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When Feng Yujie heard that she wanted to compete with the Pill Saint in pill refining, she raised her head and laughed out loud. She knew that Chen Xiang was good at pill refining, but he had not reached the level where he could challenge her.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou did not think that way. They understood Chen Xiang very well, if Chen Xiang was only competing to refine a Level 3 Immortal Pill, they felt that Chen Xiang had a better chance of winning.

On one hand, Chen Xiang wanted to see the pill refining level of this Feng Yujie. Even until now, he still couldn't believe that this Feng Yujie was a Pill Saint.

Chen Xiang saw Feng Yujie's scornful and wild laughter, but he was not angry, and asked while smiling lightly, "You look down on me."

Feng Yujie retracted his smile and said: "It's not that I'm looking down on you. You're still quite good at refining those Biyuan Dan, but you're still too inexperienced to challenge me."

"It's just a compet.i.tion to refine a Tier 3 immortal pill, and it won't take up much of your time. Honestly speaking, even a pill master can be considered to be in the third or ninth tier. I feel that your level might not be too reliable." Chen Xiang laughed, he was not afraid of angering Feng Yujie at all, so he intentionally provoked her.

Feng Yujie thought for a bit, then laughed: "I'll compete with you, but my time is extremely precious, if you lose, you have to compensate me with the lost time."

"What if I win?" Chen Xiang asked, this Feng Yujie obviously wanted some benefits. In Feng Yujie's eyes, he was a big spender with a pile of Holy level medicinal ingredients, although she was a Pill Saint, it was not easy for her to obtain some Holy level medicinal ingredients.

"So what if you win? Weren't you the one who issued the challenge to me?" Even if Feng Yujie knew that she wouldn't lose, she didn't want to bet with Chen Xiang at all.

Chen Xiang took out a phoenix fruit and laughed: "If I lose, this is for you. You should recognize this thing right?"

"Of course I recognize him. Let's start now then." Feng Yujie was secretly delighted. It was just as she had guessed, Chen Xiang still had the precious Holy level s and herbs on him.

Chen Xiang said: "The rules are set by me, so let's compete in refining the Biyuan Dan. The fastest is the one with the most pills out, and the one with the best quality will win, moreover the pill furnace is not allowed to be used."

At first, Feng Yujie thought that it was pretty normal, but in the end, she frowned: "You don't need a pill furnace, you sure you've already reached that stage."

"In other words, Aunt Feng has done the same." Chen Xiang smiled with confidence. Not only did he manage to do it, he could also control hundreds and thousands of Magic method furnace at the same time.

"Of course I can do it, but it's not easy. I only mastered it when I was refining a Tier 7 immortal pill. I didn't expect you to be so much more powerful than I imagined." Feng Yujie took out a large, clean carpet and laid it flat on the ground.

"I'll be the one to produce the ingredients." Feng Yujie laughed lightly and threw a Jasper gourd to Chen Xiang. This Jasper gourd was no different from the ones he had refined before. He suspected that Feng Yujie would refine some pills here from time to time.

Su Meiyao laughed: "Then let us be the judges. Are you all ready?

Chen Xiang also suddenly became serious, and the battle intent in his eyes ignited. The two looked at each other for a moment, then nodded at Su Meiyao.

"Begin." As soon as her voice fell, Feng Yujie threw the Jasper gourd in his hands high up into the air.

Chen Xiang did not start, but looked carefully at Feng Yujie. He wanted to see clearly how the Pill Saint did not rely on his pill furnace to concoct pills.

The Jasper gourd floated above Feng Yujie's head. She opened her arms and released a snow-white flame that was like a s...o...b..ll, wrapping the Jasper gourd inside.

Chen Xiang immediately activated Chaos Divine Eye, and peeked inside the white ball of fire, only to see the Jasper gourd quickly being refined, and upon seeing this scene, he immediately released his Magic method furnace. He could already see that Feng Yujie's refinement technique was extremely fast, and was probably not slower than him, if he did not hurry up to refine it, he would probably be slower than her.

Feng Yujie was extremely interested in Chen Xiang. She had planned to see how Chen Xiang would refine the pill from the very beginning, but who knew that Chen Xiang would actually not take action. Instead, he would look at her.

"Using divine power to create a pill furnace is indeed a method. Indeed, it requires divine power to do so." Feng Yujie had thought of doing this before, but she felt that it would be slower, so she thought of a way herself.

Chen Xiang placed the Jasper gourd into the transparent Magic method furnace, released the Five Elements Sacred Flame, and burned the Jasper gourd.

While it was being burned, the Five Elements Sacred Flame gave off a dazzling and beautiful multicolored light. The heated Jasper gourd also continuously emitted a dark green light, orbiting around the pill furnace, allowing people to clearly see the changes inside the pill furnace.

As Feng Yujie refined her own Biyuan Dan, she also observed Chen Xiang carefully. To her, Chen Xiang's method of refinement was extremely novel, and there were many things that she could learn from him.

"Five Elements Sacred Flame. Your control over fire has already surpa.s.sed that of many Alchemist s." Feng Yujie could not help but exclaim. From the beginning to the end, Chen Xiang seemed to be extremely outstanding, as though he was truly a good seedling. However, she did not think that Chen Xiang could defeat her.

Although Chen Xiang had defeated her, he didn't think that he would win any treasures. He only had a vengeful heart, because Feng Yujie had teased him before and looked down on him.

"Aunt Feng, you are going to lose." Chen Xiang laughed. He had already condensed a very strong divine power and flames, storing them in his body. As long as the Jasper gourd started to move, he would be able to use Divine Flame Flash Technique to instantly refine the Jasper gourd.

Feng Yujie did not think so, and laughed: "Aren't you making your judgement too early, I am preparing to enter the Core Formation stage, and you have just started practicing, you should still be very young, no matter how proficient your control over the Foreseeing Alchemy is, you are not as proficient as me."

Chen Xiang laughed loudly: "That's right, my control over the Foreseeing Alchemy is actually very weak. I can only use the Foreseeing Alchemy to refine the Ground level pills, it's been many years since I've used the Foreseeing Alchemy to refine pills."

As he finished speaking, a ray of light suddenly shot out from his palm into the inner part of the Jasper gourd, and at the same time, it entered the Five Elements Sacred Flame. The slightly swaying Jasper gourd was struck by the G.o.d Power and flames that he had condensed, causing a burst of strong green colored light to burst out, enveloping the entire stone room in this dark green colored light.

When Feng Yujie saw this scene, her expression suddenly changed. That sudden event happened too fast, and before she could even react, she saw that a ball of air had already appeared within Chen Xiang's Magic method furnace.

Now, even though an hour had not pa.s.sed, and it had only been a short moment, Chen Xiang had actually refined a Jasper gourd and directly entered into the Core Formation stage.

This was Chen Xiang's superb performance. Whenever he was competing with others, he would perform better than usual.

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