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Chen Xiang asked: "Are you preparing to choose a commander, and what method will you use?"

Xu Teng suddenly understood Chen Xiang's intention and quickly said: "However, they are all very strong and they are all for the Sky Realm Rankers."

"Let's see how you prepare for your closed-door training here. When the time comes, will you be partic.i.p.ating as well?"

If I am not strong enough, my Devil-suppressing Divine Palace will be looked down upon. In the eyes of those powers in the Heaven Realm, our status will become very low. " Xu Teng sighed.

"Make the arrangements for me to fight when the time comes." Chen Xiang replied: "Don't worry, I won't screw this up."

Xu Teng couldn't say anything, he was just a little worried that Chen Xiang would drag him down. He didn't dare to offend those Sky Region Rankers right now.

Chen Xiang stood at the top of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and released his divine power to scout the entire city, searching for the experts hidden here.

"The Fire Emperor has also come, but he hasn't recovered to the peak yet. Back then, when he was injured by the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, he had already declined until now. No wonder the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord had never placed him in his eyes." Chen Xiang sneered in his heart, the strength that Fire Emperor had now was merely a saint.

Different from others, this Fire Emperor had worked together with another h.e.l.l Devil Emperor before. After his death, his soul would not be able to enter the Underworld.

"Phoenix King is here too, and Phoenix Princess is here. This aura is so familiar, it's actually him. " was a little shocked, he used the Heaven tour method and came to a manor, he actually saw Ji Meixian.

Ji Meixian and the Imperial Feather Race had a deep grudge, but she was actually very close to the Phoenix Princess right now.

"This little maid has become so powerful, she has already recovered her strength back then. No wonder sister Meiyao and Sister You You You were chased by her to such a sorry state, her strength is actually so strong."

Chen Xiang was a little shocked, this Ji Meixian actually had the power to transform into the Ninth Cycle, Chen Xiang could clearly feel the nine powerful auras inside her Heaven Pellet.

"little maid, it's me. Why are you together with Phoenix Princess? Don't you have enmity with Imperial Feather Race?" Chen Xiang immediately transmitted his voice to Ji Meixian.

Hearing Chen Xiang's voice echo in his mind, Ji Meixian was very surprised, she anxiously looked for Chen Xiang, but was unable to find him. She could only follow the divine power, and respond to Chen Xiang: "That Imperial Feather Race who had enmity with me, had long since been destroyed, and is from the Heaven Realm. The current Phoenix King and I have no grudges against each other, and furthermore, they treat me very well."

"I was the one who advised them to come and help you. The princess said that you saved her that year, so she will come when the time comes."

Hearing Ji Meixian's words, Chen Xiang was moved inwardly, and said: "Thank you, but there's no need for that now. I can solve this problem, but the inside story is very complicated."

Ji Meixian said: "I've heard that these were all driven by the Sky Region. They want to take your dragon fountain."

"Not only that, you two don't need to do anything anymore. I'll remove both you and my Master-servant Contract right now." As Chen Xiang said this, his heart stirred and he removed the Master-servant Contract from his body. "sister Meiyao and Sister You You You are in the same Heaven Realm, so you should be able to recover very quickly."

Ji Meixian felt that the contract had disappeared, and he felt a wave of inexplicable emotion in his heart: "Thank you, but we will still be friends in the future … If you call me little maid again, I won't mind. "

Chen Xiang laughed, "Mn, do you have any plans for the future?"

"Princess is now a disciple of the Flower Emperor, I have already decided to enter the Hundreds of Flowers Palace to accompany her. There are many powerful women in there, this place is most suitable for me, I had the same idea in the past." Ji Meixian said.

Chen Xiang had to admit, the Flower Emperor held a very high position in the hearts of the many women in the Nine Heaven World, it was more so than the respect of many women. Joining the Hundreds of Flowers Palace would mean receiving protection, and he had already found out about the mother and daughter duo as well as Yu Xuelian who were currently in the Hundreds of Flowers Palace.

"Looks like this Hundreds of Flowers Palace will become more and more powerful in the future." Chen Xiang laughed: "There are a lot of people that I know."

"Your hand is really long, you're not afraid of the Flower Emperor going crazy." Ji Meixian chuckled.

"Don't think too much into it, we are friends, just like you and me." Chen Xiang felt that he was wronged: "Continue playing with the princess, I still have things to do."

Chen Xiang kept the divine power. Originally, Ji Meixian wanted to chat with Chen Xiang for a while longer, so she could only sigh helplessly.

He continued to use his divine power to search for experts. He wanted to see if any of the experts from the Realm of Flame Heaven were here, so he could get a better understanding of their strength.

"What a powerful devil. Where did this devil come from?" Chen Xiang was shocked, he immediately retracted his G.o.d Power, he was sure that the aura was not from the few Heaven Realms.

Just as Chen Xiang had retracted his divine power, a ball of black aura suddenly appeared behind him.

Chen Xiang suddenly turned his head around, and he saw that the ball of black aura had gradually turned into a handsome and muscular middle-aged man dressed in black.

"Who are you?" Chen Xiang and the middle-aged man asked at the same time.

Both of them felt that the other was very powerful, but they did not feel any hostility. They were just very curious.

"Since I was the one who came, let me say, I am Bai Yaowei, and am considered rather famous, there should be many people who don't remember me now." Bai Yaowei sighed.

This name made Chen Xiang feel that it was extremely familiar, as if he had heard someone mention this name before. He immediately searched for memories of this name, and very quickly recalled that Bai Youyou had once mentioned this name to him.

"You are … The eldest brother of the Bai Family, Bai Youyou and Bai Ziqian's father. " Chen Xiang's face was filled with surprise: "Didn't you already die? No, that's not right, you seem to be even stronger than that time, what's going on?"

This powerful devil was actually Bai Youyou and Bai Ziqian's father.

You know my two daughters, what position do you have in the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace?

Bai Yaowei frowned, suppressing the killing intent in his heart. He only knew Bai Ziqian's whereabouts now, because he had been wanted for using the Magical corruption gas s so far, and the main person wanted for obtaining the Magical corruption gas s was Devil-suppressing Divine Palace.

To be able to recognize him, this ancient devil, he could only be an old man from the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. Furthermore, Chen Xiang gave Bai Yaowei a very strong feeling, which was why Bai Yaowei asked him this question.

"I am Chen Xiang."

Chen Xiang was secretly happy for the two sisters because they had never felt his concern for him before. Since Bai Yaowei had such an emotion right now, it meant that he had changed a lot. This made Chen Xiang curious, what exactly made him so strong?

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