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"Aunt Feng, are you really a Pill Saint? No matter how I look at it, it doesn't seem like it. In my impression, you should be that white-haired old man." Chen Xiang's face was full of doubt, causing Feng Yujie to scowl and glare at you like a little girl who had lost her temper, causing Chen Xiang to immediately break out in a cold sweat.

Seeing that Chen Xiang was scared to death, she started to laugh coquettishly, making Chen Xiang have the urge to smash his head into a wall. This kind of old woman being mischievous was much harder to deal with than those little girls.

"Don't tell me that you want me to concoct a batch of Holy Elixir for you to see. You have to wait and see as well." Feng Yujie said as he took out a silver white pill furnace, "This is my pill furnace, you are also a pill refiner, you should know that this is not an ordinary one."

Chen Xiang looked at it and laughed: "Forgive me for being stupid, but I really can't see any good points."

Feng Yujie patted Chen Xiang's head: "This is the best pill furnace in the Sky City, it's called the Holy Spirit Treasure Furnace, and there are a few Saint Fire Soul s inside."

"What kind of Holy Elixir do you want to refine? You don't have the materials, but with your current strength, if you just eat the Holy Elixir, you might be able to find some other materials." Feng Yujie pinched Chen Xiang's arm, and a surge of divine power continuously entered Chen Xiang's body. And it's even a golden bone, man. "

Seeing Chen Xiang's discontent face, Feng Yujie laughed: "I just want to see if you can handle the Holy Pellet. This is for your safety, take out your Holy level medicinal ingredients."

Feng Yujie gave Chen Xiang a unreliable feeling, but now he had no choice. Although Feng Yujie was very mischievous, she was indeed a genuine Strong of Lord Stage, and Chen Xiang could only choose to believe in her. She was a little mischievous, but she was good.

"I'm not concocting for myself, I'm just helping people heal. Their dantian is gone, so I need a sacred pill to recover." Chen Xiang immediately explained.

"Oh." Feng Yujie's eyes turned as he said in shock: "There is only one type of this pill, and it is even a recipe that Dan Emperor came up with …. "I think it's called the Saint Revitalizing Pellet."

"That's right, the Saint Revitalizing Pellet." Su Meiyao sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, but it attracted Feng Yujie's attention. She immediately poked Chen Xiang's body, making him cry out loud.

"Brat, is there anyone hiding on you? Quickly release them. There shouldn't be an old ghost hidden, right?" Feng Yujie seemed to be angry, her jade-like hands quickly touched Chen Xiang's body.

Su Meiyao replied: "It's alright, tell Senior Sister and I to go out and explain it to her. There aren't many people who know about the Holy Recovery Pill, she should be a Pill Saint."

Chen Xiang shouted to stop the mischievous Feng Yujie: "Aunt Feng, wait a moment, I'll let them out right now, you better not bully them."

"Give them back. It seems there are quite a few of them." Feng Yujie softly snorted.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou immediately came out of the ring and bowed towards Feng Yujie.

"Su Meiyao, Bai Youyou said Aunt Feng."

Seeing that two beautiful girls had suddenly appeared, Feng Yujie's expression became a lot more gentle. He looked at Chen Xiang and snorted, "So it's because there are two beautiful girls hidden."

It was just as Chen Xiang had said. His dantian had been heavily injured, and only by using the Holy Recovery Pill, would he be able to recover.

Afterwards, the clever Su Meiyao told them about how they met Chen Xiang after getting injured, and that they had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

The fact that Chen Xiang had gathered all of the ingredients needed to refine the Saint Revitalizing Pellet also surprised Feng Yujie.

"Fine, but concocting the Holy Elixir will take a long time. You might not be able to wait for this time, and it's two of them at that." Feng Yujie looked at Chen Xiang and said: "Leave them here, go busy yourself with your own things. I will teach them while I refine pills."

Chen Xiang was a little reluctant, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were two women that he liked a lot, he felt empty inside as he was suddenly forced to leave him for a period of time.

"How about this, I'll take them in as my foster daughters. You should be able to relax now, right?" Feng Yujie laughed, his smile was filled with mischief.

Chen Xiang had a bad premonition, if this happened, when he was with the two girls in the future, Aunt Feng would definitely make things difficult for him, but Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou seemed to be very happy. Chen Xiang did not understand why these women would suddenly have such good feelings when they just met.

"Meiyao pays his respect to mother."

"Mother." Bai Youyou smiled sweetly, and then looked at Chen Xiang with a mischievous gaze.

Chen Xiang was a little dumbstruck. All of these things happened too fast and suddenly, as if they met a mischievous old woman. Then, this old woman became Su Meiyao's and Bai Youyou's mother once more.

"Alright, Aunt Feng, I'll let you raise the two of them from now on. You can also protect them, I feel a lot more at ease." Chen Xiang sincerely said.

"Of course, take out those medicinal ingredients." Feng Yujie laughed: "I like these two daughters, from now on their matters are all under my control, I am already this age, and have never been a mother."

Chen Xiang curled his lips, took out four batches of Holy level ingredients used to refine the Saint Revitalizing Pellet, and said: "There are four of them in total, three of them want you to refine them into a Saint Revitalizing Pellet, and the other one is to give you your seat compensation. Although they are already daughters, it is reasonable to say that you can save on the compensation, but they have helped me, and in the future, I will have to let you take care of them, so this is my way of being filial."

If it was a strong Ranker who was the same strength as her, suddenly taking out so many Holy level herbs, she would feel that it was more normal. But a little brat like Chen Xiang had so many Holy level herbs, it made her suddenly think of something.

"This is all produced by the Alive Slain Method." Feng Yujie took it and looked at it, then asked.

"Not exactly, but more or less. But I really need time and energy to do it." Chen Xiang looked at Su Meiyao and his sister, and gave them a complicated look.

Bai Youyou walked next to Chen Xiang, tightly embraced him for a bit, and even kissed his cheeks: "If you can't wait, you should go back to the Nine Heaven World first, at that time, I'll definitely come find you, and at that time, we won't be your burden."

"You have never been my burden. You are my spiritual support." Chen Xiang gazed at Bai Youyou deeply.

Su Meiyao also walked over and hugged Chen Xiang for a bit before snorting, "Little scoundrel, now that we're not with you, you'd better not be fooling around with flowers and gra.s.s."

At this time, Feng Yujie looked at him with a smile that was not a smile, as if he had already seen through his unruly heart. Then he smiled: "You will still be staying here for a while, you just need to rely on your pill refining skills to get some Holy stone and then go back. You can sell them all to my Divine Feather School."

"Aunt Feng, your alchemy skills should be very high. When you refine the Saint Restoration Pills, can you refine a few of them in one go?" Su Meiyao had already left his embrace and was standing together with Bai Youyou. They seemed to have already figured out that Chen Xiang had other intentions.

"How is that possible? Even the Saint Dan Emperor wouldn't be able to do it, let alone me." Feng Yujie shook his head: "Even if you want to save medicinal herbs, you can't."

Chen Xiang laughed: "I refined 80,000 Biyuan Dan, do you know how many of them I used? Although I can only refine third stage Immortal Grade Biyuan Dan and Yuxian Dan, it would be better if we competed in, and met a rare Pill Saint."

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