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After the ice melted, Chen Xiang saw Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's appearance. He was a very handsome middle-aged man with a beard on his chin.

"Is this the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord?" Chen Xiang muttered. This Ten Heavens Supreme Lord in front of him didn't have the aura of an emperor, although it was just a body, but it should more or less have that kind of emperor aura.

On the contrary, Fire Emperor and Lv Qilian had let him feel this way before.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to ask, Jiang Sheng reached into the sarcophagus and slapped Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's face, "b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you slept for so long, wake up quickly. There was a little kid who traveled so far and spent so much effort, he almost died several times along the way before bringing the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword here.

Pah pah pah …

It could be seen that the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's corpse was still preserved very well. It was just that Chen Xiang could not watch any longer, the Divine Craftsman was too ruthless, he actually tortured a dead person to death.

After the Divine Craftsman slapped him a few times, Ten Heavens Supreme Lord suddenly opened his eyes, two rays of green light shot out from his eyes, he fiercely jumped out of the coffin and cursed: "Old Jiang, are you done fighting?

"Didn't I tell you to integrate faster and relax your muscles?" Jiang Sheng chuckled, then said to Chen Xiang: "The mission that you risked your life coming here to do, is to revive this b.a.s.t.a.r.d."

Chen Xiang was startled, he looked at Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, this guy did not have a bit of the demeanor of an expert.

"I know your name is Chen Xiang, and that remnant spirit of mine would be in a half-awake state from time to time, so I know a little about you. You did a good job and didn't disappoint me, to actually be able to let me live like this, haha." Qi Shi patted Chen Xiang's shoulders and laughed out loud: "Brat, you aren't an easy person either, don't pretend to be pure. You have so many powerful things on your hand now, as long as you are a little stronger, you will be able to torture those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds to death."

Chen Xiang reacted, after all this was the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, he anxiously wanted to bow to Qi Shi, but who knew he would be stopped by Qi Shi.

"Don't do this for me. You have inherited a lot of things from me, so you have to work hard in the future." Qi Shi laughed.

"This... Great Emperor, what kind of state are you in now? Have you fully revived, or …? Temporarily resurrected? Isn't your soul still in h.e.l.l? " Chen Xiang was very suspicious about this.

Qi Shi sighed: "I don't want that h.e.l.l soul, it's impossible for me to get out. At the beginning, I had kept that back up, nurtured my second soul, and sealed it inside the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword. Finally, by absorbing the soul energy emitted by the dead, it would be more or less time for my body to revive."

Jiang Sheng laughed: "In that case, I am much stronger than you right now."

Qi Shi patted Chen Xiang's shoulder: "That is not necessarily true, wait a little longer, my successor will definitely win against you."

Chen Xiang had heard from Duan Ming and the White Tiger that the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was very easy-going and approachable. It was exactly as the rumors said, but Qi Shi no longer had the kind of earth-shaking power like back then.

"Seniors, my dragon fountain is being prepared to be attacked. I need to go back quickly. Is there any way to leave this place?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"Since you're in such a hurry, I'm going to give you a proper lesson so that you can become stronger." Qi Shi frowned: "Can we wait any longer, it'll be quick."

"There's about three or four months left. That dragon fountain is very important to me, and when the time comes, many of my friends will be there to protect me. If I can't return by then, I'll kill them all." Chen Xiang's face was filled with worry.

"Enough." Qi Shi looked at Jiang Sheng: "Old Jiang, go out and capture those annoying idiots inside. I talked for so long, and you sat for so long, it's about time to make up for it.

Qi Shi laughed brazenly as he patted Chen Xiang's shoulders so that he did not have to worry.

Jiang Sheng had already disappeared, and leaving via the Transmission array, Chen Xiang was much more at ease.

"With the dragon outside, what are they doing here?" Chen Xiang asked curiously.

"They wanted to break into this place. Those dragons knew about the Heaven extended method, and they seemed to have predicted that I would come back alive so they came to make trouble." Qi Shi laughed out loud: "But that dog-s.h.i.t Dragon Emperor of his thinks too highly of himself, and doesn't want to bother with such a small matter. If he were to personally take action, you would have died long ago."

Chen Xiang couldn't laugh it off. The Dragon Emperor would be in a lot of trouble if he knew that Yue Yang had revived the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord.

"If that Dragon Emperor attack my dragon fountain, wouldn't I be done for? Will Senior Jiang be able to deal with him?" Chen Xiang was a little worried.

"Old Jiang is only a blacksmith, of course he can't beat that Dragon Emperor. But you don't have to worry, the gluttonous dragon that eats all day and drinks for nothing on your body can stall him for a while."

Qi Shi said with emotion: "I never thought that this Gluttony would still be the same, able to eat so much. Fortunately I have you, otherwise it wouldn't have been long since it was reborn and it would have starved to death."

Qi Shi and Long Xueyi had known each other from the start, and Long Xueyi had even lent him the Divine Deity.

Chen Xiang scolded Long Xueyi, how could he hide so many things from him. Before his memories awoken, he did not speak of it, but now that his memories had awoken, he did not tell him any of the secrets.

"Senior … I heard that you owe her a Divine Deity, so how are you going to return it to her? Your soul should still be in h.e.l.l, right? When Chen Xiang thought about this, he could see Qi Shi going crazy.

Qi Shi who was always smiling, suddenly could not laugh anymore: "This …. She told you, but she said she wouldn't. "

"It was your master, Senior White Tiger." Chen Xiang looked at him speechlessly. This guy actually forgot something as important as Divine Deity.

"Who cares about him? If he wants to kill me, let him do so. It's not like I haven't died before." Even Chen Xiang wanted to beat him up, let alone Long Xueyi.

Chen Xiang asked again, "If she goes to h.e.l.l, is it possible to get her Divine Deity back?"

Qi Shi shook her head: "Impossible, that Divine Deity has long been devoured by the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor, if she knew, she would've thought about fighting the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor with her life, but she definitely can't beat the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor."

Chen Xiang felt that it wasn't worth it. With Divine Deity, he could enter the G.o.ds Realm. At that time, he wouldn't have to worry about being tricked by the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor anymore.

"There's no need to worry about her. If she can condense the second Divine Deity, she must be even more powerful, as it is a form of training for her. There aren't many opportunities to lose her Divine Deity, so this kind of thing should belong to Shi Wuhuang, because who would be unwilling to lose it?"

Qi Shi laughed as he brought Chen Xiang outside to the s.p.a.cious hall. He had Chen Xiang take out the divine furnace and start a fire, preparing to eat the dragon meat.

Chen Xiang did not understand why Long Xueyi would lend his Divine Deity to Qi Shi back then.

"Exactly how did you borrow the Divine Deity back then, this thing shouldn't be easy to borrow, right?" Chen Xiang was very curious about this.

"It's too easy, I just took out a lot of delicious Holy level fruits and she agreed readily." Qi Shi laughed: "This gluttonous dragon, is very easy to deal with."

Chen Xiang could only feel grief for Long Xueyi.

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