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"The Alive Slain Method is with you." Chen Xiang was a little surprised: "So you have been lying to me."

"It's not on me. You'll know soon enough." Lv Qilian walked towards a secret room, but Little Lizhi and Lv Qinlian did not follow him, and only Chen Xiang went in.

Arriving at the secret room, Chen Xiang saw a Transmission array. Lv Qilian took off her shiny golden gown and wore only a waist tied to a skirt. Her light attire made Chen Xiang feel like she was going to fight.

"Where's Xiao Xiang? Isn't she by your side?" Chen Xiang walked into the Transmission array and asked.

"She is in the midst of breaking through to the Saint Soul stage. The number of Sword Emperor inheritances in her body is increasing. She is currently immersed in those profound sword techniques every day."

Lv Qilian opened the Transmission array and went into a valley. There was a cliff and carved on it was the profound formula of the Alive Slain Method.

Her voice was gentle as she said, "How are you doing in the Heavenly Domain? Why have you been here for 200 years?"

Lv Qilian was very curious about the depths of the Heavenly Region. She had the ambition to become an emperor, and she knew very well that there were extremely terrifying existences in the Heavenly Region.

Chen Xiang looked at the chants on the cliff, then looked at Lv Qilian. Seeing her red lips, he couldn't help but recall the feeling she had when she violently kissed him.

"I have been doing very well in the Heavenly Realm. I met a pill saint, and I even got a lot of these things." Chen Xiang took out a piece of Holy stone and threw it to Lv Qilian.

Lv Qilian received it and looked at it, then sighed: "As expected, it's this kind of Holy stone. Back then, the people from the two Heavenly Regions used this kind of thing to win over many great powers. Back then, they said that they would give me two million kilograms every hundred years.

Chen Xiang laughed, "How could we, the Hundred Flowers Emperor, want you? After we take you we will have their subordinate strength, and in order for them to prevent you from getting rid of them, they will also properly suppress your powers, leaving you all with no choice but to rely on him in the future."

"That's right, what if it's you? I heard that they plan to use ten million jin to exchange for your dragon's vein, will you agree? With these Holy stone, you can break through the Immortal-becoming realm and become even easier. You will soon become a Saint." Lv Qilian stared at Chen Xiang with her beautiful eyes. She was very curious about Chen Xiang's answer.

Chen Xiang laughed out loud: "Didn't I say before, I have gotten hold of a lot of these Holy stone, and my dragon vein, may become a saint someday, when that time comes, I will have endless Holy stone, these mere five million jin Holy stone want to bribe me, they are too naive."

"Let's not talk about that anymore. Hurry up and get this Alive Slain Method for me. It's up to you, you won't be able to learn it." Chen Xiang urged.

Lv Qilian pointed to a flat rock, telling him to sit there so that he could face the cliff face.

"I don't know if you'll be able to learn it. In short, I spent a lot of effort to get it back then, but my father placed some restrictions on this cliff and only his relatives will be able to get hold of it easily. It should be easier for you to obtain most of his inheritance."

Chen Xiang sat on top of the rock, looking at the dense and obscure incantations, listening to Lv Qilian's light and beautiful voice, and breathing in the spiritual aura of the mysterious valley, allowing him to gradually enter into a strange state.

"You are a Divine Cultivator, and I will allow my soul to enter your Divine Sense Sea. You can resist me as much as I can." Lv Qilian's voice had already resounded in Chen Xiang's mind.

"Yes." Chen Xiang replied, then asked: "Big Sis Qilian, were you a divine cultivator before you became a saint?"

"No, I only managed to cultivate G.o.d Soul after becoming a Saint. Most people do so after becoming a Saint. Have you entered the Saint realm yet?" Lv Qilian was very curious about Chen Xiang's current strength. She knew that Chen Xiang was very strong and could completely restrain his aura, causing her to be unable to see through him.

"It's just that the Immortal-becoming realm has been changed." When Chen Xiang finished speaking, he had already sensed that Lv Qilian's soul had begun to enter his Divine Sense Sea. He immediately closed his eyes and relaxed his entire body, as he really didn't want to resist Lv Qilian at all.

Lv Qilian cried out in alarm: "In that case, for your sacred energy to fuse with the divine power, that kind of power is extremely terrifying."

Lv Qilian had already known that Chen Xiang possessed a terrifying amount of Holy Energy before he had turned into a Holy Emperor.

"Hehe, now that you know how powerful I am, you can relax. I will definitely treat Little Lizhi and Qinlian well in the future." Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly: "If Qinlian the Little Poison Demon wants to find a man, I'm afraid in this world, only I am suitable for her."

"Say it again." Lv Qilian scolded: "You really are a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what kind of bewitching soup did you actually throw at Qinlian?"

Lv Qilian had already entered Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea and saw that the vast ocean was emitting a silvery white radiance that undulated up and down, looking extremely vast.

Lv Qilian, who was inside the Divine Sense Sea, had a face full of astonishment. Especially when she saw the five beast-shaped Heavenly Pellets in the Divine Sense Sea, she was extremely shocked. She did not expect Chen Xiang to actually cultivate five of them.

"Your Divine Sense Sea and soul are actually so powerful." Lv Qilian's soul was currently in Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea and her soul was weaker than Chen Xiang's. She was in a strong Divine Sense Sea and it made her feel terrified.

Chen Xiang's soul floated up from the ocean, and he had the same evil smile as his main body. "Now, pa.s.s the Alive Slain Method to me."

Lv Qilian's expression was full of vigilance. Although her main body was powerful, her soul was not as powerful as Chen Xiang's, let alone the fact that the five beast-shaped Heavenly Pellets contained a very powerful force. She was very weak in this place.

"What's wrong?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I... Your soul is as strong as the Divine Sense Sea's, you control everything here. I can't pa.s.s down the cultivation technique to you in peace, so you should use another method. " Lv Qilian said.

"So it's like this. If you want to leave, then leave." Chen Xiang sighed.

"I can't leave." Lv Qilian tried it out and his face suddenly became terrified, "You definitely don't want me to leave in your heart. This Divine Sense Sea is controlled by your will, so no matter how you think about it, it will still affect me greatly."

Chen Xiang was shocked, and asked: "Really?"

Just as he finished asking, Lv Qilian screamed because the clothes on her body suddenly disappeared, and her jade body that was radiating holy light, was revealed without reservation. Chen Xiang opened his eyes wide, took a deep breath, and greedily looked at this flawlessly beautiful body.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what are you thinking?" Lv Qilian's face was filled with anger, she jumped into the silver-white sea water and hid her jade body.

Just now, Chen Xiang had only tried it a little, and as he thought to himself, he saw that Lv Qilian was not wearing any clothes at all.

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