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This was because all of the Alchemist s in the past could not pa.s.s her test, and now, she did not underestimate Chen Xiang. This was because the majority of the Alchemist s that could control such powerful flames all had Fire Soul s, and had to undergo many types of tempering before being able to obtain them.

"Currently, I am only at the Second Rank of the Immortal Realm. I can be considered to be more proficient in this kind of pill." Chen Xiang suppressed the flames in his body that were about to explode, and said indifferently.

The red-clothed female nodded her head and stood up. She cleaned up everything, indicating that Chen Xiang should sit on a clean carpet in front of her.

"This is a second grade Immortal Yuling bamboo shoots. Take a look and see if you're satisfied. If you feel that it's not good, I can help you exchange." The lady in red was suddenly very curious. She wanted to know what Chen Xiang's alchemy level was and how weak his strength was, but his control over his flames was stronger than many strong warriors.

"Satisfied." Seeing that the Yuling bamboo shoots's quality was not bad, Chen Xiang nodded his head.

"Pill refining will require some time. Will this be delaying you?"

The lady in red smiled slightly: "It's alright. It's not like I'm the only one in charge of the exam. Besides, many Alchemist s won't be able to pa.s.s the previous stage."

Chen Xiang sat on the soft white carpet and took out his Yanlong furnace, preparing to refine it into a Yuxian Dan.

Previously, Ji Ling'er had told him that the three Holy Daughters of the Three Aurora Pavilion were called Hong Xia, Zi Xia and Bai Xia. They were all martial sisters and their master was a very famous Ranker who was extremely rich.

As for the red-clothed female in front of him, Chen Xiang felt that she was the Holy Daughter of Red Clouds. Chen Xiang felt that the power exuding from her body was as strong as Ji Ling'er.

Red Dawn was not sitting on a chair but was walking around Chen Xiang with her beautiful eyes fixed on Chen Xiang who was seriously concocting pills. Although Chen Xiang knew about this, he was very calm.

At this moment, someone lightly knocked on the door, and Red Dawn shouted, "Come in."

The one who entered was a woman wearing a white tight suit. She was dressed very simply, as if she wanted to fight.

This woman in white looked somewhat similar to the red clouds, which made Chen Xiang think that she should be the white cloud Holy Maiden that Ji Ling'er mentioned. The three Holy Daughters of the Three Aurora Restaurant were actually three sisters.

"Third sister, what's going on here? Nothing happened for so long." The white clouds came in and saw someone was concocting pills. She asked, "What pill is he concocting?"

The red cloud pulled her to the side and whispered: "A second stage Immortal Yuxian Dan, although he is very weak, he has very good control over the flames. Even the Holy Spirit Fire in my body is unable to interfere with his flames' emotions, and this sort of thing rarely happens, he seems to be able to easily resist my interference."

"Ah!" Bai Xia exclaimed softly. "How is that possible? Your Holy Spirit Fire is so powerful, even some of the famous Dan Immortal s find it difficult to resist her, but this brat …"

"That's right, he said that he can refine second stage Immortal stage Yuxian Dan, but his current cultivation is not high, not even Immortal-becoming realm, so I want to see, Second Sister, explain to Big Sis, don't let her think that I'm slacking off." Hong Xia said with a smile.

"He would need at least a day to refine a Yuxian Dan. Alright, now you can be openly lazy." Bai Xia wrinkled her nose and chuckled.

After Bai Xia left, the red light continued to turn around Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang had heard their conversation just now, and it looked like he was concocting pills seriously. However, he was on guard at all times, unable to hide anything from him.

"Little Naughty Dragon, wake up, what is a Holy Spirit Fire?" Chen Xiang used his divine sense to call Long Xueyi, who was sleeping soundly in the ring.

After a few consecutive rounds, Long Xueyi finally woke up in a daze. With half-opened eyes, he said: "Anyone who has this Fire Soul can use Sacred Fire, but this is only one of the special characteristics. Even more amazing is that people with this Fire Soul can use their emotions to infect the flames or Fire Soul in other people's bodies."

"What's the use of that?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It's extremely useful. It's equivalent to directly controlling the flames in another person's body, making the Fire Soul and flames in another person's body listen to their orders. Not only that, it's useful for beasts as well as naturally formed flames." Long Xueyi sobered up: "You've met a guy with this kind of Fire Soul."

"That's right. She's still around me, a woman." After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he told her in detail about Red Cloud's ident.i.ty.

Long Xueyi laughed: "You better be careful, the Holy Spirit Fire's spirit is very strong, if you get targeted, it will be very troublesome."

Hearing this, Chen Xiang was a little worried in his heart: "If I were to be targeted, what kind of trouble would there be? I don't even have a Fire Soul anymore, I have already fused with the other things in my body, so I should be fine."

"This Sacred Flame has another miraculous characteristic. If you have a very strong Fire Soul, as long as the Holy Spirit Fire catches some of the soul remembrance of the Fire Soul in your body, the Holy Spirit Fire will imitate your Fire Soul. If she can record ten types of soul remembrances, she can transform into ten different types of soul pets and use different types of flames." Long Xueyi chuckled: "But this woman doesn't seem to have met with a Fire Soul that satisfied her, so now … …"

"What will happen?" Chen Xiang anxiously asked.

"You only know a few methods to capture your soul remembrance, and this will usually make you suffer a bit." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang suddenly had a worry in this regard. Right now, the red clouds was wandering around him, making him feel uneasy.

While he was deep in worry, he suddenly felt a warm jade hand on his cheek. He did not use a transformation technique to change his appearance, so his overall appearance was still pretty good.

Being touched by the red clouds, Chen Xiang felt good, but he was more worried. He opened his eyes and looked at red clouds.

Hong Xia's hand was still on his perspiring face. She didn't think that Chen Xiang wouldn't be so focused on concocting pills, she had thought that Chen Xiang would be completely unaware of his surroundings.

"Miss, what are you doing?" Chen Xiang opened her eyes wide, looking at Red Dawn's beautiful face that carried a trace of awkwardness.

"I'm... "Wiping your sweat." Hong Xia anxiously took out a silk handkerchief and blushed as she wiped the perspiration off Chen Xiang's face.

"Thank you." Chen Xiang forced a smile and said, this was the Red Holy Daughter who was ranked in the top three of the Holy Maiden Ranking, she was actually helping him wipe his sweat, but he couldn't help to feel happy in his heart. He felt that he was like a lamb who was targeted by a female wolf.

Red Cloud softly laughed, but she was a little puzzled. "Are you very hot right now? Why do you keep wiping more and more? You shouldn't be afraid of the hot stuff."

Of course Chen Xiang was not afraid of the heat, but he was afraid of her, since the difference in strength was too great, if this Hong Qi made a move on him, he could only surrender without holding back.

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