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Red Cloud was so excited that she took a deep breath and said, "Thank you. I won't let you down."

This cave was a little small, and Red Dawn was sharing a room with Ji Ling'er. On one hand, it could improve their relationship, on the other hand, it could exchange cultivation experiences.

On the other hand, Chen Xiang was concocting pills in a secret room.

"I wonder how Nine Heaven World is doing. I really want to go back quickly, but if I go back like this, I would be very regretful." Before Chen Xiang left, he planned to buy a large amount of high level medicine to get a large amount of Holy stone and smithing materials before going back.

The next step was to refine the Sacred animal Dan and the Tianlong Dan. There was no difficulty in refining the Sacred animal Dan, he only needed to refine a few batches to master it.

"This Heavenly Dragon Gra.s.s looks like cotton, but why is it so hard to burn?"

Chen Xiang felt a headache coming. The Sky Dragon Gra.s.s that was like a cotton ball, every time it used a strong flame to burn it, a bit of its heat would be dissolved. When it dissolved the heat, it used the Sky Dragon Gra.s.s's energy, and when that energy was used up, the Sky Dragon Gra.s.s would be destroyed as well.

If one wanted to refine the Sky Dragon Gra.s.s, one must use a very suitable flame, undergo thousands and thousands of adjustments in a short period of time, and finally know the most suitable temperature for the fire. Every Sky Dragon Gra.s.s was different, so every time before refining, one had to carry out this adjustment.

Of course, this was something that he needed to do when using the Foreseeing Alchemy. Chen Xiang had tried it before, but his Foreseeing Alchemy was still stuck at the Ground level Pill stage, so he failed right from the start.

"You have to ingest it in the shortest amount of time, or else you won't be able to tame this Heavenly Dragon Gra.s.s." Su Meiyao said: "If you use the G.o.d purification, then I'm afraid you won't have much time to do it. At least before the Heavenly Dragon Gra.s.s releases its heat of energy."

Chen Xiang held the soft and white cotton ball. This was Sky Dragon Gra.s.s, no matter how you looked at it, it did not seem to be something related to dragons.

"That time is too short. It should only be for ten breaths of time. It seems that I will have to use my strongest divine power and flames to defeat it in that instant. This is my full power attack!"

Chen Xiang patted the Yanlong furnace: "I don't know if this cauldron can withstand it, but if I make a mistake, it would be equivalent to attacking this cauldron."

Now that Chen Xiang's Saint Force had already fused with the G.o.d Power, the G.o.d Power he used to refine the pellet was even more powerful.

After throwing the Heavenly Dragon Gra.s.s into the pill furnace, he immediately concentrated on circulating his divine power. The divine power formed into two types, one was the sacred fire, and the other was a spiritual attack.


The pill furnace fiercely jumped up, causing a very strong explosion from inside it, causing Chen Xiang to jump in fright.

"What's going on?" Ji Ling'er who was in the midst of learning the Arts of Change rushed over and knocked on the stone door and asked loudly.

"It's nothing. There was a mistake during the process." Chen Xiang shouted, "You guys continue, it's alright."

After breaking through, it was his first time controlling so much G.o.d Power. Because he did not control it well, he made a mistake and did not focus his attacks on the Sky Dragon Gra.s.s, instead, he focused on hitting the walls of the pill furnace. The Sky Dragon Gra.s.s had also disappeared.

"Motherf * cker, my divine power right now is too terrifying." Chen Xiang exclaimed in shock, "It was only a change of a Saint, but it already possessed such power. Fortunately, the pill furnace was tough enough, otherwise the entire cave mansion would have been destroyed by me."

"You have never fought in actual combat, so you definitely don't know how terrifying your divine power is. If you were to transform into a G.o.d wind, even those who have gone through the Third Cycle of the Sacred Transformation would have to kneel down." Long Xueyi laughed tenderly: "It is only in this higher realm that you can break through so quickly. If you were in the Nine Heaven World, it would take even longer."

This time, Chen Xiang controlled his strength well and weakened it by a lot. He gathered it together and then carefully released the Sacred Flame to burn it.

gathered the invisible powers together and attacked the Sky Dragon Gra.s.s. At this moment, the Sky Dragon Gra.s.s was already being burned by the blazing sun, and under the bombardment of the G.o.d Power, it actually dissolved in an instant, separating into a medicinal powder and a Medicine aura.

"This is way too fast."

Chen Xiang did not expect that in just a few moments, he would have refined the Sky Dragon Gra.s.s, and following that, it had already congealed into a pellet. Because it was given to Long Xueyi to eat, Chen Xiang did not divide it into many pellets, but instead directly fused them together to create a pellet of extremely high quality Tianlong Dan.

This Tianlong Dan was a little large, and the other pills were all about the size of a peanut, but the one in Chen Xiang's hand right now was like a pigeon's egg. There were a few lines on it, and the patterns looked like dragons baring their fangs and brandishing their claws.

"Let's give it a try." Chen Xiang placed it into the ring, and laughed: "If it's not delicious, I will not refine it, I will just refine the Sacred animal Dan."

Long Xueyi gasped in admiration and quickly said: "The taste is pretty good, finish refining the remaining Sky Dragon Gra.s.s, and then leave some to the Flower Emperor to make a bunch of copies."

Chen Xiang had stayed here for more than two hundred years, and the pace of Nine Heaven World was very fast as well. He did not know what sort of changes would occur after he returned, but he was certain that the Flower Emperor and the others would definitely become stronger. This was because they had come to the Sacred Region before and knew how weak they were.

Because of how special this Heavenly Dragon Gra.s.s was, when Chen Xiang used the G.o.d purification to refine it, his speed was extremely fast. At the moment, he was even trying to use a Magic method furnace to refine it, but he was unexpectedly still able to succeed. In order to make use of his own strength when refining the pill, he released even more Magic method furnace.

In just a few days of time, he had already refined over a hundred Tianlong Dan, and what followed after was the Sacred animal Dan that he was extremely familiar with, although there were five hundred Sacred animal fruit, but when he released twenty to thirty of them to be refined at the same time, it would be completed in a short period of time.

Chen Xiang was concocting pills in the secret room, and it was isolated from the outside world. Long Xueyi had something to eat and did not sleep, so he would occasionally check on the situation outside.

When Chen Xiang was about to finish refining the Sacred animal Dan, she shouted, "A few people have entered this cave, they do not seem to be friendly, quickly go out and take a look, Super Holy School might have discovered Red Cloud and Ling'er."

Chen Xiang immediately gave up on the twenty batches of pills he was concocting and walked out of the secret room. There, he saw two familiar looking old men and an extremely dazzling young man.

When Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er saw them, it was as if they were facing a great enemy. Their faces were full of caution and anger, and with a single glance, they could tell that they were enemies.

"Aren't those two the elders from Ji Clan? Could that young man be Red Cloud's big senior brother?" Seeing him appear, the two elders were immediately overjoyed.

"This kid is really with you. Haha, I finally found him." A Ji Clan Elder laughed crazily.

Chen Xiang took out a bronze tablet, and said: "You guys seem to have barged in, if you don't leave now, I will call you Law Enforcement Saint."

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