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Chen Xiang could quickly refine Biyuan Dan, and if nothing unexpected happened, he could quickly refine Biyuan Dan to earn a large amount of Holy stone.

"There are a total of forty Biyuan Dan." Chen Xiang pa.s.sed the Biyuan Dan he refined to the two girls, and laughed: "Now you two can go and purchase the Biyuan Dan's medicinal ingredients, buy as many as you can, I am going to crazily refine the Biyuan Dan right now."

Seeing how confident Chen Xiang was, Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er knew that Chen Xiang had already captured the Biyuan Dan and was refining it very smoothly. They had already started to calculate that they needed to refine a majority of the pellets in order to buy a house in the central area.

"If there are a lot of Biyuan Dan, can they be sold at once?" Chen Xiang asked, he was more worried about the sales.

Seeing the high quality of those Biyuan Dan, they were definitely rare in the market. She patted her chest and said: "No problem, we are really big today, just with this Super Old Sacred City alone, we can consume a large amount of Biyuan Dan. Not to mention selling it elsewhere, you don't have to worry about this."

"We are going to purchase the Biyuan Dan's herbs now. You still have a lot left, you should start refining them first, maybe we will have to quietly leave the Super Old Sacred City to go somewhere else to purchase them." Ji Ling'er laughed, she had already seen that it wouldn't be long before she would have Holy stone s that she couldn't spend.

Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er, who had just returned back to their room, only rested for a moment before leaving in a hurry.

Chen Xiang could refine a batch of these Biyuan Dan in two hours, and after he mastered it, he would be able to use many Magic method furnace, at that time the refining speed would increase by ten or twenty times, as long as he could endure the loneliness, he would be able to finish refining all of them.

He still had a thousand Jasper gourd on him, which was more than enough for him to refine for a period of time. After refining this batch, he would be able to exchange for quite a few Holy stone, which was definitely much easier than digging for the Holy stone's veins.

What worried him the most was that if he sold so many pills in the future, it would definitely arouse suspicion from others and might even harm the interests of some of the big powers. At that time, it would be very troublesome for him, Ji Ling'er and the others, so he decided to wait until he settled down in the center area and find a strong backer.

After two days of refining, he had already become very stable. He was able to refine ten batches of Biyuan Dan, and four pellets would be produced each day. If nothing unexpected happened in the future, he would not fail too many times.

"I can't hold it in anymore, let's try out the Magic method furnace."

Fortunately, he managed to control it and only allowed two batches to be destroyed. The losses weren't too big, and at the same time, he grasped the difficulty of refining with multiple Magic method furnace s.

Seven days pa.s.sed and Chen Xiang walked out of the secret room. When Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er saw that he had come out, they immediately took out some juice to dispel their fatigue and handed it over. They were very considerate.

"I'm going to take a bath first." Chen Xiang stretched his back. He had been concocting pills for seven days straight and his body smelled like sweat.

The bathtub was in Red Dawn and Ji Ling'er's room, they had long prepared that kind of sacred spring water. After Chen Xiang jumped in, he gasped in admiration, and the fatigue on his body gradually dispersed.

"How many Jasper gourd have you bought?" When Chen Xiang saw their coquettish smiles and their light clothing, his heart shook and he really wanted to drag them into the water … …

"Twenty thousand. How many days do you think it'll take for you to complete it?"

Ji Ling'er sat at the side of the bath, immersing her snow-white calves and tender jade feet in the water, and continued to shake those flowery white calves beside Chen Xiang. The skirt on her thighs had already been rolled up, tightly holding onto the middle of her big white legs, making people want to see it, it was extremely alluring.

The most frightening thing was that, like Ji Ling'er, Red Cloud also rolled up her skirt and revealed her long, white, jade-like legs. She soaked in the water and kicked the water in order to play with it.

Chen Xiang was soaking in the bath while leaning on the side. Both of his arms were spread out to the side of the pool, and two beautiful Holy Maiden sat on both sides of him.

"Hey, what are you thinking about? I'm asking you a question, are you able to handle twenty thousand Jasper gourd?" Ji Ling'er's charming eyes flashed as she giggled.

"It's definitely not a problem to take care of twenty thousand Jasper gourd, but it's a little difficult to take care of two Holy Maiden." Chen Xiang laughed wickedly as he placed his hands on Ji Ling'er's and Red Cloud's white thighs and began to ma.s.sage them.

The two ladies spat and removed his evil hands. Their faces were red, but they did not feel disgusted.

"Little Scoundrel." She had long known that Chen Xiang was not an honest guy, but she had also thought that it was normal since Chen Xiang was a man after all.

Chen Xiang looked wronged, "You guys are the bad ones. You seduce me in broad daylight and even watch me take a bath. When you take a bath, you definitely won't let me see it like this."

Ji Ling'er understood Chen Xiang better, and she knew a lot about Chen Xiang from him, especially some of the more gossipy things, such as Chen Xiang's emotional problems. She knew that there were a lot of outstanding women around Chen Xiang, but Chen Xiang only had three of them.

Forget about Nine Heaven World, even if Chen Xiang had that kind of abnormal pill refining ability, just by relying on a large power alone, it would be normal for him to have a few outstanding Holy Maiden, because Chen Xiang's speed of earning Holy stone was too fast, so who wouldn't want to own such a treasure?

Right now, Ji Ling'er and Hong Xia couldn't bear to leave Chen Xiang, and Chen Xiang was very good to them both. Although his strength was much weaker than theirs, his ability to earn Holy stone s was much stronger than theirs.

"I remember you saying before that there will be forces plotting to enter the Nine Heaven World this day, right?" Chen Xiang asked.

"This is only a legend, but I think that it should be true. The Nine Heaven World is growing up too fast, and will eventually threaten this place, so they planned to suppress the Nine Heaven World before he grows up." Ji Ling'er said.

"Super Holy School might have the same idea. Although Nine Heaven World is not as advanced as this place, he still has other rich resources. Otherwise, there would not be a place where he could nurture powers that could threaten this place." Hong Xia leaned close to Chen Xiang and gently pinched his thick shoulders.

Chen Xiang gently rubbed Hong Qi's greasy leg, and then slowly moved it to his thigh. Hong Xia only snorted lightly.

On the other side, Ji Ling'er was also not spared, she was only worried that Su Meiyao would be jealous, so she did not take Chen Xiang's hand away.

Chen Xiang rubbed the two Saintess and said, "I will leave this place, but before I leave, we will arrange for you to cultivate here with sufficient resources. Maybe in the future, you will attack Nine Heaven World, and I will need you to protect me."

"When are you leaving?" Ji Ling'er was a little reluctant, she moved her jade hand to Chen Xiang's chest and gently rubbed it.

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