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Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er would not do such a crude thing like beating someone up, but they were enjoying watching Chen Xiang beat up those three guys.

"What do we do now? We can't kill them or the law enforcement saints will come." Ji Ling'er asked: "One of them is one of Sister Hong's enemies."

Chen Xiang laughed and took out the divine cauldron: "Put them inside here, bring them out of the Heaven Sacred District, kill them outside, and then destroy the corpses and erase the evidence, what's so difficult about that."

Chen Xiang placed the three people inside the divine cauldron, looked at the red clouds and asked: "You should go out with me, and you should be the one to handle the matter of revenge. Although you are just a small fry, it can still temporarily relieve your anger."

After changing her appearance, she followed Chen Xiang and left Heaven Sacred District, returning late into the night.

Chen Xiang and the two girls were discussing in the hall. They were happy that they could kill three strong warriors from the Super Holy School.

"I didn't expect them to be able to find this place. Perhaps we were too careless and went to purchase so many medicinal herbs, causing their suspicion." Ji Ling'er said.

"Maybe it's because of other reasons, but we can't stay here anymore. These caves aren't safe, and there aren't many enforcers around. If we could go to the central area, they wouldn't dare to break in like they did today." Red Cloud said,

"Buying a house there is very expensive, but in order to be safe, we have to stay there as much as possible. As long as the few great powers that are in charge of this Heaven Sacred District do not fall, we are safe here." Ji Ling'er said.

Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er did not have any backers, and being targeted by such a huge being like the Super Holy School caused them to not dare to casually leave the Heaven Sacred District.

"We need to buy a normal small residence in the central area. How many Holy stone s do we need?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It will cost at least five million kilograms of Holy stone. Although it's very expensive, that place is still beneficial and will be safer. Furthermore, the entire house has many powerful formations and can absorb the large amount of Holy Spirit Qi hidden underneath the Heaven Sacred District." Red Cloud said,

"A Grade Three Immortal Yuxian Dan is one hundred Jin, I have to refine at least fifty thousand of them." Chen Xiang took a deep breath. "The Biyuan Dan is worth two hundred kilograms per pellet, but I'm a stranger to it. I'm not sure if there's any value in refining this kind of pellet yet."

If he could obtain more than three pellets in a single pellet, it would mean that refining Biyuan Dan s would be more cost-effective.

"Wait for a few days for me to refine the Biyuan Dan. Then, I can decide how many herbs I want to buy." After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he quickly ran into the secret room and continued refining the Sacred animal Dan.

He had to quickly gather Holy stone and buy a small house in the central area, otherwise, he would not be able to refine pills in peace here. Also, if there was a place that could absorb the rich Holy Spirit's power, it would be of great help to him in his alchemy and cultivation.

After he finished refining all the Sacred animal fruit, he started to refine the third grade Immortal Yuxian Dan. Previously, he had rich experience in refining the second grade Immortal Yuxian Dan.

However, he was gradually getting better. After he had succeeded for a hundred of batches, he would be able to use the Dawan refining method and refine many batches at the same time in order to speed up the process of refining pills.

This secret room was rather small for him, especially when he used the Dawan refining method. After releasing the dozen or twenty Magic method furnace, they practically filled the s.p.a.ce in this secret room. He also wanted a relatively s.p.a.cious secret room because he had yet to reach his limit.

With the speed of 50 batches per day, he crazily and quickly refined Grade Three Immortal Yuxian Dan. In just over 20 days, he had refined all 1000 Yuling bamboo shoots. In total, there were more than 5,000 Grade Three Immortal Yuxian Dan.

When Chen Xiang was refining pills, Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er would often go out to investigate the channels of some medicinal herbs, making it easier for them to buy more in the future. Although Red Cloud had concealed her ident.i.ty now, she was proficient in this aspect, so it was easy for her to get on good terms with the big powers who mainly sold medicinal pellets.

Chen Xiang sat in the living room, drinking a bottle of sweet fruit juice on the table, waiting for the two girls to come back. He wanted to give the five thousand Yuxian Dan s to them and have them sell them in exchange for Holy stone s.

Ji Ling'er and Hong Xia came back, seeing that their faces were slightly ugly, he anxiously asked: "What's wrong, what grievances did you have with me?"

"Hmph, even if it's not that Super Holy School, they actually tried to s.n.a.t.c.h the Yuxian Dan's medicinal ingredients from us. They started sweeping through all the Yuling bamboo shoots in the medicine stores again, and the price was very high, almost double the original price." Ji Ling'er's face was filled with displeasure: If we buy it at the same price, then no one will be willing to sell it to us, because in their eyes, the Super Holy School is a big customer.

"Where did they get so many Holy stone." Chen Xiang was very suspicious of this, he looked at Red Cloud. In the past, Red Cloud was also responsible for buying Yuxian Dan s as well.

"I'm not sure either. I just know that these Holy stone were all created by that old fellow." Hong Xia shook her head. The old fellow that she spoke of was her original senior uncle, the one who wanted to obtain her Holy Spirit Fire. He was currently Leader.

Chen Xiang tossed over a Storage bag to Red Cloud. "These are five thousand of third grade Immortal-ranked Yuxian Dan."

Ji Ling'er and Hong Xia were startled, and couldn't help but exclaim: "We refined it so quickly."

Chen Xiang laughed: "If the place is big, then I will refine it faster. I will then refine the Biyuan Dan, I wonder if they will buy a large amount of Biyuan Dan."

"Of course not, because Biyuan Dan are more difficult to refine, and even some of the more famous Alchemist s would often fail. The reason why Super Holy School needs Yuxian Dan is so that he can quickly raise a group of outstanding seedlings and quickly strengthen his base." Red Cloud said,

Chen Xiang asked again: "Are Biyuan Dan easy to sell? If you sell them all at once, will it be easy to sell them?"

Red Cloud gently smiled and said, "Don't worry, I will help you sell as many pills as you have. Although this kind of pill is not often used, it can help you recover from your injuries."

"Alright, I will start refining the Biyuan Dan now." Chen Xiang had just rested for a short while before returning to the secret room to refine pills.

Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er couldn't help but admire Chen Xiang when they saw how hardworking he was everyday, and in a short twenty days, he had refined five thousand Yuxian Dan. Besides the cost, he had also earned over four hundred thousand kilograms of Holy stone, which for a person with Chen Xiang's strength, was extremely impressive.

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