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Chen Xiang opened his eyes and frowned as he looked at Ji Ling'er. Although it wasn't as painful as he had imagined, it still made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

"Endure it for a bit longer, and you'll be fine soon." Ji Ling'er's entire body was surrounded by a pale white mist, making her look extremely sacred. Coupled with her cold expression, she looked like a n.o.ble Holy Maiden.

At first, Chen Xiang felt that the energy that Ji Ling'er had given him was scorching hot, but now, he started to feel that it had become ice-cold. The medicinal power in his body was originally circulating extremely violently, almost bursting his meridians, but now it had slowed down and became much gentler.

Before long, Chen Xiang could sense that inside his body, there was a large amount of Ji Ling'er's power.

Ji Ling'er's Saint Force was very strong, and was able to suppress the berserk medicinal force very easily.

If it wasn't for the suppression from the outside, Chen Xiang wouldn't dare to eat so many Yuxian Dan s, and would only be able to refine a small amount of Holy Spirit Qi every second during refining. But it was different now, he had a large amount of medicinal power in his body, and during refining, he would have more medicinal power every second than before.

Ji Ling'er grew up here and absorbed the Holy Spirit's power since she was young. The Holy Spirit's power was pure in her body and she herself had great talent, so the Holy Spirit power she injected into Chen Xiang's body could be of great help to him.

"Ling'er, are you training in the Holy Bone?" Bai Youyou suddenly asked.

"Not yet. If I reach that realm, then I don't need to be looked down upon by those stubborn old fogeys from the Ji Clan." Ji Ling'er shook his head: "My bones are currently only at the Purple-Gold rank."

"This little scoundrel is pure gold, his Body of Heavenly Sage has reached large success, and then there's the platinum skeleton, and then there's the purple skeleton, and then there's the crystal skeleton above the purple skeleton, and finally there's the jade bone. The jade bone is the sacred bone."

Chen Xiang said in surprise: "I never thought there would be such a long way to go. I thought I was close to the Holy Bone."

Ji Ling'er snorted lightly: "If you get close to the Holy Bone, then even if you don't use the Holy Spirit Qi in your body, killing me with one palm isn't a problem."

She strongly pressed onto Chen Xiang's chest and lightly shouted: "Don't speak, focus on your cultivation. You still have over nine hundred Yuxian Dan left to eat."

After Chen Xiang entered his cultivation state, he sealed his five senses. At this time, Ji Ling'er was chatting with Su Meiyao and the others, so he didn't hear anything.

As long as the Heavenly Cores in his body were able to absorb enough energy, they would become a little bigger, and the quality of the Heavenly Cores would suddenly soar. In the future, the Saint Force he used would be even stronger, which meant that he had broken through.

With Ji Ling'er's help, in just ten days, he refined a hundred second stage Immortal Yuxian Dan.

"I still feel that it's not enough, take out a few Holy stone and place it around you. While you absorb the holy energy from within the Holy stone, merge it with the medicinal energy. When you refine it, you will be able to quickly refine the holy energy and pour it into the Heaven Pellet." Ji Ling'er said.

Chen Xiang shyly took out more than 100 kilograms of Holy stone. 100 kilograms was already a lot, even a Immortal-becoming realm Ranker would fuss over it.

"If my divine soul and Saint Force are strong enough, I might be able to control even more pill furnaces." Chen Xiang said: "When the time comes, the refining speed will be even faster."

Ji Ling'er's eyes lit up, "Then quickly enter the Immortal-becoming realm, at that time, the sacred and divine powers will fuse together."

had also said it before, but Chen Xiang was still a little confused. He asked: "Ling'er, you train in divine soul as well, but why are you still using Saint Force?"

"Sigh, I only refined the divine soul after the ninth cycle of the Immortal-becoming realm. If I cultivate the divine soul before the Immortal-becoming realm and transform the divine pellet from the divine pellet to the divine pellet, then the divine pellet will merge with the divine soul and it will be known as the divine power." Ji Ling'er replied: "Don't you know?"

"I don't really understand. In other words, when the time comes, G.o.d Power can be used as Saint Force, and the original G.o.d Power will also become stronger." Chen Xiang asked.

"That's right, divine power is the power of divine soul and divine power is the power of divine power that the Innate Qi transformed into after transcending worldly realm. When the two fuse together, it is sacred and powerful." Ji Ling'er said with envy, "You guys already have divine soul before you become Nine Transformation Saint, once you step into the Immortal-becoming realm, the two of you can fuse together. For people like me, I would need a period of time to raise my divine soul."

Chen Xiang said in antic.i.p.ation, "At that time, can we use the G.o.d wind or something like that?"

Ji Ling'er nodded, "Furthermore, there won't be much of a commotion." What she was looking forward to was the scene of Chen Xiang controlling multiple pill furnaces in one go. Su Meiyao had told her before, that Chen Xiang could control hundreds of pill furnaces and concoct a large number of pills in a short period of time.

He just wanted to quickly enter the Immortal-becoming realm, and at that time, he would just have to return to the Nine Heaven World. He wanted to obtain the things left behind by the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, and look for traces of the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable.

With the help of Ji Ling'er, the extremely strong Holy Maiden who surpa.s.sed the Immortal-becoming realm, to refine the medicine, Chen Xiang could quickly refine the Yuxian Dan, and without any problems. This way, his cultivation speed would increase a lot, no wonder Ji Ling'er said that he was confident that it could help him increase his strength.

Long Xueyi had given her a lot of Holy stone, which had helped her a lot. Right now, she was sleeping on a big bed made from Holy stone s, snoring while holding a big Sacred animal fruit in her hands. As she slept, she would occasionally take a bite.

With Chen Xiang's way of eating it, he managed to eat all five thousand Yuxian Dan in a month. However, he did not feel bad about it at all, because the Holy stone that was used to eat three thousand kilograms was like cabbages in his eyes.

"Looks good, just eat another ten thousand pills, and you will be able to enter the intermediate Immortal King Stage." Chen Xiang's face was full of smiles. He predicted that in another one to two years, he would be able to advance into the intermediate stage of the Immortal King Stage.

Ji Ling'er replied, "If it was anyone else, they would have already entered the intermediate stage of the Immortal King Stage. You even have ten thousand pills."

Chen Xiang had a lot of pills in his body, and his cultivation was five times that of other people. He said, "I might even need twenty thousand of Heaven Pellets. I have five in my body."

"So that's how it is. No wonder I keep feeling like your stomach is like a bottomless pit." Ji Ling'er exclaimed, he patted Chen Xiang's abdomen.

They had already stayed here for more than half a year. Originally, Chen Xiang wanted to take Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou out for a stroll, but he was a little worried about other things happening because he was unwilling. Although the Super Old Sacred City was very safe, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou didn't have the slightest ability to protect themselves.

After the two girls entered the Serenity Ring, Chen Xiang and Ji Ling'er left the secret room and walked out of the house, ready to buy a large amount of Yuxian Dan medicine.

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