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"What a crazy mechanism, those green pearls are all profoundhan poison."

He was sure that these were profoundhan poison s. He looked at the jade bricks on the ground and saw that there were thousands of them, but they were still untouched. If these jade bricks were all made from mechanisms, then wouldn't that mean that there were hundreds of beast cores of Holy ice frog s here?

At this time, he was extremely grateful to the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, and had him cultivate the Devil-suppressing Golden Body. Otherwise, even if there were profoundwu diamond armour s, his 100 lives would not be enough to die.

"All those Holy ice frog's beast cores have been specially refined, and will explode the moment they meet a person. Could it be that it was refined using the Heavenly Alchemy?"

Chen Xiang looked at the pa.s.sage. The creator of the pa.s.sage was definitely a Divine Craftsman, and the one who created the green explosive beads was the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord. The two of them had set up this pa.s.sage together, it would be impossible if it wasn't powerful.

He floated above the tunnel and returned to the area where there were no traps. He took out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and it emitted a green light which shone onto the jade bricks at the top and he could see that there were some arrows on them, indicating to pa.s.s through them. Chen Xiang blamed himself for being careless.

He took a few days to recover from the healing panacea and the Biyuan Dan. Circulating his energy, he floated himself up and slowly approached the white door with the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword in his hands. This was because there was a shield in front of the white stone door, which had bounced him off once before.

However, the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword could pierce through the protective shield. He aimed the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword at the white lion head's mouth, and just as the tip of the blade was about to pierce through, he suddenly felt a terrifying power coming from behind him.

"Don't even think about going in."

He had thought that his attack from a distance just now was enough to kill Chen Xiang. Unexpectedly, profoundwu diamond armour suddenly appeared from Chen Xiang's body, and the powerful force that he had unleashed had a.s.saulted Chen Xiang's body, causing Chen Xiang to insert the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword completely into the mouth of the white lion head.

Chen Xiang, who had just recovered from his injuries, was severely injured, and it was even more severe than before. Even his strong golden bones were shattered quite a bit, not to mention the weaker flesh, Qi and meridians.

He turned his head to look and saw a middle-aged man dressed in black clothes. His entire body was filled with dragon Qi and it turned out to be a very powerful Thunder Dragon.

"You actually have a profoundwu diamond armour." The middle-aged man in black was filled with jealousy. A Divine Weapon and Divine Armor were both in the possession of his peers. As long as it was one of these experts, they would all be jealous.

"I can't let you live." The black clothed middle aged man roared sinisterly and threw out a palm strike. That streak of lightning was extremely thick and filled the entire pa.s.sageway, like a bolt of lightning that had turned into a dragon, roaring crazily as it struck towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was shocked, he immediately channeled all the strength in his body to protect himself. If this palm strike landed on him, even if he didn't die, he would still be crippled. Just as he was panicking, the white lion head suddenly flashed and turned into a white whirlpool, sucking Chen Xiang in.


When the lightning dragon hit the stone, the entire tunnel only trembled slightly without any damage. At the same time, it triggered all the mechanisms here, as hundreds of green beads suddenly appeared out of thin air, surrounding the middle-aged man and exploding at the same time …

After Chen Xiang was sucked into the gate, he arrived at a gra.s.sland. In front of the Prairie, there was a huge Lion Mountain, who looked like a fine and meticulous stone lion lying on the ground. That design of the Lion Mountain looked extremely similar to the hundred thousand Lion Mountain s in the Ten Thousand Heavenly Sacred Mountain, but there was only one of them, and there were no trees growing on top of it.

"I almost died, that should have been the powerful Sky Dragon. Little Naughty Dragon didn't cause any trouble in Nine Heaven World, could it be that she went to the Sky Region where Heavenly Dragon Race is?"

Chen Xiang was suddenly very worried about her, because Heavenly Dragon Race who had been developing in the Heaven Realm for so many years would definitely be very strong.

He laid on the ground and looked at the blue sky. He realized that the clouds were all lion shaped, and then he looked at the blazing sun, like a lion's head burning in flames. This s.p.a.ce was obviously custom-made for Ten Heavens Supreme Lord.

"Just what is the relationship between a Divine Craftsman and a Ten Heavens Supreme Lord like this? It seems like the relationship is definitely not ordinary."

Chen Xiang squinted his eyes and looked at the glaring lion head scorching sun. He suddenly felt a little afraid, because this s.p.a.ce was extremely terrifying.

"Emperor's Tomb is indeed not ordinary."

After eating two pieces of the Jade Dragon Flower Flap, Chen Xiang stood up with difficulty. Looking at the gigantic Lion Mountain, he saw that the lion head that had just been raised had a giant hole in its mouth.

Chen Xiang did not dare go over immediately. He was currently covered in wounds, and needed some time to recover from them. These two injuries almost took his life, and with Long Xueyi not by his side, he had to be extremely careful, and almost died twice along the way.

"Master, this old lunatic must still have something that he didn't tell me. That Devil-killing Summit didn't mention it either. The Devil-killing Summit that was established beside the gates to h.e.l.l must also have some kind of enormous secret."

Chen Xiang sat on the soft gra.s.s as he thought about all kinds of mysterious things. He felt that these secret things were all related.

In order to prevent triggering the mechanism, Chen Xiang held onto the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword the entire time, not daring to take it back. He spent twenty days to completely recover, and was glad that his own dantian had merged with the Divine Sense Sea's, if not the powerful lightning strike from the Sky Dragon would have destroyed his dantian.

Compared to the strong Sky Dragons of the Realm of Flame Heaven, Chen Xiang was still too weak.

"I hope Emperor's Tomb can bring me a pleasant surprise." Chen Xiang hacked at the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and waited until daybreak before carefully walking over to the gigantic Lion Mountain.

Their gigantic bodies could not be seen, and these huge dragons circled in the sky, blocking the sky as they constantly spat out terrifying energy along with their earth-shaking dragon roars, aiming for the huge black door. However, the huge black door did not move at all, as if it was hard to break through.

Even with more than ten Sky Dragons attacking together, they were unable to break through the outermost defense. This showed just how powerful the defense of the Emperor's Tomb was.

"If we don't break through the spatial defense outside, we will be unable to use our original body to attack inside. The inside is filled with profoundhan poison s, and it will be hard for us to defend without using our original body."

"Then let's continue."

The ten plus heavenly dragons attacked the black door again, this time they used even more power, causing a large part of the ice mountain inside the profound Cold Ancient Realm to shatter, the entire profound Cold Ancient Realm was enveloped by the shocking dragon's roar.

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