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Chen Xiang looked at the sky. Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao were both in the Sacred Domain, he really wanted to see them recover their powers.

"Nine Heaven Devil Palace, what exactly is hidden inside." Chen Xiang tightly held onto a piece of Chaos fire. Just now, Bai Yaowei intentionally avoided talking about the matters of the Nine Heaven Devil Palace, so it was possible to see what he was afraid of.

"Devil-killing Summit, Nine Heaven Devil Palace, could these two be related?" Chen Xiang really wanted to go to Devil-killing Summit right now and take a look, or fuse with seven Chaos fire, then summon Nine Heaven Devil Palace out.

However, summoning the Nine Heaven Devil Palace would cause a lot of deaths, so the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor would be even happier.

Regarding Nine Heaven World's consoling words, Chen Xiang felt a lot more at ease because there were already a few Strong of Lord Stage that had appeared. His current strength was not weak either, but to withstand the attacks of multiple Sky Regions, it was still far from enough. He decided to wait until this matter was over, then he would go and find those strong pract.i.tioners who had once protected the Nine Heaven World.

"Hall Master, we have just received news that Hundreds of Flowers Palace has accepted the invitation. At that time, Flower Emperor will also be coming to partic.i.p.ate in the convention." Xu Teng said to Chen Xiang as he stood outside the door.

"I know, are there any more recent news?" Chen Xiang asked.

"There's another rumor. It's said that all the major powers will be joining us. I heard that there's a Starfield backing the Starfields." Xu Teng said again.

"Holy Ice Realm, Heavenly Evil Realm, Holy Thunder Sky Realm. Now there's another Stellar Sky Realm, are four of them joining hands to besiege Evil Dragon Graveyard?" Chen Xiang frowned: "Looks like it will be very troublesome later."

If there was still one more Heavenly Dragon Realm, then there would be five. This was what Chen Xiang was more worried about.

Xu Teng had arranged for Chen Xiang an ident.i.ty, making people think that he was second only to the Lord Hallmaster. Xu Teng had already become famous, and when the time came, he would not stand for the command position, but rather let the other Devil-suppressing Divine Palace s go.

Once the sky brightened, Chen Xiang and Xu Teng left the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. They sat on a large carriage and traveled along the streets, running towards the palace that was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a strong pressure.

On the way, Chen Xiang felt Bai Yaowei's aura. He was actually together with Ji Meixian, and they were sitting in a big carriage. Aside from that, Chen Xiang also sensed the aura of the Phoenix King, which means that the Phoenix Princess wasn't with them. He should be going to look for Lv Qilian.

"Seems like they have invited a lot of experts. Even the Phoenix King is here." Chen Xiang said.

"They are trying to show off their might to the strong warriors of the Nine Heaven World. Those people from the Heaven Realm told us that when the time comes, we can use all our strength to fight against the strong warriors from the Heaven Realm. They are very confident in themselves." Xu Teng said.

Chen Xiang laughed: "In that case, they can tolerate the experts of the Nine Heaven World defeating them."

Xu Teng shook his head: "Even though they say that, if they were to be defeated, they would definitely become angry out of embarra.s.sment."

Chen Xiang laughed coldly: "I am going to defeat them, and see what they say when the time comes. Do they really think that all the strong warriors of the Nine Heaven World are dead?

Xu Teng did not dare to say anything. Regarding Chen Xiang's strength, it was difficult for him to figure it out, but he had a certain understanding of Chen Xiang and knew that he would not do things that he was not confident in.

Entering the palace, Chen Xiang and Xu Teng got off the carriage. At the side of the plaza, there were many large carts parked, and in the middle of the plaza, there was a square Contest Ring that was over a hundred metres wide. At the side, there were many luxurious seats, and with a glance, one could see that they were all famous experts.

"Big Sis is here too." Chen Xiang saw Long Huishan., along with the Dragon Da who was born with the ice dragon, had actually come with him, as well as some powerful old ice dragons. Almost all of the Ice Dragon Race's experts had come.

After that, he looked to the other side, where more than ten women dressed in white were seated. Flower Emperor, Phoenix Princess, Lv Qinlian, Mu Qianxiang, Ji Meixian,, Yu Xuelian, and the Holy Spirit Rabbit, the rest were all experts from Hundreds of Flowers Palace.

"Master, what's going on? Why are all of them here?" Chen Xiang found Huang Jintian, and she hid in the seat of the Ice Dragon Race.

"There's no other way. Since this person invited you with such kindness, you can't not give me face. The divine blacksmith and your wives made these divine weapons, so they didn't come." Huang Jintian laughed: "I didn't expect you to come here to watch the show too. You want to beat those strong warriors from the Heaven Realm."

"Hmm, they probably don't know that I'm staying in the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace." Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course I don't know. Who knew that you could settle the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace so quickly?" Huang Jintian saw Chen Xiang walking behind him and understood his plan.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath, because he suddenly felt two strong Spirit Qi competing with each other secretly. One of them was Qi Shi's and Bai Yaowei's, as though he was greeting them.

Bai Yaowei and Phoenix King were together with him, and both of them were with him.

Last time when Chen Xiang cultivated the G.o.ds join method with Lv Qilian, he gave Lv Qilian a huge benefit. After not seeing him for a few months, he realized that Lv Qilian had undergone an extremely huge change.

"Brat, Heavenly Slave is here." Huang Jintian suddenly said to Chen Xiang.

of the Divine Devil Cult.

Divine Devil Cult was very famous in the Nine Heaven World, and his notoriety was spread far and wide. However, his powerful strength made many of the big powers dare not say a word.

Xu Teng's forehead was perspiring profusely, looking at the group of people dressed in black and white, especially the bald man walking in the middle, his bald head was covered with intertwining black and white lines, his entire body was releasing an extremely evil Qi, causing many people to immediately retreat, and not even dare to look straight at him.

"That baldy is Heavenly Slave." Huang Jintian sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, "He's looking at you two.

The Divine Devil Cult hated the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, so Chen Xiang felt that it was normal. After all, the power that the Divine Devil Cult cultivated was of the demonic attribute, so the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace was still a great threat to them.

When the Heavenly Slave and his disciples pa.s.sed by Chen Xiang and Xu Teng, they suddenly stopped.

"There are only two people in your Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, could it be that you are afraid of being killed?" The Heavenly Slave said in a strange tone.

"So many people from your Divine Devil Cult, could it be that you are afraid of being killed?" Chen Xiang sneered.

Xu Teng had yet to speak, but the people standing behind Xu Teng had already started to provoke him, which was simply courting death. However, there were only two people from Devil-suppressing Divine Palace today, which was indeed abnormal.

Among the people from the Divine Devil Cult, an old man said angrily: "Why are you interrupting when our Sect Master is talking to your Head Palace Master?"

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