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"Senior, you've been thinking in h.e.l.l for so long. Do you know what that is? Do you have any way to restrain yourself?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

Jiang Sheng looked at Qi Shi, waiting for his reply.

Qi Shi furrowed his brows and took a deep breath, "I think that it should be a Divine Deity, and one that is a G.o.d of death at that."

"At that time, this so called profound Cold Ancient Realm had once sent a group of G.o.ds to this place. I'm not too sure about the specifics, but in short, a true G.o.d of Killings came here and even died, leaving behind this Divine Deity. The Divine Deity contains a strong will of the G.o.d of Slaughterers, which is why it was able to go out of control."

After Chen Xiang and Jiang Sheng finished listening, both of them widened their eyes and slowly inhaled. This was actually a set of Divine Deity!

"Is this for real? Why do you only know now that you took over the Divine Deity of that craving dragon in the past?" Jiang Sheng still could not believe that this rare Divine Deity was actually in Chen Xiang's body.

"Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord's Divine Deity has only just been formed, and is completely different from this kind of Divine Deity that has been formed for a long time. Her Divine Deity is still in the form of a soul body, and I've never seen any other Divine Deity before. Qi Shi said.

"In that case, the G.o.d who possesses the stone Divine Deity must be very strong." Jiang Sheng looked at Chen Xiang with a little envy.

Clutching his chest, Chen Xiang felt the crazily pulsing Killing heart. This was actually a set of Divine Deity, and it was much stronger than what Long Xueyi had condensed back then.

"Right now, what I am certain of is that the hidden consciousness within the Divine Deity was unknowingly suppressed by this kid. So, don't envy him. Qi Shi said, "Back then, Master and I both possessed this Divine Deity and we often lost control of it, so we had to use a great amount of power to suppress it.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "Because of the influence of the consciousness inside, I once displayed a terrifying sword strike that was inconsistent with my strength. At that time, I thought that there was a mysterious soul within the Killing heart, but who would have thought that it was only the consciousness of the Divine Deity."

Qi Shi said with a serious expression on his face, "This is somewhat troublesome, this Divine Deity's subconscious is filled with killing intent. In this period of time, you have to fuse with this Divine Deity and completely control it."

"This is the G.o.d of Slaughter's Divine Deity, and it's the kind of perfect state. If you are gradually affected by him, you will become a real G.o.d of Slaughterers in the future. Under the influence of the G.o.d of Slaughter's subconscious, you will become someone else. This is extremely dangerous."

Chen Xiang's face was covered in perspiration, this was exactly what he was worried about the most.

"What should I do?" Chen Xiang asked.

Using the Heavenly Alchemy, refine the Divine Deity into yours, just like how you refine pills. In the process of refinement, remove all the impurities, and leave behind only useful things. Qi Shi said: "I believe that you can definitely do it using the Heavenly Alchemy."

Chen Xiang nodded.

Qi Shi continued, "You cultivated your soul, entered the Immortal-becoming realm, and fused your dantian into the Divine Sense Sea. You now have to transfer your Divine Deity to the Divine Sense Sea, and refine it there."

"Then what about my heart?" Chen Xiang's heart had previously been destroyed, but the Killing heart fused with his body later on.

Qi Shi looked at Jiang Sheng: "Do you still have more of those things?"

Jiang Sheng laughed: "There are three more. I have preserved them well."

Chen Xiang was confused, "What is that thing?"

Just as he finished asking, he saw Jiang Sheng taking out a jade box. Opening it, there was a heart that was glowing with a silver light, it seemed to be beating strangely, but every time the heart beat, it would release a ray of holy silver light.

"This is the Sacred Heart fruit, when you refine the Killing heart into the Divine Sense Sea, we will immediately use this Sacred Heart fruit to replace your missing heart." Qi Shi laughed, he grabbed a Sacred Heart fruit and smashed it onto the ground, and even ruthlessly clapped a few times: "Do you see that, this thing is very powerful, in the future, with this thing, it will be hard for others to hurt your heart."

Jiang Sheng also laughed and slapped his hands together. That Sacred Heart fruit seemed to have the ability to play, and was extremely difficult to break.

"After replacing your heart with this Sacred Heart fruit, it can affect your other forms of filth, and even your physical body. This way, your body can become stronger, and there aren't many good things like this." Qi Shi chuckled: "Rest a.s.sured, go refine the Killing-G.o.d heart."

"What a powerful Saint Fruit. I wonder how it would be used to concoct pills." Chen Xiang took out a bunch of creation divine liquid s and said, "Is there any way to split them into two, let me see if I can duplicate them."

After Chen Xiang cultivated the Alive Slain Method, his creation divine liquid had become a lot more powerful, but he did not go into the depths of the Alive Slain Method to comprehend it, so his current creation divine liquid still could not be compared to Lv Qilian's current state.

"Senior, have you never created this kind of liquid when you were cultivating the Alive Slain Method in the past?" Chen Xiang was suddenly curious, he wanted to seek Qi Shi's advice.

"No, I don't know, the Heaven Earth Killing Method is too complicated, but my main focus is on killing." Qi Shi shook his head, indicating for Jiang Sheng to cut it open.

Jiang Sheng took out a kitchen knife and a chopping board that seemed to be moving very frequently. Grabbing the Sacred Heart fruit that was jumping like a fish, he pressed it to the chopping board and evenly cut it into two sides.

Chen Xiang immediately released his G.o.d Power and sealed the wound on the Sacred Heart fruit to prevent it from losing energy. Then, he poured one of it into the creation divine liquid and poured it into a small jade bottle in his hand.

Jiang Sheng and Qi Shi were very surprised after that. They saw that only half of the Sacred Heart fruit emitted a weak white light, and then, it quickly grew into a complete piece.

After that, Chen Xiang dripped another half of it, and it became the same as the other half, quickly becoming a complete half again.

"No wonder that gluttonous dragon would follow you around. It's been such a hard job, why didn't I think of it then? It really is from the Alive Slain Method." Qi Shi slapped his thigh: "Truly regretting it back then, if I knew that the Alive Slain Method could be used like that, perhaps history would not be like that."

and Qi Shi were both surprised that one could become two, and that their speed could even be so fast.

Chen Xiang grinned: "Since I've used up all of that liquid, I need more time to condense it. Can you leave one for me?

"Of course." Jiang Sheng laughed excitedly: "Big lion, in the future, you have to help me make more. In the future, when I meet this Dan Emperor Tang Ying, I can exchange him for more Holy Pellets."

Chen Xiang laughed, "We should exchange some more Holy level medicinal ingredients from the Dan Emperor, duplicate more of them out, and then exchange them for divine pellets with him."

"Haha, that's right." Qi Shi was also very excited. He silently sighed to himself that after living for so many years, he actually didn't know how to use this method.

"Then I'll start now. You guys watch over me. If I still haven't woken up by then, please help me take a look at that dragon vein." Chen Xiang said.

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