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Yuxian Dan s were not rare in the Super Old Sacred City, so Chen Xiang was not afraid that he would not be able to buy it.

"Go back to that shop … How about I buy some Third Grade Immortal Yuxian Dan? The effect should be even better. " Ji Ling'er said.

Chen Xiang shook his head: "I have just grasped a second grade Immortal Yuxian Dan and if I go to refine a third grade spirit pellet, I will definitely fail many times before succeeding. After I have refined this for a period of time and become familiar with the other second grade immortal pills, I will then be able to start refining the third grade immortal pills."

Ji Ling'er and Chen Xiang came to the pill shop last time. When the old man saw them come, he was not as enthusiastic as last time, because he had almost completed a huge business deal last time.

"You two, are you here to buy medicinal ingredients or immortal pills?" Out of politeness, the shopkeeper asked with a smile,

"Last time, I bought a thousand Yuling bamboo shoots. There were too many failures, and I could only concoct a few pills. Although it took a lot of time, it was still quite worth it." Chen Xiang laughed, hearing his words, he knew that Su Yun still wanted to buy more Yuling bamboo shoots s.

The shopkeeper sighed and said, "Why would there be a need for that? It would be better to just buy a large amount of immortal pills. It would save you a lot of trouble and allow you to breakthrough in a short period of time."

Chen Xiang smiled and said, "The road of cultivation is very normal after ten thousand years or so. I also do not need to save that bit of time."

"How much?" The shopkeeper asked, for Chen Xiang to have this kind of mentality, it was indeed not bad.

Of course, if he knew about Chen Xiang's abnormal pill refining speed, he wouldn't think this way.

"I want 4000 gold coins, the same price as last time. I don't need you to give me any extra." Chen Xiang stretched out four fingers and laughed.

The storekeeper took a light breath, "I can only release a thousand of them. A while ago, someone just happened to buy a large amount. It might take some time before the goods will be available."

Ji Ling'er who had been silent all this while suddenly asked: "Someone is sweeping the goods."

"En, we still have a lot here, but you should know that we need to leave a large portion of the storefronts, otherwise, if others come to us and we cannot afford them, it will harm our reputation." The shopkeeper explained,

Chen Xiang had run a medicine shop before, so he understood a lot about it.

"Many of the first, second, and third grade Immortal Grade in the Sacred Transformation Arena have already been bought. Don't you know about what happened a while ago?"

Ji Ling'er said as his brows knitted together, "Did something happen in the sky? Someone is actually spending so many Holy stone s to sweep away so many medicinal ingredients."

"When this happens, there will usually be powerful individuals who start their own sects. Isn't that obvious? We'll know who it is after a while."

Ji Ling'er and Chen Xiang left the shop and went to another store. In the end, they could only gather a thousand Yuling bamboo shoots.

"I'm still two thousand Yuling bamboo shoots, it's not enough." Chen Xiang sighed, if only he knew who the buyer was.

As Chen Xiang walked on the street and muttered softly, he saw that Ji Ling'er had suddenly stopped in his tracks, and looked towards the end of another street.

There was a portrait of a beauty painted on it. It was Ji Ling'er and there were a few words written on the side.

This was actually a bounty for Ji Ling'er. They said that Ji Ling'er colluded with outsiders and stole the three million jin Holy stone s from the Ji Clan's Holy stone mine, but in the end, they did not know what was going on.

Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to her: "It seems like Ji Clan does not dare to spread the matter of the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword. Moreover, they think that I have kidnapped you.

"I can't stay here anymore. I have to find another place." Ji Ling'er pulled Chen Xiang and quickly left the place.

"Why?" Chen Xiang was a little doubtful.

"I'm afraid they have other ways of finding me." Ji Ling'er said in a serious voice: "We can't go back to that place, go to the Heaven Sacred District, it's safe there, they won't dare to casually capture me."

Ji Ling'er had told him about the Heaven Sacred District before, they were all experts who had completed the Nine Transformation Saint. As long as they did not break the rules of the Super Old Sacred City, if anyone tried to kidnap or kill someone inside, they would all be severely punished.

However, entering the Heaven Sacred District required one to pay one hundred thousand kilograms and one could stay there for a hundred years.

Through the Transmission array, Ji Ling'er and Chen Xiang arrived outside the Heaven Sacred District. This Heaven Sacred District did not have a tall and big wall surrounding them, but there was a very powerful barrier around them.

At this time, Chen Xiang was standing outside the transparent barrier, and he could feel how powerful it was. If he tried to break through, he might turn into dust, which would cause him to suddenly think that there was a large amount of energy source array bases in the Heaven Sacred District, otherwise he wouldn't be able to create such a terrifying barrier.

It was the entrance to the Heaven Sacred District. From afar, the bronze door looked very grand, there were a few old scars on it, as though it had been attacked countless times, and it was filled with an ancient aura.

The streets were s.p.a.cious and clean, but it was not as lively as the other places. After all, those who could enter this place were the strongest people in the capital, and their numbers were limited.

There was a small house beside the huge bronze door. Ji Ling'er brought Chen Xiang and walked over, as she took out two hundred thousand Holy stone and shouted to a middle-aged man inside: "Give me two pa.s.s."

"A drop of blood." The middle aged man took out two bronze tablets, and threw it on the counter. Ji Ling'er cut his finger with his dagger and dripped a few drops of blood, causing the bronze tablet to glow green, and then floated towards Ji Ling'er.

Chen Xiang was completely bewildered. He didn't understand why he would do such a thing.

"Quick, drip some blood." Ji Ling'er urged.

When the big sized man saw how weak Chen Xiang was, he knew that it was his first time here. He then explained, "After you bind it with blood, this bronze tablet will be your pa.s.s, and it will be effective for 100 years. Once a 100 years has pa.s.sed, the energy will disappear, and if the Law Enforcement Saint finds out that your plate is ineffective, he will chase you out."

"Also, if you die in the Heaven Sacred District, the Enforcement Hall will immediately sense you. If you are in trouble, you can also use the Bronze Plate to call for help. The Enforcement Saints near you will immediately rush over to save you."

Chen Xiang did not expect this item to be so high levelled, and quickly dripped with blood to buy it.

"The hundred thousand Holy stone s are not for free. It is equivalent to paying a protection fee. However, if they are famous villains, if they are recognized inside, their fates will be the same."

Ji Ling'er thought for a while, took out another two hundred thousand kilograms of Holy stone, and said to the middle-aged man: "Buy another two, and use it to prolong your life in the future."

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