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The blurry Chen Xiang was woken up by the power that was pouring into the Divine Sense Sea, and he became much more clear-headed. At this moment, he could see that the inside of his Divine Sense Sea was expanding until it shone with multicolored light.

"The Killing-G.o.d heart has been refined." Chen Xiang felt that his chest was extremely uncomfortable, his heart was beating extremely hard, and was shrinking at the same time.

"It's about to begin." Qi Shi shouted, Jiang Sheng immediately took the Sacred Heart fruit and went to Chen Xiang's side to feel the changes in his heart.

The special powerful multicolored light inside Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea was gradually expanding, and it hung in the sky above the Divine Sense Sea for more than ten days. His heart was already empty, and when the blood in his entire body stopped flowing, he suddenly felt a cool sensation on his chest.

When Jiang Sheng discovered that Chen Xiang's Killing heart had completely disappeared, he immediately used the Sacred Heart fruit to press it against Chen Xiang's chest. With a flash of the Sacred Heart fruit's multicolored light, it miraculously seeped into Chen Xiang's skin and muscles and entered into his heart, quickly fusing with Chen Xiang.

The blood flowed through the heart and into the entire body, causing Chen Xiang's body to become scorching hot. This was because the Sacred Heart was currently refining Chen Xiang's blood, and the strong blood seeped into the muscles and bones, causing his entire body to become even stronger.

Refining the Divine Deity was not as difficult as Chen Xiang had imagined. He had thought that it would take a very long time, but it seems that not only was the progress very smooth, he also used very little time.

The cloud of light in the Divine Sense Sea was gradually shrinking and starting to solidify. It seemed like the final stage of the Core Formation stage that he was in, was very crucial.

"I wonder how much benefits I'll get from refining this Divine Deity." Chen Xiang thought to himself. Because of the appearance of this Divine Deity in the Divine Sense Sea, the ocean water formed by the divine power became restless, frantically surging.

"If I want to become stronger, then the Heavenly Dan should first have to become stronger. The strength of the Heavenly Pill should have a huge impact on the G.o.d Power." Chen Xiang revolved the Heavenly Alchemy, releasing a powerful divine force, compressing the ball of light, in order to condense it.

When Chen Xiang was condensing the Divine Deity, there was a huge change in his body. He did not feel it himself, because at this moment, he was concentrating on condensing his Divine Deity.

"The formed Divine Deity is indeed powerful, his bones just evolved for a short period of time, and now under the effects of the Divine Deity, they have started to become stronger again. It seems like this brat can cultivate jade bones very quickly." Qi Shi looked at Chen Xiang's body that was glowing with a purple gold light, and couldn't help but exclaim in surprise.

"That Divine Deity was broken down by him, and has been newly condensed together. It can be said that it was formed by him himself, and with his strength, he already has a complete set of Divine Deity. I wonder how strong he will be." Jiang Sheng said: "Would he directly possess the strength of a G.o.d?"

Qi Shi shook his head: "That's impossible, his foundation is too weak, he won't directly become a G.o.d, it's certain that he'll become stronger, but it's hard to estimate, because there's no such example."

Chen Xiang's quick changes in his body were all because of the benefits brought by the Divine Deity. Right now, he was still in the process of 'refining pellets', as long as he could condense the loose ball of light coming from Divine Sense Sea, he would successfully condense his Divine Deity.

As he was concentrating his Divine Deity, the Lion Mountain suddenly shook violently. When Chen Xiang felt it, he panicked.

"Calm down, don't worry." Qi Shi immediately shouted, telling Chen Xiang to continue and not to lose control of his mind.

Qi Shi gave Jiang Sheng a meaningful glance, telling him to go out and take a look. To be able to cause such a huge commotion, it must mean that many of the powerful formations here had already been broken through.

In order to allow Chen Xiang to cultivate in peace, Qi Shi had released a barrier which allowed him to float in the air and isolate any sound coming from the outside. This way, even if there were any strong tremors outside, it would not be able to affect Chen Xiang.

Jiang Sheng returned very quickly, and his expression was not very good.

"They've attacked us. They won't be able to break through this place in a short period of time." Jiang Sheng asked: "Do you want me to go out and fight them?"

"Those fellows that fought their way here shouldn't be weak. What kind of people are they?" Qi Shi thought for a moment and asked.

"There are two black dragons, they should be h.e.l.l dragon s. I never thought that Heavenly Dragon Race would actually raise such things."

Jiang Sheng's words caused Qi Shi's face to turn solemn: "h.e.l.l dragon, this kind of dragon specializes in breaking restrictions and formations, its strength is not weak either, this is not easy to deal with."

"Let's wait for this kid to wake up. Besides the two h.e.l.l dragon s outside, there are also many powerful Sky Dragons. My current strength is not what it was in the past. You aren't a professional fighter, so you just have to guard this place well." Qi Shi pondered for a moment and made his decision.

Both Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng felt a considerable pressure in their hearts. So many years had pa.s.sed for the Heavenly Dragon Race, and they had obtained the support of the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor for nothing, so it would be difficult for them to not become strong in this Heaven Realm which was rich in resources.

In their eyes, the Emperor's Tomb was a huge threat, and they were worried that the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord would revive back then.

"I wonder if we can hold on. If we can't, then we can only fight them." Qi Shi took a deep breath to calm himself down, he was already prepared to fight.

"There's no other way. This place has been built for too long and is a bit old. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been destroyed so easily." Jiang Sheng sighed, took out a spear, "I'll go out and deal with them for a while, give this brat some time."

Chen Xiang was also worried about the things that were happening outside, but his priority right now was to condense the Divine Deity, maybe he could help when the time comes.

Jiang Sheng had already left and the Lion Mountain had already stopped shaking. It seemed that Jiang Sheng had been surrounded and attacked outside, preventing the group of Sky Dragons from attacking him again.

However, Jiang Sheng could not hold on for long, and the Lion Mountain started to shake again. Qi Shi frowned, looked at Chen Xiang, and said in a low voice: "As soon as possible, I'm worried that you won't be able to hold on for long here."

After he finished speaking, Qi Shi teleported from one of the Transmission array s to the outside.

Chen Xiang had heard Qi Shi's words just now, and this gave him quite a bit of pressure. This was because he was extremely pressed for time, and condensing Divine Deity still required a period of time.

The Lion Mountain calmed down, but the fight beside the Lion Mountain was extremely intense. The aftermath of the attack struck the Lion Mountain and was blocked by the powerful formations, causing the Lion Mountain to not be shaken, but the formations could not hold on for long. Under such a situation, even the formations laid out by Jiang Sheng would not be able to escape death.

It could be imagined how many strong Sky Dragons came from the Heavenly Dragon Race who were attacking the Lion Mountain.

After Qi Shi went out to defend the enemy, the energy that was protecting Chen Xiang's barrier gradually weakened. Chen Xiang slowly descended and landed on the ground.

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