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Chen Xiang's group had weak overall strength, but some people did not think that it was so. Everyone here had some skills, maybe it was just to disguise themselves.

The building was over sixty stories tall, but it was relatively short in this area. The entire building gave off a feeling of being made of stone, like it was made of steel. It was pitch black, not like a pill seller at all.

However, this was indeed a medicine store, and it was owned by a large family.

Coming here, Chen Xiang understood why he chose to build a Heaven Sacred District here, it was because the Holy Spirit Qi here was much denser than in other places. Cultivating here for a hundred years, it would last for hundreds to a thousand years.

In the middle of the first floor of the Myriad Treasures Store was a large pill furnace. It was placed there like a small house. There were white flames burning inside, but no one could feel the heat.

"I have someone I know here." Ji Ling'er whispered to Chen Xiang and the others, "Even if your ident.i.ty is exposed, you don't have to worry."

Chen Xiang was a little worried that his possession of the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword would be exposed, hence Ji Ling'er told him this.

Here, there were many chairs. Chen Xiang, Bai Youyou and the others sat down and waited, while Ji Ling'er went to a young man in charge of sending messages.

Very quickly, a beautiful middle-aged woman came down from the stairs and brought Ji Ling'er up.

Chen Xiang and the others waited for a while, but Ji Ling'er came back soon after.

"What did you find out?" Chen Xiang whispered.

When Ji Ling'er returned, he had been frowning and knew that there would be no good news.

This is going to be difficult. The old man was right, there will be a new power rising up soon, and in order to recruit people with potential, we have gathered a large amount of medicinal ingredients, allowing a large number of Alchemist to refine them. Before long, they will be able to gather a large amount of medicinal pills, and at that time, we will be able to find a lot of seedlings with good potential. Ji Ling'er sighed.

"Then what about here? Are they for sale?" Chen Xiang was more concerned with this.

"No, all of the first, second and third grade Immortal Grade's medicinal herbs have been swept away in one go. Now, all that is stored in those stores are just stock, and if they wanted to support their reputation, they would not sell it. Unless you offered a high price, it would not be worth it." Ji Ling'er shook his head.

To be able to buy such a large amount of medicinal herbs in one go, Chen Xiang must have used a lot of Holy stone s.

"Do you know who bought it?" Su Meiyao asked, her beautiful eyes flickering with a bright light: "If we can contact them and get Little Scoundrel to help them refine the pellets, they might not even need to return the favor."

Hearing Su Meiyao's suggestion, Ji Ling'er immediately understood what she meant. She wanted Chen Xiang to refine pills, but normally, only one would be given to him.

"I know. The three Holy Maiden bought them. These three women used to be in the top three of the Holy Maiden. They were all my mortal enemies." Ji Ling'er said in displeasure.

"Their strength should be on par with yours. This way, they can start their own sect." Chen Xiang was a little surprised. According to his guess, that person should be a very strong person.

"Of course it wasn't them who established the sect, it was the person behind them. It seems to be their master. It is said that she is an extremely powerful old woman, a grandmaster who knows how to refine Saint Weapons and is extremely powerful." Ji Ling'er said again.

Chen Xiang said: "Just tell me the location, and I will go myself. They should be needing a large number of Alchemist s right now."

Chen Xiang glanced at Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, and they both nodded, as they were willing to temporarily separate from Chen Xiang.

"Alright, I'll definitely protect them." Ji Ling'er knew the feelings between Chen Xiang and Su Meiyao, this was the first time in many years that they had separated.

After receiving the address from Ji Ling'er, Chen Xiang bid his farewell to the three women and then arranged to meet at a place.

Because they were inside the Heaven Sacred District, Chen Xiang was more at ease. Before, when he was on his way here, he had seen a few Law Enforcement Saints, and he could feel their valiant auras from afar, they were all extremely powerful, and would not hold back against people who broke the rules. If the Law Enforcement Saints could not handle this, it would be when an elder came out from the Law Enforcement Hall.

Chen Xiang walked for more than an hour before arriving at a tall stone building called the Three Sunsets Pavilion. At the moment, there were many people queuing up from the inside of the building to the outside of the street.

"They are all Alchemist."

Chen Xiang exclaimed in his heart, the strength of these Alchemist s were not weak, most of them were Saints who had completed the Nine Revolutions Saints, and the flames in their bodies were extremely strong. However, the unintentional release of the hot air from these people's bodies made the entire street feel hot.

Quite a few Alchemist s walked out of the building. They looked dejected, and just by looking at them, one could tell that they did not pa.s.s.

Chen Xiang stood at the back of the group and patiently waited, but his arrival caught the attention of many people, because the aura being released from his body was too weak. People of this level should be in the Sacred Transformation Arena, but Holy stone s that came to this place should come from some small and medium-sized forces, so no one underestimated him, they just felt that he shouldn't have come.

In this place, the difference in strength was one of the criteria for evaluating the pill refining level. There were so many Rankers who had completed their transformation into Saints that they were unable to pa.s.s, thus, in the eyes of many people, Chen Xiang was just not able to pa.s.s the Tri-Aurora Restaurant's examination.

The Three Aurora Pavilion was also selling medicinal pellets, but it suddenly stopped during this period of time. It was still buying medicinal ingredients from many large pill stores in Super Old Sacred City and was currently recruiting a large number of Alchemist s.

Previously, Ji Ling'er had told Chen Xiang that the ones in charge of managing this matter were three powerful Holy Maiden, and they had also created this Three Aurora Restaurant.

Chen Xiang waited from day to night until it was finally his turn. The recruitment examination was also held throughout the night, which showed how urgent Three Dawn Tower was.

Chen Xiang was brought to a pill refining room. During the examination, he would definitely need to concoct a batch of pills and finish it within the specified time, and then he would be able to pa.s.s.

But there was only a chair here, and a beautiful woman wearing a fiery red dress was sitting there. When she saw Chen Xiang, she slightly frowned her brows, she never thought that Alchemist, who had such strength, would also come here, but she did not say anything.

"What kind of pills are you good at?" The woman in red asked. Within her beautiful and bright eyes, two bright red flames suddenly appeared, startling Chen Xiang. The other party's flames were extremely strong, actually causing the flames in Chen Xiang's body to become restless.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath and suppressed the strong flames in his body.

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