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Chen Xiang looked at her while he refined the pills. He was distracted during the process of concocting pills, and was even able to keep the furnace from exploding.

"What's wrong with you?" Seeing Chen Xiang's strange expression, as though she was afraid of something, Hong Xia asked.

"This... I don't know if you are the legendary Red Sunlight Holy Maiden. " Chen Xiang asked carefully.

Red Cloud smiled sweetly. "I thought you wouldn't recognize me."

Chen Xiang forced out a smile: "I didn't know him in the first place, but just now … When your second sister, Holy Maiden Baixia, came in, I just thought of it. I didn't expect that you two would actually come personally and do such a thing. "

"You are quite calm. Many people who see us sisters are not like you." Hong Xia seemed to understand why Chen Xiang was suddenly sweating.

"I apologize here, because I'm used to being cautious in unfamiliar situations, so I heard your conversation just now. I have also heard the rumors about the Holy Spirit Fire …" That's why I'm worried. " Chen Xiang revealed the worry in his heart. He could tell that this Red Cloud Holy Maiden was not one of those unreasonable evil women.

Hong Xia giggled and wiped the sweat off Chen Xiang's forehead: "You were worried that I would eat you, since you have a very strange and complicated Fire Soul in your body, I do have an idea to imitate your Fire Soul."

"But if it wasn't your wish, I wouldn't have been able to do it even if I had to. If I wanted to imitate your Fire Soul, you first need to have no thoughts of resisting, and let my Fire Soul's consciousness enter your body, merge with your Fire Soul, and then have a period of fusion. This process won't be that easy." Hong Xia explained with a smile.

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief and laughed: "You scared me to death, but to be able to get big sister Holy Maiden to wipe my sweat, it's worth it even if I get eaten."

Red Cloud giggled and said, "You talkative brat, refine the pills properly. If you do well, I will arrange everything for you in the future."

"Sister Hong, can you let me refine all the Grade Two Immortal Yuxian Dan?"

Chen Xiang asked, he felt that this woman was not bad, although she was a n.o.ble Holy Maiden, she did not have that kind of high and mighty att.i.tude, instead, she was easy to approach, and was very beautiful, and very gentle to people.

"This is a little difficult. Although we are in charge of purchasing the medicinal ingredients, we are not in charge of them." Red Cloud softly sighed, "If we three sisters were really that capable, we wouldn't have come out all day to do these ch.o.r.es. There are still many powerful people above us, so we three sisters have to listen to them."

Chen Xiang was a little surprised. He did not think that the three Holy Maiden ranked in the top three would be as impressive as they had imagined. He felt that the reason Red Dawn was able to tell him all this was to give him some sort of signal.

This made him even more curious about the great power that was about to be established.

"If you pa.s.s, you can choose to join the big sect that we are about to set up. If you perform well, there will definitely be a lot of preferential treatment." The red clouds continued.

"I only wish to refine some pills and get some compensation. I have no intention of joining any other powers."

Chen Xiang then lowered his voice: "Sister Hong, is there any other way to help me refine a second grade Immortal Yuxian Dan? I will give you some compensation when the time comes."

Although she had the powerful Fire Soul, her Fire Soul was not suitable for refining pills. On the other hand, Chen Xiang felt that her looks were similar to Ji Ling'er in terms of earning Holy stone s.

"Interesting. Tell me, what kind of reward can you give me? Also, why are you refining a second grade Immortal Yuxian Dan?" Red Dawn squatted beside Chen Xiang and looked at him with interest.

Chen Xiang asked: "What is the standard for refining a Level 2 Immortal Yuxian Dan? What do you want in order to qualify?"

Red Cloud immediately replied: "If you want to refine one Yuling bamboo shoots, you have to produce one of high quality."

Chen Xiang laughed: "If I can refine two pills, then the rest can belong to me."

Right now, the pill furnace was already in the Core Formation stage, it was just that Chen Xiang had yet to separate the b.a.l.l.s of air, if everything was settled, he would condense more pills, prove his strength, and then combine with the red clouds to secretly make a profit.

Hearing Chen Xiang's words, Red Cloud suddenly understood.

"You really can do it." Hong Xia asked in a low voice, "If that's the case, you can take one extra."

Chen Xiang laughed: "How can I accept it, I will give some points to you, but the condition is that you have to buy me the chance to refine a large amount of Yuxian Dan."

After saying that, the Yanlong furnace started to sway. When the red clouds saw it, their faces were filled with surprise, which meant that it had entered the Core Formation stage.

"Then you have to show me your ability." Red Cloud said,

"You'll see." Chen Xiang smiled confidently.

Using the array inside the Yanlong furnace to speed up, Chen Xiang could do it much faster than usual. Furthermore, he was very familiar with the way to refine Yuxian Dan.

He spent a total of about eight hours to do this, and it was only with his full strength that he was able to do this.

Before, she had noticed that Chen Xiang was not ordinary, especially the control over his flames.

"Done." Seeing Chen Xiang keeping the flames, Red Cloud asked in shock. Because this speed could be said to be extremely fast, and only the most outstanding Dan Immortal could achieve this.

"Open the pill furnace and take a look." Chen Xiang nodded.

Red Cloud personally opened the lid of the pill furnace and a warm breath came out. A white light accompanied by a medicinal fragrance drifted out. When she looked carefully, she thought that she had seen wrongly because there were five Yuxian Dan s in the pill furnace.

"Is this true?" Red Cloud took out the Yuxian Dan s in disbelief. Five white Dan King s laid quietly in her jade palm, emitting a gentle white light and a sense of warmth. It was obvious that they had just come out of the furnace.

"Now you should know why I wanted to refine Yuxian Dan. I originally wanted to buy the ingredients myself, but who knows when you bought them all." Chen Xiang said helplessly: "Can we work together now?"

The more powerful Dan Immortal can at most refine three of them, but you can actually refine five of them. "

Chen Xiang laughed: "The specifics are very complicated, you only need to know that I can refine five Yuxian Dan s in one go. If you help me, I can get the task of refining a large amount of Yuxian Dan s.

"I will continue with the Yuxian Dan to increase my strength, so I can't share too much with you." Chen Xiang said: "Right now, I only know how to refine Yuxian Dan."

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