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Di Tian really came back, although Chen Xiang had expected it, but he never expected it to be so sudden.

"What will happen now?" Chen Xiang asked, "Originally, would the powers in Nine Heaven World think of a way to take over Di Tian?"

I wonder how long the Evil Dragon Graveyard with your dragon fountain can hold on for, Di Tian will return to his position, and the immortal qi there will be the same as before. The dragon fountain will become a Spiritual crystal, and it's more likely to be a celestial jade. Huang Jintian said: "I wonder how strong that Dragon Subduing School of yours is as a whole, after all, it's only been two hundred years."

Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian hurried towards the closest immortal palace to find out more detailed information.

After entering one of the immortal palaces, Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian learned a lot of shocking news.

Originally, many of the major powers of the Nine Heavens had moved their headquarters to Di Tian because the evolution there was extremely strong. It wasn't immortal energy, but holy spirit energy.

Di Tian had returned more than twenty years ago, and many conflicts had already broken out up there. Among them, the Dragon Subduing School of Chen Xiang had been attacked a few times, and the entire Dragon Subduing City had been destroyed, but the Evil Dragon Graveyard was extremely st.u.r.dy, and had not been broken through. There were still many experts from great powers buried in the Evil Dragon Graveyard, and right now, the place had already become a place filled with an aura of death.

"This bunch of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, sure enough they attacked my Dragon Subduing School, it was hard to escape from them being outside the Evil Dragon Graveyard." Chen Xiang was furious.

"Don't worry, we're not weak right now. When we go back, we'll deal with it. d.a.m.n it." Huang Jintian patted Chen Xiang's shoulder.

The Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace had already moved to the Di Tian. The Demon Empress Lv Qinlian had already set it up on the top, and with the return of Di Tian, the Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace would be able to easily make it up.

The main force that attacked the Dragon Subduing School were Chen Xiang's previous great enemies, such as Imperial Dragon Race, Fire Divine Palace, and so on.

After knowing that the Evil Dragon Graveyard was very st.u.r.dy, Chen Xiang felt more at ease. However, he did not go to Di Tian immediately.

"I still have things to do here. Master, go to Di Tian first and help me investigate who attacked me. Wait for me to return, then we can launch a huge counterattack." Chen Xiang said.

"Alright." Huang Jintian used the Transmission array to teleport to Di Tian.

Chen Xiang suppressed the anger in his heart and teleported to the Demon Imperial Palace and the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's headquarters.

"This ancient Devil-suppressing Divine Palace is unable to migrate to Di Tian. The things left behind by the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable should be here." Chen Xiang walked into the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and took out a signboard to prove his ident.i.ty as hall master.

"Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor... Isn't it the hall master who went missing two hundred years ago? When a hall master that was left behind saw that jade tablet, he felt his heart shake. This was a hall master that was over 200 years old, and his status was much higher than his.

Chen Xiang said: "I was cultivating in seclusion, I did not expect that it would be two hundred years. Furthermore, I have made a big breakthrough, I am here to challenge the Divine Palace Protectors."

There were only a few ancient Devil-suppressing Divine Palace s left to guard this place. When they heard that there was a Hall Master challenging the Divine Palace Protectors, they all took a deep breath, because the Divine Palace Protectors were all very strong.

"What, aren't they here?" Chen Xiang asked.

"This... They are all in Di Tian, you should be going to that place. " The hall master here said,

Chen Xiang secretly said to Long Xueyi: "Help me inspect this Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. That place is the most secretive and has powerful restrictions. I am too lazy to look for that Divine Palace Protectors."

"Are you planning to barge in? I like it. Wait a minute." Long Xueyi laughed, and immediately went to investigate.

Seeing Chen Xiang standing there motionlessly with his entire body br.i.m.m.i.n.g with fighting intent, the few old fellows here all perspired. Chen Xiang entering the Immortal-becoming realm, merging the G.o.d Power and Saint Force, adding the powerful Body of Heavenly Sage, his strength was deep and unfathomable. The moment he stood there, just releasing his aura, it would cause them to be unable to breathe.

The experts that were guarding this place were all all gathered in Di Tian. Although the ones that were left here were all powerful Immortal Kings, they were all nothing in Chen Xiang's eyes.

"This Devil-suppressing Divine Palace has one hundred floors in total, but the upper part is added at the end, probably to cover up the things that are hidden in the middle. It should be on the fiftieth floor." Long Xueyi said: "Let's take the stairs, there is a powerful array outside protecting us, it is more difficult to enter from the outside."

Chen Xiang nodded and then rushed up the stairs. Seeing Chen Xiang suddenly going in, those elders were shocked and hurriedly tried to stop him, but Chen Xiang was already nowhere to be seen.

"It is forbidden land up there. Quickly inform Divine Palace Protectors and the Lord Hallmaster that this fellow is crazy." An old man shouted.

The lower floors were all normal, and there were many rooms of various sizes. But when Chen Xiang reached the fiftieth floor, it was completely empty, and in the middle, there was actually a black metal chest.

"This thing looks very familiar." Chen Xiang saw the coffin-like black chest, and couldn't help but exclaim: "I've seen it in the Evil Divine Palace, the boxes that the Evil Emperor left behind are exactly the same."

In a flash, Chen Xiang arrived beside the black box. There was a groove there, from the lines on the groove, Chen Xiang could clearly see that it was possible to put the Holy Devil-suppressing seal down.

There were many people rushing over from below, Chen Xiang did not care about them, he took out the Holy Devil-suppressing seal and placed it into the groove, only seeing a black box flash, and became a jade box.

"It's exactly the same as what Evil Emperor left behind. Back then, there was a method to go to Heavenly Evil Realm's box. Could it be that Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable also went to a Heavenly Realm?" Chen Xiang opened the lid and inside there was a seven story golden paG.o.da. At the bottom of the box, there were many Spirit grain s and some ancient characters.

"The Demon G.o.d's Suppressing PaG.o.da should also be a good item that the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable has. Why didn't he want it after he went to the Heavenly Realm?" Chen Xiang was extremely suspicious. He kept the jade box, but at that moment, a group of people had already rushed over.

"So fast." Chen Xiang looked at a middle-aged man dressed in golden armor and laughed: "You must be Divine Palace Protectors."

As the Divine Palace Protectors here, he obviously knew that there was a black coffin in the middle of this place, but it had disappeared now. This caused him to be shocked in his heart, because the black coffin was very difficult to move, and the strongest among them had once tried to lift it, but they were unable to do so.

But now, it was missing. This could only mean that this person had something to open the black coffin.

As for the thing that opened the black coffin, it was only the Holy Devil-suppressing seal. Because of how powerful the black coffin was, the experts of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace thought that the powerful treasures left behind by the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable were inside. Now that they saw the black coffin being s.n.a.t.c.hed away, their hearts were filled with jealousy and anger.

"What about the black coffin?" The Divine Palace Protectors asked angrily.

"Among my Storage magic treasure, I originally planned to first challenge you guys before taking them away, but I was too lazy to look for you guys at Di Tian and there weren't any powerful people guarding this place. Thus, I came up myself." Chen Xiang smiled. He actually laughed when he took away such a precious thing in this place.

There was only one Divine Palace Protectors that had arrived, and his strength was only at the First Cycle of the Sacred Transformation Realm.

"How did you open it?" Divine Palace Protectors had already taken out a sacred sword and his face was ice-cold. To dare to charge in and take their sacred artifact, this was a great humiliation to them.

Chen Xiang took out the Holy Devil-suppressing seal, changed back to his own appearance, and laughed: "It's precisely used to take away this thing. I have the Holy Devil-suppressing seal, but it's the hall master of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, it's just that you guys won't admit it."

"Chen Xiang." The old men behind him were all incomparably shocked. They had always thought that Chen Xiang was hiding inside the Evil Dragon Graveyard, but he actually appeared here.

"That's right, I'll give you guys a chance. As long as you recognize me as the Lord Hallmaster of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, I can spare your lives." Chen Xiang said seriously.

"Humph, if you hand the Holy Devil-suppressing seal over, I can leave you an intact corpse." When the Divine Palace Protectors saw the Holy Devil-suppressing seal, his eyes burned with pa.s.sion. Obtaining this was equivalent to obtaining the inheritance of the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable.

Chen Xiang's expression turned cold and said in a cold voice, "Since you want it, I'll give it to you."

He threw the Holy Devil-suppressing seal in his hands with all his might. When the Holy Devil-suppressing seal flew over, it suddenly became big, bringing along a terrifying wave of Devil-suppressing magic power, causing the entire Devil-suppressing Divine Palace to shake as well.

Chen Xiang was using G.o.d Power now, and it was Immortal-becoming realm, which was many times stronger than the previous Holy Energy. Now, the Holy Devil-suppressing seal was flying towards him, bringing with it a strong pressure, as if it could crush everything.

Sensing the terrifying power, the Divine Palace Protectors's face changed, as he anxiously slashed at the incoming Holy Devil-suppressing seal.

The word "subdue" suddenly flashed out and pressed towards the Divine Palace Protectors, crushing him with a majestic power.

The word Zhen pierced through Divine Palace Protectors's body, without making any sound, the Divine Palace Protectors turned into a cloud of smoke, causing the entire place to become deathly silent, only the crisp sound of the holy sword hitting the ground resounded.

Chen Xiang opened his palm and the Holy Devil-suppressing seal slowly surfaced from his palm, as if it had fused with his body.

Seeing this scene, the elders knew that the Holy Devil-suppressing seal had already accepted Chen Xiang and had fused with him. One of the old man anxiously shouted: "Greetings Lord Hall Master, I am willing to follow you."

Following that, a group of people started to shout out.

No one else wanted to die, although they were considered strong in the Ninth Heaven, but Divine Palace Protectors, which was much stronger than them, had already died to the point where not even dregs remained. At this moment, they were extremely afraid of Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang picked up the holy sword, and then said indifferently: "I remember all of you. In the future, if I see you together with that group of impostors, it would be equivalent to betraying me, and your fate would be the same as that guy."

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