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Chapter 1586 - The Battle of Dragons

"If this continues, this place will soon be destroyed. I need to hurry up and condense my Divine Deity."

The purple golden glow on Chen Xiang's body flickered rapidly. While he was condensing his Divine Deity, the bizarre and powerful energy within the Divine Deity was also altering his physical body, causing him to improve rapidly in every aspect.


A series of violent sounds came up beside Chen Xiang's ears. A huge boulder fell down, and under such a violent attack, the Lion Mountain finally could not hold on anymore, and the boulder above could not help but fall down.

Fortunately, the light rays that Chen Xiang released were accompanied by a strong repelling force. If anything approached him, it would bounce away, and even if a huge rock the size of a small mountain were to fall, it would be bounced back by a very strong force.

The belly of the Lion Mountain was a very s.p.a.cious place, the rocks continued to fall, causing the ground to shake violently. Rumbling sounds came from all directions, and rocks to fly everywhere, while Chen Xiang continued to sit there and concentrate on condensing his Divine Deity. Otherwise, his previous efforts would have been in vain.

The huge stone chamber in the middle of the mountain was now filled with falling rocks. The entire mountain had collapsed, and the aftermath of the battle kept on attacking the huge rocks. It didn't take long for the huge rocks to shatter and be razed to the ground.

"Qi Shi, you have indeed been resurrected, but so what? You no longer have the strength that you used to have, now we can kill you.

A middle-aged man dressed in gorgeous red robes held a huge blade that flickered with red light. On the surface of the blade was carved a mighty red Soaring Dragon, and this blade looked very similar to the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword.

Qi Shi scoffed, "No matter how weak I am, I'll at least eat your two Sky Dragons. You guys might sell yourselves to the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor later on, so what's the point of you living alive?"

"At least we can live, and you have to stay in h.e.l.l and suffer." The red robed middle aged man laughed sinisterly, then released a sharp dragon roar, transforming into a blood red shadow that rushed towards Qi Shi.

The few gigantic dragons floating in the distance all changed their shape, holding their holy weapons, they surrounded Qi Shi and changed into their original form of a giant dragon. They would only consume a lot of energy and their movements would not be as nimble as a human's.

In the distance, Jiang Sheng was crazily being slashed by two black faced big men. Two big men in black robes were wielding two long black blades in their hands, releasing a black aura that whistled through the air, agilely and powerfully attacking towards Jiang Sheng, who was dodging constantly.

Qi Shi only had one sword in his hand, and it was not even a holy sword, but in his hands, it was extremely powerful. When he clashed with the holy weapons, he did not lose out to them at all, and he was facing a few Heavenly Dragons alone. Although he looked like he was being suppressed, his strength made people admire him, he had just revived and was in a very weak state, able to take care of these powerful Heavenly Dragons.

"Blood dragon, I never thought that after so many years, you would still be so useless. Right now, I'm only supporting my body with a weak remnant soul, but you still can't beat me, haha …" Qi Shi laughed out loud, a vast map of the mountain appeared behind him. The most terrifying thing was that inside the mountains that were as tall as the clouds, beasts were roaring continuously, rushing forward.

Tens of thousands of huge beasts madly rushed forward while roaring nonstop. Their imposing manner was filled with killing intent and deterrence.

"Blood Dragon, don't forget my Heaven Earth Killing Method." Qi Shi laughed sinisterly, he opened up both his arms and trembled, only to see the sky suddenly crashing down a gigantic mountain, bringing with it a majestic Qi pressure.

It seemed so real, but when it crashed down, it turned into a powerful force that bombarded the bodies of the Heavenly Dragons. With such a concentrated attack, it was difficult for them to dodge, and they were instantly bombarded dozens of times.

Qi Shi had already disappeared, the red robed middle aged man was shocked, looking for Qi Shi's location, suddenly hearing a tearing dragon roar.

Amongst the chaotic attacks, Qi Shi chose to use an extremely fast sword technique to behead a Sky Dragon who had been smashed by a huge mountain.

"Don't try to be brave, release the last two h.e.l.l dragon." A dragon roared.

Qi Shi's expression changed, because h.e.l.l dragon were currently very powerful. The two big men in black robes that Jiang Sheng was facing were like two h.e.l.l dragon, if he were to release two more, he and Jiang Sheng would not be able to take it.

Seeing how powerful Qi Shi was, the blood dragon did not drag him any longer and threw out two black beads. Two b.a.l.l.s of black mist burst out in the air, and two jet black dragons that emitted a bitter death aura rushed out from the two black mist.

Just at this moment, the Lion Mountain that had turned into ruins suddenly shot out a strong burst of white light. The aura that the light carried made both Sky Dragon and h.e.l.l dragon feel threatened.

"Attack that place together." The blood dragon roared, the power of the Heavenly Dragon circulating throughout its entire body suddenly, but Qi Shi's sharp sword had already come slashing over.

Just as Qi Shi stopped the blood dragon, the two h.e.l.l dragon s that had just appeared spat out two gigantic black beams of light. Bringing with them a very evil and powerful energy, they smashed into the pile of ruins on the ground, transforming into a black, churning wave. The wave roared and churned crazily on the ground, turning the ruins into flat ground.

The other Sky Dragons took advantage of the fact that Qi Shi was being held back by the Blood Dragon, and started to launch their strongest attacks one after another, releasing many gigantic dragon silhouettes, which emitted a strong multicolored light and brought along more than half of the Sky Dragon's power to attack the area where the terrifying white light was.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.ds." Qi Shi was furious, he released a roar, the sky suddenly turned black, and a large number of stars appeared, and the stars were getting closer and closer, as though they were going to fall down.

"Great Luo Tian."

Qi Shi's entire body was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with killing intent, a huge star suddenly fell from the sky, the star ignited with raging flames, dragging a long tail, as though it had become countless times larger than a meteor, and instantly smashed onto a huge h.e.l.l dragon's body, breaking it at the waist.

The star fell to the ground and exploded into a violent wave of fire. A wave of fire that seemed to cover the sky appeared from the ground, engulfing this small s.p.a.ce that was separated from the outside world.

Qi Shi thought that Chen Xiang was hopeless, and couldn't care so much about it. He kept his distance from the Heavenly Dragons and h.e.l.l dragon, and used Heaven Earth Killing Method to attack crazily.

"The h.e.l.l dragon will not die." The blood dragon sneered. It shattered a star, and an energy shield appeared around its body to resist the power of the star explosion.

The h.e.l.l dragon that was smashed into two pieces by the stars turned into a ball of black energy and gathered together. Then, it turned into a huge black dragon once again.

"Who said that?" The sudden voice made Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng happy, it was Chen Xiang's voice.

Chen Xiang was indeed in great danger just now, but he had also instantly condensed his Divine Deity and executed spatial travel, arriving in the air and avoiding the berserk attacks of the h.e.l.l dragon.

The blood dragon looked up into the sky. Chen Xiang was dressed in a profoundwu diamond armour's robe, holding onto a Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, his body was glowing with a silvery white light.

"Green dragon demon-slain broadsword... This fellow is Chen Xiang. " The blood dragon had just finished speaking, but Qi Shi had already slashed out a few times, causing him to be distracted and almost got hit by Qi Shi.

Chen Xiang shouted: "Leave these h.e.l.l dragon to me."

Chen Xiang, who had fused with the Divine Deity, broke through the Ninth Cycle of the Sacred Transformation and immediately became a saint. Adding his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and his Devil-suppressing kungfu, it was the most appropriate choice to deal with these h.e.l.l dragon.

"Then be careful." Qi Shi shouted.

The Holy Devil-suppressing seal appeared in Chen Xiang's palm. He merged the Holy Devil-suppressing seal into the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, causing it to suddenly become extremely huge, like a gigantic blade that could split heaven and earth. On the blade, there were words that flashed with a "shock" sound.

He agilely brandished the gigantic blade, chopping towards the h.e.l.l dragon that had just recovered, and cut it into two again. This time, the h.e.l.l dragon roared, clearly sensing the threat Chen Xiang posed to him.

"This kind of thing is best to kill." Chen Xiang sneered, and from the sky above the cut h.e.l.l dragon, a heavenly like Holy Devil-suppressing seal, like the heavens collapsing, quickly came crashing down, smashing onto the body of the severed h.e.l.l dragon.

The h.e.l.l dragon that was suppressed by the Holy seal started to struggle madly, and the black Qi that was emitted from its body was melted by the divine light released by the Holy Devil-suppressing seal, causing the h.e.l.l dragon s to turn into black dust that sprinkled onto the ground.

"You killed the h.e.l.l dragon, aren't you afraid of being targeted by the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor?"

The blood dragon immediately became terrified. These h.e.l.l dragon were borrowed from the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor s, they were extremely powerful, but now they were all killed by Chen Xiang in a matter of seconds.

Chen Xiang looked at the other furious h.e.l.l dragon, at this time, his divine blade had already changed to its original form, and the Holy seal was back in his hands.

As long as there were no h.e.l.l dragon's threats, Qi Shi's pressure would not be that great.

"Don't bother with the h.e.l.l dragon s, kill him with the two fire dragons and bring the h.e.l.l dragon over here." The blood dragon saw that Chen Xiang's Holy Devil-suppressing seal and the Devil-suppressing magic power had a huge killing power towards the Evil Demon and immediately made arrangements. At the same time, it used all its strength to suppress Qi Shi and prevent him from killing them during the exchange.

"Don't even think about succeeding." Qi Shi threw a palm attack towards the two Sky Dragons that were rushing towards Chen Xiang, but part of it was shattered by the Blood Dragon, but the other two Heavenly Dragons that were in the human form were still shaken to the point where they vomited blood.

That h.e.l.l dragon had already distanced itself from Chen Xiang, and came to the Blood Dragon Sect to deal with Qi Shi together. In the distant Jiang Sheng, dealing with two h.e.l.l dragon by himself was already extremely strenuous, and he couldn't care about Chen Xiang and Qi Shi's side.

Chen Xiang looked at the two flying Sky Dragons and gripped his Divine Blade tightly. He could already tell that the two Sky Dragons had consumed a lot of energy, otherwise, they wouldn't have been injured by Qi Shi just now.

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