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"That's right. Right now, many people are guessing whether we have some important information or know some secrets that we shouldn't know. That's why we were killed." Red clouds hung her head, her expression was full of helplessness, "This is not the reason."

Chen Xiang saw through something and asked, "It's because of your Holy Spirit Fire."

Ji Ling'er was startled, she had indeed not thought about it, because Holy Spirit Fire were nothing in her eyes, but now that she saw the red clouds, she knew that Chen Xiang had said it carefully.

"That's right, because my senior master wanted my Holy Spirit Fire, he arranged for us three sisters and that senior apprentice brother to go out and do things, and only when we leave Heaven Sacred District would they dare to take action. At that time, we did not know, but after following the senior apprentice brother to their ambush point, they caught us and forced us to hand over the Holy Spirit Fire."

Seeing Red Cloud's sorrowful face, Ji Ling'er walked over and hugged her to comfort her.

"Just as I agreed, Big Sis and Second Sis resisted, and the Big Senior fought with them. In the end, in order for me to escape, all of them … "He self-detonated." At this point, tears were already streaming down Red Cloud's face.

Previously, Chen Xiang knew how powerful the Holy Spirit Fire was, he didn't think that he would be targeted so quickly.

"At that time, your master was there as well." Chen Xiang asked.

"She is no longer my master. I no longer have a master like her. She betrayed us three sisters for the sake of a sacred pill." Red Cloud's face was full of anger and hatred. She clenched her jade-like fists and gnashed her teeth, "One day, I will make them wish they were dead."

"This sort of thing can't be rushed. Take your time and prepare." Chen Xiang said: "You have the Holy Spirit Fire, if you use it well, it will allow you to obtain a very strong power."

Ji Ling'er asked curiously: "Why does your Senior Master want your Holy Spirit Fire? I know that the Holy Spirit Fire are strong, but how strong are they?"

"Although Holy Spirit Fire s can't refine pills, they can be used to control strong flames. They can easily control a large amount of natural sacred fire and cultivate in the body, and can also easily fuse a large amount of Fire Soul s to make themselves stronger."

Ji Ling'er immediately understood. "If he can obtain it, then his strength will definitely be many times stronger than normal. When that time comes, the several super powers in the Heaven Sacred District will not be able to restrain him, and it will be a disaster for the Heaven Sacred District."

What Chen Xiang was more worried about was that Ji Clan would tell Super Holy School about him possessing the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword. Ji Clan was now a subsidiary power of the Super Holy School.

"Big Sister Hong, you should sell this cave and move to my place." Ji Ling'er wiped away the remaining tears on her face with his thumb.

"Yes, Ling'er." Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er hugged each other tightly, their feelings for each other becoming extremely deep.

After that, Chen Xiang returned to Ji Ling'er's cave alone. After changing their appearances, Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er went to handle the matter of refining pills.

Chen Xiang himself was in the secret room, forcing out a large jar of creation divine liquid s from his body. These creation divine liquid s were condensed while he was cultivating in his sleep, and because there were too many of them, he swallowed them.

"I didn't expect that to be so much." Chen Xiang was very excited as he took out the Holy level s. They were the Jade Dragon Flower, the Holy Lotus Seed, the Blood ginseng, and the Tianshan holy fruit.

Even if there was only one type of medicinal herb, it would still be able to concoct a sacred pill, let alone four.

Chen Xiang could not imagine how powerful the Sacred Dan Meeting that was made of these four medicinal herbs was.

"Four copies." Chen Xiang had this plan. If he could find a Pill Saint, he would entrust him with the task of refining the Holy Pellet and give him four sets of ingredients. As long as he could concoct three Holy Pellets, the remaining Holy level ingredients would be his reward.

There was definitely a pill saint in Tiandu. Hong Xia had said before that her animal master sold them out for a holy pill.

"sister Meiyao and Sister You You You will recover soon." Chen Xiang suddenly became excited. He felt that the moment was getting closer and closer.

He used them to make a few Immortal Grade Four Sacred animal fruit s, and then threw them over to Long Xueyi to temporarily satisfy her craving. As long as he worked hard in the future, he did not lack any, and in Super Old Sacred City, he could easily buy them.

Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er returned. They went to buy Tianlong Dan s' medicine, and also went to sell Red Dawn's cave.

"Only over a hundred Heavenly Dragon Gra.s.s. There are five hundred Grade Two Immortal Realm Sacred animal fruit. It should be enough for you to practice, right?" Ji Ling'er laughed tenderly: "I didn't spend much on the Holy stone, buying medicinal ingredients is indeed the most worthwhile."

Hong Xia nodded her head: "Yes, I bought a thousand sets of Third Grade Immortal Grade Yuxian Dan and one thousand sets of Biyuan Dan. In total, I only bought sixty thousand Holy stone."

Chen Xiang took the Storage bag they pa.s.sed to him and asked: "What about the Immortal Fourth Pin?"

"There are no Grade Four Immortal Yuxian Dan, only other types of immortal pills, but most of them require two types of immortal pills as the main ingredient. The price is quite high and there aren't many of them, you have not been able to refine them yet, and it will definitely be very difficult." Hong Xia said: "Now that you have refined the Yuxian Dan of the Third Grade Immortal, after I sell it, I can make a name for myself. It will be much easier to buy those of the Fourth Grade Immortal."

"En, let's talk about Tier 4 immortal pills later. Come over and sit down."

Seeing that the two girls were confused, Chen Xiang laughed: "I want to pa.s.s on my techniques to you, it might be of some help to you two."

Hearing that Chen Xiang wanted to pa.s.s the cultivation technique, Ji Ling'er immediately skipped over to Chen Xiang's side and sat down. She had been thinking about Chen Xiang's change in technique for a long time, she had already fulfilled her promise and helped Chen Xiang increase his strength, and stepped into the Immortal-becoming realm.

After Ji Ling'er sat down, he placed one hand on her forehead, and then, using the secret technique that Long Xueyi had taught him, he pa.s.sed down the change in technique that he was familiar with to Ji Ling'er.

Very quickly, the image of the transformation appeared in Ji Ling'er's mind, making her jump into Chen Xiang's embrace in excitement, and she kissed Chen Xiang's lips.

"Sister Hong, it's your turn." Chen Xiang touched his lips, licked his lips and laughed.

Ji Ling'er hurriedly ran towards the secret room without even greeting Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang and Red Cloud knew that she was going to train.

Hong Xia didn't know what kind of contribution Chen Xiang was going to teach her, but she still sat down. Even if she didn't learn, it wouldn't harm her at all.

Chen Xiang had pa.s.sed on the Fire Divine Palace's Fire G.o.d method to her. This was a G.o.dly skill that the Fire Emperor was known for being a hero in the past, and it was said that the Nine Heaven World did not have it in the first place.

After obtaining the Fire G.o.d method, Red Dawn immediately stood there in a daze, trying to comprehend the cryptic chants written above. Just by skimming through, she was able to tell that the Fire G.o.d method was extremely powerful.

"This is not my main cultivation technique, but it is very useful to me. I hope you can expand it." Chen Xiang said.

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