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Chen Xiang had originally planned to build a close relationship with a few people who were worthy of him knowing, because he would be coming back to this place in the future. At that time, he would also have someone to take care of them, and his best candidates would be Ji Ling'er and the Three Suns Holy Maiden.

"Ling'er, when you see her in a bit, be a bit more polite." Chen Xiang reminded her:

"I know, I'm not the type of person who likes to hold a grudge, but you have to think carefully, if you have a relationship with her, and the Super Holy School finds out, it's not a joke. Although this power was just established a short time ago, it's still very powerful, I don't know what methods they used to recruit many powerful families." Ji Ling'er said in a low voice: "My Ji Clan has also joined the Super Holy School."

Chen Xiang felt that this was not a good thing, "If the Super Holy School had the power to shake the Heaven Sacred District, what would happen?"

"At that time, they will be able to do whatever they want to steal the holy treasures that are hidden under the Heaven Sacred District." Ji Ling'er thought about this, and his heart jumped.

"There are treasures under Heaven Sacred District." Chen Xiang's eyes lit up, the Heaven Sacred District's Holy Spirit Qi was so dense, it made him feel that there was a dragon vein, a dragon vein condensed from Holy stone.

thought that it would be difficult for the Super Holy School to succeed. Even if he had that kind of thought, it wouldn't be achieved in a short period of time.

Ji Ling'er looked at the stone door of a cave with great effort. After knocking on it with a "bang" sound, it created quite a big commotion and she had already brought Chen Xiang to Red Dawn's cave.

The stone door of the cave opened. The red clouds were wearing a simple red dress, and it no longer had its threatening aura. However, she was still very beautiful.

Hong Xia didn't recognize Ji Ling'er, but she did. Earlier, she had been waiting for Chen Xiang to come find her, but so many years had pa.s.sed and she still hadn't come.

Now that Chen Xiang had appeared in front of her, she was extremely surprised and quickly welcomed him.

Red light invited Chen Xiang and the Terminator Spirit to sit. She smiled lightly: "I don't have any more luxurious places to entertain you. I hope you don't mind."

Since Chen Xiang was able to find this place, it meant that Chen Xiang already knew about her situation. She was very touched that Chen Xiang was able to come here, because she was now an enemy of the Super Holy School.

"Of course I don't mind. Your place is much better than mine." Ji Ling'er bit a fruit and looked at the beautifully decorated little hall. It was indeed much better than where Ji Ling'er was at.

Hearing Ji Ling'er's voice, Hong Xia immediately frowned, she hesitated and asked: "You are Ji Ling'er."

"That's right, I didn't think you would still remember my voice." Ji Ling'er chuckled, she took off her makeup and revealed her extremely beautiful face.

Seeing the friendly and gentle smile on Ji Ling'er's face, Red Cloud sighed: "Of course I remember, you two were actually together."

The red clouds stared at Ji Ling'er and smiled back. At this time, their past contradictions had already been resolved, and it was not like there was any blood feud between them, it was just a small conflict between women.

Chen Xiang said: "All these years, I was cultivating in seclusion, she was the one a.s.sisting me. I know a bit about the past, and that's not a big deal.

Hong Xia naturally knew that Ji Ling'er had always been wanted by the Ji Clan. What made her more suspicious was that after more than two hundred years had pa.s.sed, the Ji Clan still had not let her go.

"Are you two together very early?" Red Cloud asked.

"To tell you the truth, it was only with his help that I managed to successfully obtain the three million jin Holy stone s from the Ji Clan. However, he had cultivated for more than two hundred years and had exhausted most of those Holy stone s."

Ji Ling'er saw Hong Xia's strange expression and immediately explained: "I'm only friends with him, not that kind of relationship. Don't misunderstand."

After Red Cloud heard this, she chuckled and said, "I don't have that kind of relationship with him, so you don't need to explain."

Chen Xiang coughed dryly a few times. "Let's get down to business. What we lack the most right now are Holy stone. The fastest way to earn Holy stone is to buy a large amount of medicinal ingredients for concocting pills, and then I'll quickly refine them to sell."

Ji Ling'er looked at Red Cloud and asked: "Red Cloud, how many connections do you have right now? There are no longer any large powers going around looking for goods, so we can use a relatively low price to purchase a large amount of medicinal ingredients."

Chen Xiang shook his head: "I don't plan on refining a second stage Immortal Yuxian Dan, the profit from that is too little, and how much are the two types of pills?"

Hong Xia said: "Although I am wanted by the Super Holy School, but if I am going to buy a large amount of medicinal ingredients, many medicinal pill shops would still give me some face. The medicinal pill shops of the big sects and big clans don't need to worry about how the Super Holy School feels."

"A Grade Three Immortal Yuxian Dan is one hundred Jin one pellet, which is ten times more expensive than a Grade Two Immortal Yuxian Dan. A Biyuan Dan is a healing pellet unique to a Grade Three Immortal Grade. Although the demand is not too big, many people would buy it for defense, and the price would be two hundred Jin one pellet."

"Because these are all Immortal Grade Three, they are not as easy to cultivate as Immortal Grade Two. Therefore, the price of medicinal ingredients is rather high and the quant.i.ty is not that high."

Ji Ling'er asked: "Chen Xiang, you can now concoct Tier 3 Immortal pills."

Chen Xiang smiled lightly: Let alone third stage, fourth stage is possible, but before that, I have to refine some second stage Immortal Tianlong Dan that I am familiar with, can you help me buy them?

"Red clouds... How many Holy stone on your body, all of my Holy stone have been used for this brat's cultivation? " Ji Ling'er said in embarra.s.sment.

"I still have 800,000 pounds. It should be enough for us to use for transportation." Chen Xiang said. Long Xueyi had not eaten anything good for many years, and although she did not make any noise, Chen Xiang felt a little apologetic in his heart. Hence, he decided to properly make up for it.

Hong Xia came to Ji Ling'er's side and said with a smile: "I still have over a million kilograms of Holy stone, that should be enough. Let's first earn a few more Holy stone s and get everyone to buy some high level pellets to increase their strength.

It had been more than two hundred years since her two sisters had been killed, and she had already recovered from her grief. That was why she looked so cheerful right now.

"Sister Hong, can I ask you something about your two sisters?" Ji Ling'er said in a low voice: "If the time comes, I can help. After all, the Purple Clouds have helped me before."

Hong Xia sighed, "Thank you very much, but I would like to do this myself … They were killed by one of my senior brothers, who is also the eldest disciple of my uncle. "

Chen Xiang said: "I heard that your master also took action at that time, why is that?"

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