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"Brat, we can take him down just like that. Although you have the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, do you dare to face us alone?" One of the Thunder Dragons opposite of him roared, looking extremely angry, "You're still young, now that you're in Emperor's Tomb, it's still a matter of whether you can come out alive."

The Ice Dragon Head smiled, "It's nothing to bully a little kid. It looks like he is much younger than your grandson, but he killed a lot of your grandson just now. If it's a 1v1, do you dare to face me on your own?"

"It may not be possible in the past, but it should be possible now. Little brother, I wonder if I can borrow a Ice dragon sword for a bit." The words from the Ice Dragon Head made the ten dragons' faces turn serious.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Not only do I have Ice dragon sword s here, I can also lend you Holy Dragon Sword, Fire Dragon Sword, Heavenly evil sword s, and all of them to you."

He had already taken out the few famous Holy Swords back then, and waved them in his hands, which frightened the dragons quite a bit, and threw out three Seven Dragons Sword s with one word. This was Shi Wuju, even back then, it was difficult for these swords to come together.

Chen Xiang did not care about the ice dragons, he threw them all over, and when they were all caught by the Ice Dragon Head, he, who was extremely well-trained, could not help but be shocked at this moment. To be able to get three Seven Dragons Sword s and a Heavenly evil sword s in one go, made his hands tremble.

The holy swords were of the third, sixth and ninth ranks, and these holy swords were of the highest quality.

"The Green dragon demon-slain broadsword can also be lent to you." Chen Xiang then threw out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword. Although it would not fuse with the other party, it could still unleash a lot of the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword's power if the user himself was strong.

As long as Chen Xiang was willing to lend it out, the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword himself would be willing to do the same.

The ice dragon head caught the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword that Chen Xiang threw over, and almost lost its balance. If he did not use the powerful Holy Dragon Power in his body, he probably would not be able to lift it.

"Sixth and Seventh Brother, you guys stay here and protect them. Of the ten of them, only five of us will be enough to deal with them." After suddenly obtaining a few sharp weapons, the Ice Dragon Head became much more confident, and gave the Holy Sword in his hand to the appropriate brothers to use, leaving two to protect Chen Xiang and the others.

The face of one of the armored men changed. "You …"

"Kill!" The ice dragon and the others didn't transform into dragons. Instead, they wielded these weapons and charged toward their opponents.

The Green dragon demon-slain broadsword was in Chen Xiang's hands, so the Fire Dragons and Thunder Dragons did not have much pressure, but with the Ice Dragon Head in the hands, they suddenly felt an immense pressure, and had the thought of escaping. But even if they wanted to escape, it was already too late, because the Ice Dragons had already charged over.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d." One of the lightning dragons let out an angry curse and turned into a huge dragon clad in black armor that coiled around lightning. It hovered high in the sky.

The other nine dragons were unambiguous as well, transforming into their strongest forms, transforming into many huge dragons. At the same time, they released their dragon's might and the force that erupted when they transformed into dragons, causing the people on their side to fall on the ground and spit out blood. They were severely injured, and it seemed like they did not have time to care about the Draconians.

Just as Chen Xiang felt a tremor, his vision suddenly went white. He knew that their group of people were once again sealed in ice, and this time they were in the same three layers, inside and outside. He couldn't see the outside at all.

He could see the souls he released outside but did not dare to approach them. This was because the two souls near him had been dispersed by the powerful pressure. The remaining souls could only watch from afar.

Ten huge dragons danced chaotically in the air, covering half of the sky, and when the dragon scales on their bodies opened and closed, they spewed out violent flames. The earth-shattering dragon roar was accompanied by bursts of earth-shattering thunder, and the flames released by the fire dragons burned a large piece of the glacier. The five ice dragons still had not taken shape, and with their small human bodies, they agilely circled the ten dragons.

The great battle continued for an entire day. It was extremely shocking, and many huge icebergs were flattened. Huge lakes appeared within the ice plains, and a sea of fire burned up again and again.

In the end, the attack reached Chen Xiang's soul and scattered his soul, preventing him from watching this earth-shattering battle anymore. These dragons were merely Sky Dragons that had completed the Ninth Cycle of the Sacred Transformation.

The two ice dragons protecting Chen Xiang and the others weren't easy to deal with either. They continuously released cold energy to maintain the strength of the ice mountain and to prevent it from being flattened by the aftermath of the battle.

The ice dragons were also having a tough time fighting on their side, but with their five dragons, they could fight evenly with the ten dragons on the other side, and could even suppress their opponents gradually, so they had the upper hand. Although the weapons that Chen Xiang had lent them were not bad, they were unable to unleash the powers of the famous weapons.

The battle lasted for two days before it ended. After the ice mountain that sealed Chen Xiang and the others disappeared, they saw that they were surrounded by a gigantic Sky Cavern, and there was even a large flame burning in the sky.

"It's over."

The Ice Dragon Head Leader's face turned pale, and returned the artifacts to Chen Xiang. The five Ice Dragons that were partic.i.p.ating in the battle were currently extremely weak, but their faces were filled with excitement and joy, because they had finally defeated the enemy that they had faced for so many years. Furthermore, they could also leave this place immediately, without having to protect the Emperor's Tomb.

"This is for you. I think it might be useful to you." The leader of the ice dragons took out a long sword shining with lightning. On the sword was carved a fine Dragon Mark, which Chen Xiang could immediately recognize as the Thunder Dragon Sword.

"This is too precious." Chen Xiang wanted it very much, but he felt apologetic. This was a spoil of war that others had spent a lot of effort to defeat their opponent.

The leader smiled slightly, "Just accept them. The fact that you are here has brought us great fortune, allowing us to get rid of those annoying fellows. It won't be long before we leave this place to meet the Nine Heaven World we've always yearned for."

Chen Xiang accepted the Thunder Dragon Sword, but he also took out two Blood Exquisite Fruits as a gift. The Blood Exquisite Fruit was extremely helpful to the Holy Beasts, and the Ice Dragon Head leader also took it without hesitation.

"I know you have a lot to ask. Let's talk somewhere else."

Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian followed their group as they flew high up in the sky. They lived very far away from here, and Chen Xiang felt that they were not limited to this kind of people.

"My name is Long Da, our parents are too lazy, so they called us Long Da, Long Er … … The youngest is Long Qi. We all have the same thoughts, so even if they don't speak, I still know what they mean. "

Chen Xiang did not expect them to be seven twins, he had thought that they were clones or something like that.

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