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Zhou Fei did not expect Chen Xiang to suddenly unleash a strong power that was hidden within his body. Surprisingly, he did not expect Chen Xiang's punch to land on his arm.

"It seems that I've underestimated you. Since that's the case, I will make your defeat even more thorough."

He felt that he had copied Chen Xiang's everything, and he himself was a spirit body that had lived for hundreds of thousands of years. He felt that he understood the use of power even more than Chen Xiang did, and knew how to use his own strength.

In Zhou Fei's eyes, humans did not have a good image to begin with, and he hated humans even more. Right now, he wished that he could defeat Chen Xiang immediately, leave this place, and go ma.s.sacre in the human world.

Zhou Fei's figure flashed, darting towards Chen Xiang from left to right. He used his spatial energy, becoming extremely proficient when he traveled through s.p.a.ce, changing his position continuously in the s.p.a.cious hall.

Before he even reached Chen Xiang's side, Chen Xiang suddenly sensed a sharp Sword Qi approaching from the side. In that extremely short period of time, Chen Xiang suddenly extended his hand and grabbed, just in time to grab the tip of the Azure Dragon Sword.

He suddenly retracted his hand, pulling the Azure Dragon Sword back. The sword strike he used just now came through s.p.a.ce, and at this moment, he was at Chen Xiang's other side. Chen Xiang did not expect that by the time he discovered it, Zhou Fei would already be laughing wildly, throwing a heavy kick at his face.

Zhou Fei's kick was extremely vicious. It was as if tens of thousands of mountains had crashed down upon him, and there was even the sound of waves flowing through the water.

Chen Xiang's face was kicked to the side, causing his bones to be in extreme pain, as though his face was about to shatter. His entire body was sent flying by the powerful force, as though he was a flying meteorite, quickly and ruthlessly loading himself onto the stiff stone wall of the great hall.

Almost at the same time he collided with the wall, he fiercely thrusted out his sword. The Deep Cold Sword Qi that caused people's back to turn cold could repeatedly penetrate through everything, and this sword was aimed at Chen Xiang's throat.

After Chen Xiang sensed the Sword Qi that was filled with endless killing intent, under this situation, he immediately used all of his strength to dodge and appeared behind Zhou Fei. He waved his fists, using the Heaven and Earth Killing Fist, he smashed at Zhou Fei's back violently.

After going through the tempering of the Heaven Stairway, Chen Xiang was already able to unearth a lot of energy that was hidden in his body. At this time, he crazily unleashed Heaven and Earth Killing Fist combined with the spatial laws, causing his fists to fly in all directions.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Each of these fists contained a terrifying killing intent that caused the heavens to tremble. The killing intent emitted bursts of roars, as if it were a demonic spirit that filled the entire hall.

The s.p.a.ce around Zhou Fei had long been shaken by Chen Xiang's Heaven Earth Killing Method, and thus could not maintain its stability, causing Zhou Fei to be unable to teleport. At the moment, his entire body was being crushed by Chen Xiang's pair of berserk fists, and every punch that landed on his body contained the power of an earthquake that could destroy ten thousand mountains.

"Ah!" Chen Xiang only took a few seconds to smash his body with multiple punches, he never thought that he would be in such pain, blood already flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

Zhou Fei roared, all the energy in his body exploding out, forming a burst of powerful Qi wave, like a roaring sea, it swept up waves of energy wave, ripping Chen Xiang who was beside him away, after that, he used the force of the roar, and pierced towards Chen Xiang once again.

The angry Zhou Fei's eyes were bloodshot, the Azure Dragon Sword that was originally glowing with a green light was now emitting a black gas. Zhou Fei seemed to be burning with evil energy, his body spewing out an extremely evil aura, which made people think that he was a cruel and b.l.o.o.d.y evil demon.

"His cultivation went berserk, this is true. This guy suddenly obtained such a strong power, and his mentality isn't good at all." Chen Xiang turned his head to avoid the sword, and indifferently looked at Zhou Fei whose eyes were completely red: "You are truly very strong, especially this sword, I'm afraid even a Fifth Cycle Sacred Transformation would have difficulty resisting against it."

As he said that, Zhou Fei who had lost his mind, had already crazily thrusted out his sword dozens of times, and Chen Xiang dodged them all.

"However, you have completely lost control of this power, and right now, the one controlling this power is not you, but the evil in your heart. After grasping the strong power, the dark side hidden in your heart is a side that everyone has, but people will be restricted by all sorts of restrictions, and they will be able to suppress this dark side.

Chen Xiang only wanted to fight him fair and square, but Zhou Fei had already become an evil demon who had lost all sense of reason, all the strength in his body carried a very evil attribute. If he used the Devil-suppressing magic power, it would be much easier for him, but it was not much of a challenge for him.

"None of your business." Zhou Fei roared, his fist and the Azure Dragon Sword clashed as he crazily attacked Chen Xiang. He did not care for his life, he just released a powerful attack, which burned his strength crazily.

"Right now, my strength is the strongest, so you are unable to do it. It is impossible for you to do it. Other than dodging, what else can you do? If you have the ability to attack me, you can't hurt me at all." Zhou Fei laughed sinisterly, his fists and swords crossing over, he was so fast that many shadows appeared, and he stepped on the Shrinking step, chasing after Chen Xiang's berserk attack.

Chen Xiang also stepped on the Shrinking step, and the two of them seemed to slide quickly on the ground, their figures moving extremely fast, extremely blurry, and unable to see their movements clearly, they moved extremely fast.

"Really? Do you really think I'm that weak?" Chen Xiang's eyes flashed, the light aura being released was extremely sharp, in that moment, it was as though his entire being had changed, he suddenly extended his hands out and grabbed onto Zhou Fei's wrists.

It had to be known that Zhou Fei's current attack speed was extremely fast. It was not easy for Chen Xiang to grab his wrist, but he appeared to be so simple.

Chen Xiang looked at the face that looked exactly like him, with an extremely serious expression, and said word by word, "Your current strength is indeed terrifying, but you are unable to fully utilize the essence of my strength. You have replicated my strength, but you are unable to replicate the respect and trust I have in it.

You can't control this power at all. You don't have any feelings for this power, and you have never thought of using it properly. The container of your current strength, even though you have a strong physical body, is only a walking corpse.

Chen Xiang grabbed onto Zhou Fei's wrist with all his might, and suddenly felt the power inside Zhou Fei's body enter into his body crazily, which surprised him, but the power was so familiar, so close, and did not reject him from entering his Divine Sense Sea, fusing into his Heavenly Pellet.

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