arrogant, causing the man to be extremely angry.

"Begin." The white-robed man shouted coldly.

Because the white clothed man was the one shouting, he had grasped the most crucial moment to attack. Just as he finished shouting, countless of golden lightning bolts that were as thick as water vats shot down crazily, enveloping Chen Xiang completely. The golden light that flickered made everyone feel fear in their hearts, this kind of holy energy lightning was too violent, it was like hitting the ground, causing the ground to shake continuously.

The thunder astral energy that exploded out turned into a golden fog of astral winds that penetrated through the barrier and wreaked havoc throughout the plaza. The thunder astral winds that erupted turned into a golden fog of astral winds that pierced through the barrier and wreaked havoc in the entire square.

It could be seen how much anger the man in white was currently feeling. It seemed that he was extremely well-behaved, but when he was angry, it made people feel as if he had become a completely different person.

The consecutive thunder and lightning attacks lasted for half the time the hourgla.s.s was used. A large hole was blasted through the st.u.r.dy stage, but what shocked everyone was not the white clothed man's crazy and terrifying Thunder power, but the person standing in the crater.

Chen Xiang tried his best to protect his clothes, but his clothes were still charred and burned black, causing many holes to appear on his body. His hair was also very messy, but his straight back, full of strength, and bright eyes, all of these showed that the thunderous attack just now had little effect on him.

The man in white frowned. To him, this was very unreasonable. During the previous attack, he didn't sense any fluctuations of Qi. It meant that the man didn't use his body's power to block it, but he could block the hundred thousand lightning strikes.

Qi Shi was still a little unsure if this person was Chen Xiang previously, because Chen Xiang had hidden himself too well. If he did not see that Chen Xiang could use his strong physique to resist such a terrifying golden lightning, he might not have been able to see through the flaw.

"There is actually such a powerful person in the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace." Mu Qianxiang said as his brows furrowed, "Master, it looks like it will be even more difficult for you to reclaim the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace in the future."

"It will be more difficult, but this guy might even be able to cultivate a Devil-suppressing Golden Body." Lv Qinlian gave a light snort, "Elder sister, could it be that little demon?"

"That's unlikely. We met him a while ago, and it's only been a few months, but he's already this strong?" Little Lizhi shook his head.

Lv Qilian did not answer, and the girls did not know what she was thinking.

Ji Meixian only thought that it was possible that it was Chen Xiang, but she did not say it out loud.

Chen Xiang walked out of the pit with a smile on his face: "It's better if you admit defeat quickly, I don't want to kill you."

The Saint Thunder Dominion was extremely powerful. Otherwise, they wouldn't be the ones in charge of this meeting. Their leader was a force to be reckoned with, so it was impossible for the white-clothed man to admit defeat.

"Dream on." The white clothed man's hands suddenly released a purple ray of light, the electric light jumped, with a shake of his feet, a burst of lightning shot out, pushing his body, like an arrow released from its bow, fiercely flying towards Chen Xiang.

Seeing the other party rush over so quickly, Chen Xiang's eyes widened slightly. Catching sight of the other party's movement trajectory, caused the other party to be extremely slow in his eyes.

Of the two hands with the power of the berserk sacred thunder, one smashed towards his head, while the other turned into a claw, grabbing towards his abdomen.

Chen Xiang caught hold of both his hands, but he did not dodge. Instead, he circulated the divine power in his body and then controlled it to ingeniously circulate, meeting the purple lightning flashing in the air with his fists.

The white clothed man's hands were already in front of Chen Xiang, but Chen Xiang was still able to react and block them.

As the two exchanged blows, everyone immediately began to revolve their power in preparation to block the aftermath of the explosion. It was difficult for the barrier to block the aftermath of a battle between two experts like that.

Just when everyone thought that an energy wave was about to engulf them, there was no reaction. They only saw the man in white's face turn pale and then collapse to the ground.

"Transform … Bone-melting magic palm. " The white clothed youth's face was filled with fear as he spoke with a trembling voice.

"Hmph." Chen Xiang threw a huge kick towards the weak body of the young man, sending him flying out of Contest Ring. The heavy kick carried an extremely strong force of G.o.d, and directly smashed apart the white clothed man's Heaven Pellet, turning him into a cripple.

When the white-clothed man from Holy Thunder Heavenly Realm caught him, he had already fainted and was not killed by Chen Xiang. However, the crowd felt that it would be better to just kill him.

The people of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace actually knew how to use the Bone-melting magic palm that would cause people to tremble in fear, and instantly melted the opponent's bones. This was extremely inconceivable.

However, everyone was very curious as to where he got that Bone-melting magic palm from. After all, it was a long-lost devil art, and many of the old people present knew that the Demon Emperor used this to intimidate many strong warriors.

Ji Meixian was very sure that the person on the stage was Chen Xiang. She knew that Bai Youyou was together with Chen Xiang, and that Bai Youyou had already pa.s.sed down the demonic techniques to him, so she turned to Bai Yaowei who was beside Phoenix King and smiled.

When Bai Yaowei saw that Chen Xiang had used his Bone-melting magic palm so well, he was very pleased in his heart. This move was unexpected, and whoever was. .h.i.t by this move would lose all their bones.

"Devil-suppressing Divine Palace wins. Next match." The one in charge of shouting turned into an old man. He was currently glaring at Chen Xiang, because this old man was also from the Heavenly Thunder Region.

The next battle was a draw between the Xie Clan and Myriad Dan Immortal Country, so it ended here.

The next round would be taken up by Heavenly Dragon Race, Heavenly Evil Realm, Divine Devil Cult and the rest. They would draw lots and compete again, and the rules were the same as before, they would defeat the other party in a short period of time.

Chen Xiang, Heavenly Slave, Sky Dragon middle-aged, and a tall and skinny man from Heavenly Evil Realm were drawing lots.

After the result was out, Chen Xiang and the Heavenly Slave actually started laughing loudly, because the battle was about to begin.

"You fellow from the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, it's time for your death, unless you admit defeat." The Heavenly Slave laughed sinisterly.

"Against a devil like you, my Devil-suppressing Divine Palace is truly the best at dealing with them. We will be fighting in the second round, and you still have a little time to explain your future plans." Chen Xiang laughed coldly.

"We'll see." The Heavenly Slave snorted and returned to his seat.

had previously competed with Divine Artisan Mountain Villa, but because Divine Artisan Mountain Villa had admitted defeat, no one had been able to see Heavenly Evil Realm's true strength.

Heavenly Dragon Race was very strong and had killed the teenager from the Realm of the Stars just now. Facing such a terrifying dragon, Heavenly Evil Realm would definitely be under a lot of pressure.

Everyone was looking forward to the second round of the battle between the Divine Devil Cult and the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. The Divine Palace Protectors that suddenly appeared in the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace was extremely mysterious.

Although they were in an alliance now, the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace would definitely be hated by the Holy Thunder Heavenly Realm in the future.

"Many years have pa.s.sed … I never thought that we would meet again and have a fight. The grudge from our youth, I hope it can be resolved today. " The leader's face was full of smiles, but his eyes were filled with killing intent.

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