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Chen Xiang had a profoundwu diamond armour, so he was not afraid of being refined by the Holy ice frog. He released his divine power to check the beast cores and poison sac in the Holy ice frog's body.

"So the beast core and the poison sac have fused together. I wonder what would happen after I take the beast core away." Chen Xiang thought, he sensed that the beast core was right in front of him.

In the distance, Huang Jintian saw the Holy ice frog rolling and wailing on the spot and knew that it was caused by Chen Xiang's body. This made him feel a lot more at ease.

Chen Xiang held the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, and with the help of the blade light, he moved forward inside the darkness of the Holy ice frog's body. If he encountered any obstructions, he would chop a few times, and with the Divine Energy Barrier on his body, the poisonous blood could not even touch his body. The poisonous blood would not harm him at all, but it was extremely disgusting.

After chopping around for a while, Chen Xiang finally arrived at the location of the beast core. The beast core was not big, but it contained a very strong Holy Spirit Qi and a large number of profoundhan poison.

"This Holy ice frog does not know how to take human form. It should be a Holy level Beast from the Primordial Era. This Beast Core is to my advantage." Shen smirked in his heart and brandished his blade to cut off the meridians that were connected to the beast cores.

After taking the beast core, Chen Xiang only felt a violent vibration. The Holy ice frog was rolling around randomly.

"This guy won't die for a while." As Chen Xiang shook violently, he used the power of the spatial laws to pa.s.s through the Holy ice frog's body and arrive outside.

A beast core without condensed energy was only a relatively large savage beast. However, there were still quite a few profoundhan poison left in his body. Those without any strength would be in danger if they met him.

Seeing Chen Xiang coming out, Huang Jintian immediately ran over, and then the two of them entered the group of ice mountains. They did not kill the Holy ice frog, their bodies were covered in poison, and only beast cores were useful, to use Huang Jintian's words, they could not eat it.

"To meet such a terrifying Holy ice frog on the side, would there be something even more powerful if it wasn't inside?" Huang Jintian thought of the Holy ice frog that he could use, and felt a lingering fear.

The Holy ice frog's power had suddenly weakened by so much, Huang Jintian had already guessed that Chen Xiang would take the Holy ice frog's beast core, and maybe even get himself those powerful profoundhan poison.

"Be careful." Chen Xiang restrained his Qi. When he walked, he only lightly touched the ground, like smoke.

Huang Jintian also went into stealth the same way as Chen Xiang.

"This place is so dangerous and cold, it seems like the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's tomb is really hidden here." Even Huang Jintian felt a chill at this moment. He was an expert of the Immortal-becoming realm, but when he used his strong Saint Force to resist the severe cold, he could still feel the cold.

On the contrary, Chen Xiang didn't think so. He would occasionally take out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and use it to confirm their directions. He believed that the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword would definitely give him directions for some reason.

There was no blizzard here, only endless ice lands and ice mountains. Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian moved a lot faster, but the silence here made them feel an unexplainable unease.

"Something's wrong." Chen Xiang suddenly stopped and looked at the sky above the ice mountain in the distance.

"This is fire, the flames that can still burn in here are not weak."

At this time of night, both Huang Jintian and Huang Jintian could see that the distant sky was illuminated by a stretch of red flames. They could confirm that the range of the flames was extremely large and that the flames were not ordinary flames.

"Do you know why?" Huang Jintian asked.

"I'll check. Don't go over there yet." Chen Xiang controlled the wisps of soul that were floating outside, and activated Heaven tour method, quickly rushing towards the ice mountain.

A short while later, Chen Xiang saw an astonishing scene through the few divine souls.

"There's a large group of people over there … To be precise, it should be the Draconians. " Chen Xiang exclaimed. He saw that behind the group of ice mountains was a vast ice plains, and above them, there were over a thousand dragon armors and dragon scales wearing men fighting, and further away, there were even a few humanoid dragons fighting, shattering a huge ice plains. The scene was extremely shocking, because it was too far away, he could only hear a few dull rumbling sounds.

"There's actually a dragon here. It seems to be a strong dragon." Huang Jintian was also extremely surprised.

Chen Xiang could see what kind of dragons those were. One was the ice dragon, and the other was the fire dragon and the lightning dragon.

At this moment, he was very sure that the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's tomb was here. The ice dragons must have been arranged by the Ice Dragon Grandmaster to be guarding this place, but why were the Fire Dragon Thunder Dragons here?

"The Ice Dragons, the Fire Dragons, and the Thunder Dragons are fighting. They were originally here, and although the weapons in their hands are not bad, they look like ancient forging weapons. They don't seem like they came from the recent era." Chen Xiang said, "Let's go over to take a look. If necessary, we still have to help the Ice Dragon Branch."

The Ice Dragon bloodline had long left the Imperial Dragon Race, and Long Huishan's Ice Dragon bloodline had a very good relationship with Chen Xiang. He felt that the ice dragon that guarded this place should be the same as the one that Long Huishan was currently leading.

When Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian let go of that big mountain, the ice plains that were illuminated bright by the firelight had already been dyed red. The flames that shot out from the powerful Sky Dragon during battle fell onto the ice plains and melted a large area of ice mountains.

"Looks like the Ice Dragon Draconians are at a disadvantage." said. Previously, when Chen Xiang looked at it, there were still about five hundred Draconians on the side of the ice dragon, but now there were only three hundred of them.

Chen Xiang looked at the direction where the dragon roars continuously in unending. That was the direction of the battle between the ice dragon and the fire dragon.

The opposing side have the Immortal-becoming realm Draconians, but we do not need to worry, the Immortal-becoming realm Draconians are evenly matched, the worst are the ones at the bottom, if this goes on, the casualties on the side of the ice dragon will be even more severe, let us take action. Chen Xiang said as he tossed the Ice dragon sword back to Huang Jintian: "Take this sword, the ice dragon shouldn't be making things difficult for you."

"So this is the legendary Ice dragon sword, it's really not simple." Huang Jintian laughed mischievously as he rushed forward with the Ice Dragon Holy Sword in his hand.

Chen Xiang then took out his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and traveled through s.p.a.ce, continuously arriving in front of the ice dragon teams that were trapped in bitter battles. He helped them block the lightning bolts unleashed by the combined might of more than ten Thunder Draconians.

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