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"If she knew, would she despise me, saying that I have to climb this ladder for hundreds of years?" Chen Xiang thought about this and his heart felt uncomfortable. In his mind, he could not help but think of Long Xueyi's mocking words.

"You can't even climb this stairs, and you still want to be the man of the Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord?"

Chen Xiang shook his head vigorously and stood up. Under the shine of the moonlight, he looked at the stairs in front of him and gritted his teeth as he let out a wild roar. Then, he used all his strength to walk up.

"My strength is not only limited to this, the mysterious soul inside the Killing-G.o.d heart had once used my body to slash out such a terrifying sword strike, but I was unable to do it myself, even now, the gap between my and that sword is huge. It can be seen that I have never been able to unleash my own strength."

Chen Xiang's expression was firm, he felt that this was a very good opportunity, as this object could clearly squeeze out all the energy that he had yet to release. He firmly believed that if he could complete this Heaven Stairway, his strength would definitely increase by leaps and bounds, and he might even be able to defeat enemies that were stronger by a few levels.

"I want more power." When Chen Xiang climbed these stairs, he was no longer tired, but instead, he felt pain all over his body. Every time he climbed a step, he felt as if his body was going to split open from the pressure, it was extremely uncomfortable, but he endured the pain and endured.

Previously, he was sweating, but now he was bleeding. Fortunately, he had Yulong blood s, and they were able to quickly repair his cracked skin due to the strong pressure.

Even he couldn't believe it was possible for him to walk so fast. Although the whole way here was painful, as if he was going to die at any moment, he was not dead yet, and was only forcefully resisting the pressure, causing some injuries both inside and outside of his body.

"We have to continue, try our best to enter the Emperor's Tomb in the shortest amount of time, and find a way out."

Under his incomparably firm will, this Lion Mountain seemed so small to him. The pain on his body made him feel as if he was itching, and he firmly believed that he would be able to reach the top of the mountain in a short amount of time.

The staircase was already dyed red, Chen Xiang had not rested, and the staircase did not sink into the ground either. Blood and sweat were sprinkled all over this terrifying heavenly body, making this originally very terrifying Sky Stairway even more strange.

In this kind of frightening exhaustion and trauma, Chen Xiang had no choice but to continuously swallow Blood ginseng, Phoenix Fruit, and Blood Exquisite Fruit, these medicinal herbs that could mend blood and heal injuries.

The more he climbed up, the stronger the pressure became, but Chen Xiang was also working even harder. No matter how much more pressure he felt, he could always maintain his speed, and even if he tried to climb up, he wouldn't let his speed slow down.

His clothes had already been drenched in blood. After drying up, his clothes were melted by hot sweat, falling onto the stone steps and solidifying in the middle of the Heaven Stairway.

It had been eleven days since Chen Xiang stepped on the stairs. At this time, the sky had just lit up, and he, covered in blood, had climbed to the top of the mountain with much difficulty. He saw the lion head sun above the clouds currently blooming with beautiful and warm multicolored light that shone on his body, causing him to feel the pain and exhaustion in his body weakening bit by bit.

"I'm finally up." Chen Xiang looked at the endless sea of clouds, shining brilliantly under the sunlight, like a raging flame.

He sat cross-legged on a piece of flat ground, watching the lion head rise slowly into the sky, and walked forward, especially for the last 1000 steps, every time he climbed a step, the strong golden bones in his body would crack, but the Yulong blood was able to quickly repair it. He did not know how much his current strength had increased, but what made him happy was, the Yulong blood was that under this kind of constant and frequent recovery situation, he was able to train himself to a very fast rate of recovery.

The top of Lion Mountain did not have that kind of pressure. He ate some pills, took out a few Holy stone s and placed them beside him.

"What's going on?"

The island was at least ten times larger than before, and the stars in the sky were much brighter than before. He called out the five beast-shaped Heavenly Pills that were originally as big as kittens, and now that they were a size larger than before, there were two halos spinning around their bodies.

"Two laps, this is the Second Cycle of the Sage Transformation." Chen Xiang looked at the terrifying Heaven Stairway. He did not expect that in just a short ten days, he would be able to step into the Second Cycle of the Sacred Transformation. Not only did this stimulate his undeveloped powers, it also increased his cultivation by a stage.

His current strength was undoubtedly a lot stronger, which made him feel that the pain he had to bear from climbing the Sky Stairway was worth it.

After resting for a few days, he walked towards the raised head of the lion. There was a small path that led to the mouth of the lion.

"What's next?" suddenly had some expectations in his heart, he had benefited greatly from pa.s.sing the Lion Mountain's test. Now that he was getting closer to the Emperor's Tomb, he did not have much hope for the things inside the Emperor's Tomb, but cared a lot about the test that made him stronger.

"No matter what, I will not be afraid." Chen Xiang clenched his fists and stepped onto the small path. He flipped through the rows of teeth in the lion mouth and went inside the huge mouth.

Chen Xiang looked around to see if there were any mechanisms or traps in the surroundings, but he did not discover anything. He took out the Night Light Bead and injected his energy, causing it to emit a strong light, and then walked into the tunnel.

It was very quiet along the way. Chen Xiang's footsteps were light and gentle, making no sound at all. This made him feel even more terrified as he walked through this terrifyingly quiet and pitch-black tunnel.

Because he was going down, he only took two hours to reach the bottom. Under the light of the Night Illumination Pearl, he saw a stone door of normal size. In the middle of the stone door, there was a small lion head opening its mouth.

This was also where the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword was inserted into to open the door, but the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword was extremely huge and was unable to be inserted. Chen Xiang could only make the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword become thinner and pierce into the keyhole.

With a flash of the stone door, it created a strong suction force that sucked him in, just like the time in the white tunnel.

"What is it this time?" Chen Xiang came to a brightly lit round hall. The four walls of the hall were all covered with tall and thick golden stone pillars with carvings of dragons, phoenixes, lions, tigers and other huge beasts.

In the middle of the Main Hall, there was a circle of black stone slabs filled with profound Spirit grain s.

"What is this place?" Chen Xiang said to himself. He looked around, trying to find a door or something.

"Where I want your life, prepare to die as soon as possible."

Hearing this voice, Chen Xiang was shocked in his heart. If it was another voice, he might not be so shocked, because the voice just now and the tone in which he spoke were exactly the same.

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