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Just by fusing with his Divine Deity, his strength had reached such a level that it left Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng gasping in shock. They were certain that even if Chen Xiang had to face two h.e.l.l dragon, he would be able to do it easily.

Two more Sky Dragons had died in the Blood Dragon's camp. Now that Chen Xiang and Jiang Sheng had come to help Qi Shi, the pressure on him was immense.

"Withdraw." The blood dragon was unwilling to give up. Moreover, he had lost so many lives, so he would definitely be punished. However, if he were to continue like this, he feared that he would die here.

"You want to leave?"

Qi Shi suddenly roared, his body shone with a white light, and transformed into a white lion. His body was not very big, just like a small house.

This was the original body of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, a white lion. Chen Xiang never thought that it would be so small, even the Super Old Fire Beast was bigger than him.

After Qi Shi changed back into his original form, both Chen Xiang and Jiang Sheng could clearly feel that his strength had increased by a lot. Jiang Sheng gave Chen Xiang a meaningful glance, and shook his head, signalling him not to go and help.

"Is there really no problem?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No problem, Qi Shi has changed into his original body. If we go over there, we might even be affected by the power he used." Jiang Sheng said.

Chen Xiang didn't go over, instead, he and Jiang Sheng floated in the air and watched the distance. The blood dragon and a few Sky Dragons had already run very far, charging towards a spatial crack at the edge of the crack.

The speed of Qi Shi who had turned into a white lion was extremely fast. Like a white light, he directly flew over and continuously let out angry roars.

Qi Shi had already caught up with the group of fleeing Sky Dragons. Just as the group of Sky Dragons was about to rush out of the crevice, a white light surged out of Qi Shi's body, and with his body as the center, a whirlpool of light appeared. The whirlpool started to spin crazily, absorbing the huge mountains and the thick layer of soil on the ground all around.

As the vortex of white light started to spin crazily, the dozens of mountains and thick layer of soil that were engulfed disappeared, as if they had turned into mist. Chen Xiang now understood why Jiang Sheng did not let him pa.s.s, it was because it would hinder Qi Shi from using this terrifying technique.

"What is this, it doesn't look like a Heaven Earth Killing Method." Chen Xiang said in shock, because there was no killing intent at all. As a Heaven Earth Killing Method cultivator, he understood this very well.

"This is Qi Shi's special ability, an extremely powerful power of the Ancient Code. Very few people know about this, and the enemies who know about him controlling the power of the Ancient Code are usually dead." Jiang Sheng chuckled, "This law energy is called 'returning to its original form' by him. Because after being locked on by this law energy, it will turn into its original state."

Chen Xiang finally understood that the mountain dust that had been engulfed by the power earlier had all transformed into the most primitive state of energy. If those Sky Dragons were struck, the outcome would be obvious, as they would all transform into energy.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, destroying this place of mine like this, you want to just leave like this? Truly delusional." Qi Shi roared.

The Sky Dragon that was originally trying to escape was now sucked back by the white vortex he released. After being sucked into the white vortex, Chen Xiang immediately saw various types of multicolored light erupting and struggling as huge dragons roared. Following the white vortex, they revolved around Qi Shi.

"I'll go seal that hole to prevent the energy here from leaking out. Absorb some of it here, and the energy of those Heavenly Dragons will be pure."

Jiang Sheng disappeared from where he was. Chen Xiang could already see a large ma.s.s of colourful energy floating towards him, which was visible to the naked eye. This energy was extremely dense, and could be seen directly.

Chen Xiang immediately activated his energy to absorb it, the speed at which he absorbed it was extremely fast, causing the energy around him to become a small vortex that crazily surged towards his body.

After he had completed the Nine Revolutions Saint, he had an extremely terrifying divine power in his body. His strength could no longer be measured using common sense, and this was all thanks to the efforts of his Divine Deity.

Qi Shi was in the middle of the ball of energy, absorbing it the fastest. After this round, Qi Shi was extremely dissatisfied with his own strength, if he had the kind of strength from back then, he could have killed off this group of small fries with a single hand.

Only now did Chen Xiang realize how powerful Qi Shi was. He was able to absorb the energy very quickly, like how a cow drinks water.

Jiang Sheng and Chen Xiang had absorbed less than half of what Qi Shi had absorbed in total. In just three days, the three of them had completely wiped out the energy released by the group of Sky Dragons.

The Lion Mountain had already been destroyed and the comfortable hall was gone. This small s.p.a.ce that was separated from the Nine Heavens became much dimmer. After many battles, another hole had been opened.

"The Dragon Emperor of the Heavenly Dragon Race did not personally make a move. Qi Shi laughed out loud.

Chen Xiang took out the corpses of the two Sky Dragons that he had killed, preparing to have a full meal. After taking them, Jiang Sheng skillfully peeled off the dragon's scales, took out the dragon pearls, and took out all the useful things.

After they finished eating, Jiang Sheng and Qi Shi started to check Chen Xiang's body.

"Seniors, what is my current strength? I have already pa.s.sed the Nine Cycle of Sage Transformation." Chen Xiang replied: "Right now, he should be considered a Saint Immortal."

No, what you possess now is a divine power. With Divine Deity, only your body is not a divine body, so although your divine power is a little weaker, if you continue to cultivate slowly, you will become stronger sooner or later. You should be considered half a G.o.d. Qi Shi frowned as he looked at Chen Xiang: "Right now, I'm not sure what kind of strength you have. Since you haven't truly used it once, it's hard to judge."

Jiang Sheng nodded: "I never thought that Divine Deity would be so powerful, but you do not have a certain level of foundation yourself, nor do you have the ability to control that Divine Deity. Your divine power is too weak when compared to your Divine Deity, and your physical body cannot keep up with it.

"If you use the Heaven Earth Killing Method and Divine Weapon, it would be very scary. Your current mastery of the Heaven Earth Killing Method is still too little, but I don't recommend that you master those killing moves of the Heaven Earth Killing Method to be of no benefit to you." Qi Shi said: "You just need to learn more about the Alive Slain Method, it will be beneficial to you in refining pills."

"If you use too much of the killing power of the Heaven Earth Killing Method, the purifying Divine Deity would turn into killing Divine Deity. If you want to become a G.o.d in the future, the less vicious aura you have, the better."

Chen Xiang understood what Qi Shi meant, it was to let him take the lead in pill refining.

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