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Chen Xiang sat in the secret room, looking at the Jasper gourd in his hands. This was the immortal medicine used to refine Biyuan Dan, it was called Jasper gourd.

Back then, after Yan Zilan was injured by the Thunder Tao Double Venerables, Lv Qilian made Little Lizhi deliver a bottle of Biyuan Dan s.

"sister Meiyao, what's so difficult about refining this Biyuan Dan? Is it about the Foreseeing Alchemy?" Chen Xiang asked Su Meiyao. This kind of healing pellet was usually hard to refine.

"The main reason is that there will be a strong vibration inside the Jasper gourd, so when refining it, you have to calculate the defensive power that will be released when the vibration occurs, because that kind of strange vibration can disperse the strong flame." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang was not surprised at how high level herbs were like this. He heard that there was a type of immortal medicine that, after obtaining the Spirit Qi, could even fly in the air and escape the earth. It could even release its power to attack creatures that wanted to destroy him.

And this Jasper gourd was one of them. When it was being refined, it would produce a very violent vibration.

Chen Xiang threw a palm-sized Jasper gourd into the Yanlong furnace s. He had never refined one, so he did not know how intense the shaking was.

He released the Five Elements Sacred Flame, a five-colored flame surged within the pill furnace, burning the Jasper gourd. He patiently and vigilantly waited for the Jasper gourd to tremble.

After an hour, Chen Xiang suddenly felt that the Jasper gourd was shaking slightly. He immediately braced himself, but after that slight shake, the Jasper gourd suddenly started shaking violently, and even jumped and jumped around inside the Yanlong furnace.

This was the first time Chen Xiang had encountered such a situation, after being stunned for a moment, he immediately released his divine power to suppress the flying Yanlong furnace, or else the stone room would have been smashed apart.


After the furnace fell to the ground, a violent explosion occurred from the inside of the furnace. The Jasper gourd was indeed powerful, he wandered around for a while and then exploded again. Now he understood why the Biyuan Dan was so hard to refine.

"This thing is really naughty." Chen Xiang opened the furnace and looked inside. There was no damage inside, which made him sigh in relief. The degree of vibration just now made him worried that the furnace would be damaged.

"You must know your limits." Su Meiyao laughed.

"I know, but I will also let him know how powerful I am." Chen Xiang took out another Jasper gourd, threw it into the furnace, and laughed: "Little thing, I coincidentally learned how to refine Tianlong Dan, I will use the method to deal with that Heavenly Dragon Gra.s.s right now to you."

When he refined the Tianlong Dan, he condensed a flame and divine power at the same time, and then poured it all into the Sky Dragon Gra.s.s, instantly dispersing the spirit inside the Sky Dragon Gra.s.s. Furthermore, the flame which he controlled precisely also exploded with an extremely precise heat, and melted away the Sky Dragon Gra.s.s.

This method was named "Divine Flames Flash Technique" and was able to refine high grade medicinal herbs within a short period of time. However, he had tried using this method in the Yuling bamboo shoots and other medicinal herbs but to no avail.

Chen Xiang began to condense his spirit energy and flames, preparing to use lightning to finish the Jasper gourd off when it was about to explode. If it was really successful, the speed of refining the Biyuan Dan would be faster than the Yuxian Dan, even if there were less pills, it would be very worthwhile, not to mention that it was difficult to find the materials to refine the Yuxian Dan on the market right now.

"It's about to begin."

When Chen Xiang saw the Jasper gourd, he trembled for a moment and immediately threw his condensed Divine Holy Fire towards it. Like a strand of hair, it charged into the inside of the Jasper gourd and then, like a net, the Divine Holy Fire spread out, disintegrating the Jasper gourd from within.

Chen Xiang held his breath as he looked at the interior of the pill furnace. He did not know the result yet, but he saw that there were cracks of fire on the surface of the Jasper gourd. Just when he thought that he had failed, the Jasper gourd suddenly exploded.

That was the Jasper gourd's medicine. He did not think that it would actually succeed, which made him incomparably excited, because he had grasped another powerful pill cultivating method. This was something that he had comprehended from the Heavenly Alchemy.

"It seems that it won't even take two hours for me to concoct one furnace." Chen Xiang was extremely excited, if it was him at this speed, he would very quickly be able to live in the center of the small house.

"Little monster, you really did not disappoint me." Su Meiyao laughed. Seeing that Chen Xiang had refined a Jasper gourd in less than an hour, she was shocked, and now she had to see Chen Xiang condense a majority of pellets.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang had fused the Medicine aura and medicinal powder into one ball of air. He estimated, and separated the b.a.l.l.s, into four groups, which meant that he could get four pills, which made him very satisfied, although it was one pellet slower than the Yuxian Dan, it was much faster than the Yuxian Dan. The price of a pellet was one fold that that of a Yuxian Dan, and Jasper gourd's price was the same as Yuling bamboo shoots.

Just like before, he was first familiar with it, only after refining hundreds of batches would he be able to use Magic method furnace. During this process, he would also fail, and after knowing the reason for his failure, he would be able to avoid it in the future.

Only when he was very familiar with the Biyuan Dan would he dare to use multiple Magic method furnace to refine it, because if he failed, it would cause 20 Jasper gourd to tremble, and the entire mountain would probably shake.

He stayed in the secret room for a day and refined a total of ten batches. He was very satisfied with the quality of the Biyuan Dan and the number of pills produced.

Ji Ling'er and Red Cloud who went to sell Yuxian Dan had already returned. Looking at their smiling faces, Chen Xiang knew that everything was going smoothly.

"They were all sold." Chen Xiang laughed, "It's rare to see you smiling so sweetly. Did you guys eat a lot secretly?"

Ji Ling'er laughed as she walked to his side, gently ma.s.saging his back: "How can that be, we were just selling it at a pretty good price. Because Super Holy School bought a large number of Yuling bamboo shoots, the overall price of the Yuxian Dan was raised a little, allowing us to earn an extra fifty thousand kilograms of Holy stone, and we even managed to get a good relationship with one of the five great pill stores in Heaven Sacred District."

Chen Xiang curled his lips and said: "To earn an extra fifty thousand kilograms of Holy stone, and to let you guys be so happy, you truly have no future."

Hong Xia laughed charmingly, came to Chen Xiang's side, and laughed: "Our Boss Shen, how much do you think we should earn in order to be happy."

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