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The Divine Sense Sea could be said to be an unreal existence, and was only closely related to the brain. However, it was not in the brain, Long Xueyi had said before that the Divine Sense Sea was inside the divine soul, but the divine soul was actually inside the Divine Sense Sea, and Chen Xiang was confused by what he heard. In the end, he understood himself that the Divine Sense Sea was just a divine soul, and the divine soul was the same as the soul, which could not be seen with the naked eye, just like a light wisp of smoke.

But now, Chen Xiang had actually managed to cultivate a divine soul inside his soul, and then a Divine Sense Sea, which made him feel that it was unimaginable that when he entered the Ninth Cycle of the Sacred Transformation, everything in his dantian would actually need to be integrated into the Divine Sense Sea. This meant that he wouldn't have a dantian in the future, and his Fire Soul and Thunder soul would all be merged with his divine soul.

Moreover, there might only be Jade Dragon Blood s and Bone soul s in his body, things that belonged to his body in the first place.

Chen Xiang really wanted to ask Long Xueyi, but he couldn't control his own thoughts. However, he knew that Long Xueyi must be clear about his current situation.

At this moment, it was as if he was floating in an ethereal void, and he could occasionally see the Beast statue of those gigantic martial spirits. Those five giant beasts seemed to be right in front of him, guarding this place.

Not knowing how much time had pa.s.sed, Chen Xiang realized that his dantian had already completely disappeared. However, his strength had not weakened, but it had become even stronger.

He anxiously looked inside the Divine Sense Sea, and suddenly discovered that there were five Beast statue inside his Divine Sense Sea. The four sides were the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise, and the one in the middle was no longer a Giant Elephant, but a Mighty Martial Qilin with golden flames spewing out of its body.

His divine soul floated above the center of the sky, and was the same size as him.

"These are Heaven Pills, right? They have become a little larger." Chen Xiang was pleasantly surprised. His large dantian had already perfectly fused with the Divine Sense Sea, but the Five Heavenly Pellet Beasts were still too young. Compared to his divine soul, they were just like kittens.

He observed the five Heavenly Pill Beasts carefully and found that there was a light pattern revolving on their bodies, just like b.u.t.terflies, circling around the beast type Heavenly Pill.

"This should be the Sage Transformation Spirit grain that only exists in the Immortal-becoming realm." Chen Xiang couldn't help but ask.

"You are now at the First Cycle of the Sacred Transformation Realm, with only one circle of the Sacred Transformation Realm Spirit grain. These Spirit grain are constantly revolving around your Heaven and Earth Pellet, absorbing the energy of the outside world, and then raising the Heaven Pellet's internal energy." Long Xueyi said: "Congratulations, you've entered the Immortal-becoming realm."

Chen Xiang opened his eyes and saw that the surroundings were filled with white bricks. He took a deep breath and exclaimed: "All these were originally Holy stone s, and were all absorbed by me."

At this time, Ji Ling'er pushed himself against a wall made of white bricks and looked at Chen Xiang resentfully. "That's right, do you know how many years you have cultivated and how many Holy stone s you have consumed?

This greatly startled Chen Xiang, and he anxiously asked: "How long have I trained, why do I feel that it is only for a few years?"

"Not too long ago, it was just over two hundred years ago." Su Meiyao walked in and chuckled. She was very happy to see Chen Xiang becoming a Holy Emperor.

Chen Xiang pulled Su Meiyao into his embrace, and gently caressed her back. "Is this for real?

This was the longest time Chen Xiang had been in closed door cultivation.

Su Meiyao hugged him tightly, and laughed softly: "You have used up all of the Holy stone Ling'er brought from Ji Clan, so that we could continue to stay here, Ling'er even sold some of her valuable things in exchange for the Bronze Jade Plate."

"Thank you, Little Ling'er. I'll definitely return it to you." Chen Xiang smiled to Ji Ling'er, his heart full of grat.i.tude towards her.

Ji Ling'er laughed: "Your sister Meiyao has already said it. If you don't return it to me, you must p.a.w.n her and You You You to me."

"We are risking our lives to be female slaves." Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang chuckled: "Sister You You You, who would dare to accept you as a female slave? That would be too dangerous, don't worry, I will be able to pay off my debt soon."

Ji Ling'er wasn't too worried. She and Chen Xiang had interacted with each other for so long, they both trusted each other greatly.

"I'll go look for Red Cloud. She has a Three Sunset Pavilion. With her help, I'll be able to find something to do soon." This was one of the reasons why he had to build a good relationship with Red Cloud before this.

Speaking of red clouds, Su Meiyao and the other two girls couldn't help but sigh.

Chen Xiang had been in closed door cultivation for more than two hundred years, so what could happen outside. He anxiously asked: "What happened to Red Cloud?"

Ji Ling'er sighed: "Even the Purple Clouds have died. Rumor has it that they were killed by her fellow sect members, right outside Heaven Sacred District."

"What's going on? Can we still find her?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously. She was a good person, but seeing something like this, Chen Xiang felt that it was not surprising at all. After all, she had lost two of her sisters who had been together with her for thousands of years.

"She's still inside. If she leaves, she'll become very dangerous." Ji Ling'er said: "I wonder what the three sisters did to infuriate an elder of the Super Holy School."

"Super Holy School is the faction that just appeared right?" Chen Xiang asked with furrowed brows: "When did Red Cloud's two elder sisters die?"

"A hundred years ago." Ji Ling'er said, "At that time, they were already Super Holy School's elders and their master's position in the Super Holy School was not low either. No one expected such a thing to happen.

Chen Xiang frowned and thought: "I'm going to look for her, something must have happened."

Ji Ling'er stuck out his tongue: "I already knew, you planned to pull her over with us."

"You are both women, can't you help each other out? Red Cloud is not simple, the Holy Spirit Fire in her body is very powerful, I think it is also because of this reason that she is able to return to Heaven Sacred District alive." Chen Xiang said.

"Alright, since there is no blood feud between her and I, I am very willing to help her. They have once helped me as well." Ji Ling'er sighed, "I'll bring you to look for her. She should be thinking about how to take revenge now."

When Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou entered the ring, they also wanted to start cultivating, mainly to cultivate their divine soul, and then use the Holy Spirit Rabbit's blood to improve their flesh. Once Chen Xiang was able to get a Holy Pellet to help them recover their strength, they might very well step into the Sacred Transformation Realm.

Chen Xiang hurriedly took a bath and followed Ji Ling'er out of the cave. Right now, the Red Cloud also lived in these remote mountains, after all, she no longer had a backer, and since there was a grudge between the Super Holy School and herself, they must secretly obstruct her, making it difficult for her to stay in the middle of the Heaven Sacred District.

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