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There were not many forces partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion, only a dozen or so. Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and Heavenly Thunder Region were the fifth match.

If there wasn't a winner in the end, then there would be a new compet.i.tion. If there were two victors in the end, these two would compete with each other. In short, there had to be the strongest commander.

Many of the people present had seen the result. Fire Emperor, who had been injured by Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, had not recovered yet, and the expert from the Saint Ice Realm was an old man. The moment he walked onto the stage, he released his aura, causing people to feel a chill that penetrated their bones.

Compared to the aura of the Fire Emperor, it was much weaker.

There was a barrier on the stage that had been jointly set up by several Empyreans. It had a very strong resistance and could prevent the power inside from gushing out.

"None of these Emperor level characters from the Realm of Flame Heaven have come. However, the fellows they sent to fight should have very high statuses in the Realm of Flame Heaven. They can be considered a relatively strong group."

The fact that the Emperors did not appear showed that they did not care too much about the dragon fountain. However, now that there was such a large group of experts, it seemed that they paid too much attention to the dragon fountain.

"Could it be that those Strong of Lord Stage have a tacit understanding with each other, that if they don't intervene, they will let their subordinates fight for superiority?"

With the hourgla.s.s overturned, the battle began.

This was a battle that was extremely tight on time. Just at that instant, the two people on the stage immediately turned into two afterimages and collided with each other. They both used their strongest powers to fiercely clash with each other.

In the instant that the two of them fought, the square stage separated from the middle. One side was filled with ice and snow, while the other side was filled with raging flames and roaring fire dragons.

The battle between ice and fire was extremely intense from the very beginning. The two powerful immortals both used holy energy, releasing a terrifying amount of ice and fire energy.

Fire could melt ice, and after being frozen, water could be used to extinguish fire. If the fire was not strong enough, it could not resist the powerful Icy cold power.

During a match, one was not allowed to use weapons, so during a battle, they would be met with violent collisions of Saint Force.

Although the Fire Emperor only had half of his strength, his opponent was not one of those Emperor level powerhouses.

On the fighting stage, Fire Emperor had a pair of fire fists that sprayed lava and carried an extremely hot power. It was shining with an intense light and his entire body was ignited with flames as well as a variety of enchantments, making people feel that it was extremely hot.

Fire Emperor released waves of low growls, like a ferocious beast burning with the sun, he shattered the thick ice beneath his feet and rushed towards the elders of the Holy Ice Region, setting off a scorching heat wave that melted the shattered ice.

His body was covered in a layer of solid ice armor, and the power of the Holy Ice continued to surge out from his body. It turned into many sharp spears, like a torrential rain of thunder, that shot towards Fire Emperor from all directions with a cold and profound aura.

Ice spikes appeared on the ground, obstructing Fire Emperor's advance. However, Fire Emperor's reaction was extremely fast, his fists, kicks, and kicks were all thrown into a rage, smashing apart the ice thorns and spears that were attacking him, and continued to rush towards the old man with lightning speed.

In just a few blinks of an eye, Fire Emperor had already appeared in front of the old man. His fiery fists changed back and forth, turning into countless palm shadows, like a tornado, enveloping the old man within.

The old man frowned, his ice armor blocking Fire Emperor's powerful attack. Ignoring the fact that his body was being attacked, he could release both of his hands and release streams of ice holy energy, breaking through the flaming tornado, condensing into different types of weapons and attacking Fire Emperor.

There was not much time left. Just as the hourgla.s.s was about to end, a burst of red clouds appeared above the hourgla.s.s and turned into a giant palm that fiercely smashed down.

Fire cloud palm.


The fighting stage suddenly shook and a wave of heat pa.s.sed through the Spirit Formation. The fighting stage instantly covered the entire square and it caused everyone's body to heat up. The young generation's strength were even weaker than before and they were drenched in sweat while their mouths dried up.

Although the Spirit Formation did not defend against the heat wave, it was still very powerful. Otherwise, the plaza would have turned into flames and the earth would have melted.

"This match is over." After the flames on the stage dispersed, the old man from the Heavenly Sacred Region stood there, his body covered in a thick layer of ice. The moment the Fire cloud palm came down, the old man created a small ice mountain and wrapped himself in it, so he was not defeated.

The two of them did not sustain any injuries, and their strength were about the same. While they were fighting to their heart's content, it suddenly ended, causing them to feel extremely displeased. They held in a breath of air that was difficult to exhale.

"A draw, next match."

The second round was more interesting, the Heavenly Dragon Race vs the Stellar Sky Realm.

The dueling platform was considered rather large for humans, but for those huge Sky Dragon, it was not even enough to lift a claw. Thus, in this battle, Sky Dragon could only use the Sincerity Form to fight. His strength would be greatly reduced.

Even if he couldn't become a giant dragon, the middle-aged dragon was still very confident. He wore a long black robe and did not plan to take it off, as if there was no need to.

The Astral Sky Realm cultivator was actually a youth, and he didn't look as young as the middle-aged Heavenly Dragon. The spectators were all filled with bewilderment, the fact that the Astral Realm sent a little imp like him was too reckless.

Although each power had two spots, if the victor was decided in the first round, the second spot would be useless.


The first one to attack was the white-robed youth from the Realm of the Stars. His movements were agile, as if he was teleporting, and he instantly appeared next to the middle-aged dragon. His slender arm was like a venomous snake, grabbing towards the throat of the middle-aged dragon.

Many people in the crowd had only seen the youth in white appear when his hand grabbed at the middle-aged Heavenly Dragon's throat, digging out a large chunk of flesh. Fresh blood gushed out from the middle-aged Heavenly Dragon's throat, splattering all over the youth's body red.

The spectators were instantly dumbstruck. They never thought that the middle-aged man from the Heavenly Dragon Race would actually receive such a heavy injury all of a sudden. Even the teenager who attacked with lightning speed had a face full of disbelief as he looked at the b.l.o.o.d.y throat.

Only Chen Xiang and the others could see that the Sky Dragon middle-aged man was fake.

This was a deceptive trick hidden within the Dragon race's transformation technique, Chen Xiang was extremely familiar with this technique.

Just as expected, in the instant that the youth in white was stunned, a black dragon claw suddenly grabbed at his head. Then, with great strength, it clamped down on it. The youth's head immediately exploded, his brain burst open, and blood gushed out like a fountain.

He died just like that.

The Heavenly Dragon Race was too brutal, there was no hatred between them, but this was the only way to win.

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