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Chen Xiang swallowed a Yuxian Dan and asked: "Why are you so busy? Isn't it just lying there watching me cultivate? I have to eat these Yuxian Dan next, this isn't an easy time."

Su Meiyao laughed tenderly: "I don't know how many people are envious of you for being able to eat so many Yuxian Dan s in one go. You still think eating these pills is tiring, if word of this gets out, people will die of jealousy."

She came behind Chen Xiang, took off Chen Xiang's clothes, and helped him go take a bath. She had already treated Chen Xiang as her own man, something that she should do.

Ji Ling'er saw that Su Meiyao was treating Chen Xiang gently and tried to tease him: "Meiyao, I've worked so hard to treat your injuries, why don't I see how you treat me so well?

"Death Spirit, do you want to steal my woman?" Chen Xiang had already entered the bathing pool, and said while grinning. Every time he got tired from refining pills, he would come here to soak for a bit, and immediately become spirited.

In order to provoke Chen Xiang, Ji Ling'er brought Bai Youyou over. With a charming smile, she said: "You are mine, in the future, don't even think about getting ahold of her, or else I won't forgive you."

Bai Youyou had long since gotten used to this kind of playfulness. Inside the Serene Jade Ring, Long Xueyi and Su Meiyao did this frequently as well. She only smiled, then leaned on Ji Ling'er's soft chest.

Chen Xiang laid on the side of the bath, looking at the two girls on the bed. Su Meiyao gently rubbed his thick and broad back.

"You You kissed me before. She's been mine since a long time ago. Hehe." Chen Xiang giggled, making Bai Youyou glare at him.

Ji Ling'er was very surprised with this, because in the past half year, she had understood Bai Youyou, the cold beauty. Chen Xiang was most afraid of her, and she had always been looking at him with a gaze that could make Chen Xiang's greasy lips close. A hot, hot, seductive lady like Su Meiyao, acting in an emotional manner towards her due to being lonely was not really a surprise to Ji Ling'er, as he was a very outstanding man after all.

Seeing Ji Ling'er's astonished application, Chen Xiang was very pleased. Then, she grabbed onto that soft jade hand on his back and tugged with a little bit of strength, pulling Su Meiyao into the bath.

"Ahh …" Su Meiyao let out a lovely cry as she fell into the water. She, who was originally dressed lightly, had her alluring body soaked in water, making her look extremely alluring and charming.

Ji Ling'er immediately frowned, she had a premonition that something bad was going to happen. As expected, Chen Xiang skillfully took off the thin layer on Su Meiyao's body.

Halfway through writing, Su Meiyao's proud and beautiful body emitted a hazy jade light, making her look extremely holy and holy. However, it also possessed a devilish charm and temptation, so much so that even Ji Ling'er was struck dumb by it, let alone a close-up witness like Chen Xiang.

In the past, she and Su Meiyao would be together, sleeping together, eating together, and bathing together. The two of them were very familiar with each other's bodies, but she still snorted lightly.

"Little Scoundrel, why didn't you greet him?" Su Meiyao laughed very charmingly, praising Chen Xiang. Just as she finished speaking, her charming lips were covered by Chen Xiang, and following that, the two of them started to kiss intensely. Chen Xiang's hands were greedily moving on Su Meiyao's perfect jade body.

Bai Youyou groaned. A screen on the side suddenly moved, blocking the two hungry and thirsty people inside the bath.

Ji Ling'er, who was enjoying his time, stuck out his tongue and said in a low voice: "You An, Meiyao's body right now still can't handle that little scoundrel, they won't go overboard, it will have quite a huge impact on Meiyao."

Bai Youyou seemed to have already gotten used to it and softly replied: "It's alright, they had already done this before. That little scoundrel himself is clear that they are just messing around now, in the end, they will only make themselves feel uncomfortable."

You An, were you able to use your divine power to control the movement of the screen just now? Your original strength should only be at the mid to late stage Immortal King. Ji Ling'er praised.

"Junior Sister and I both only came out after being heavily injured. It was all thanks to that little scoundrel." Bai Youyou said: "We soaked in a type of liquid and then, we developed divine soul. We also did not expect that we would have divine soul so early."

Ji Ling'er's beautiful eyes flickered, "It seems that this little scoundrel is really quite capable. There are so many benefits to following him."

"Yes." Bai Youyou nodded: "There are indeed many benefits to following him."

After the pa.s.sion had pa.s.sed, Chen Xiang and Su Meiyao were wrapped up in a hug and soaked in a bath. Because Su Meiyao was still injured, he was not satisfied that Chen Xiang did not cross that line.

After resting, Chen Xiang prepared to start his cultivation and take out a large box of Yuxian Dan. What was giving him a headache now was that it would take a very long time to digest these five thousand Yuxian Dan.

"I'm busy." Ji Ling'er suddenly came to Chen Xiang's side and lazily sat in front of him, looking at him.

Chen Xiang was puzzled: "You already said that you were going to be busy earlier, what help do you have? Can you help me eat Yuxian Dan s?"

Ji Ling'er pounded his chest: "I'll help you cultivate. With this many Yuxian Dan, it'll take you a long time to refine them all by yourself. If you have me to help you with your cultivation, it'll be a lot faster."

"Is that okay too?" Chen Xiang looked at Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao who were sitting on the side of the bed.

"Ling'er will not only help you refine the Yuxian Dan, she will also channel the sacred energy within her body to help you stabilize your foundation." Su Meiyao said.

"Some of the more powerful seniors often a.s.sist the younger generation in this manner. There is no need to worry." Bai Youyou helped Su Meiyao comb his hair, and it could be seen that all of them had this kind of experience.

Ji Ling'er urged: "Hurry up and start, eat dozens or even hundreds of them in one go."

Chen Xiang was a little worried. "I eat so much, what if I lose control and my stomach explodes?"

Ji Ling'er chuckled: "If it explodes, then I will help you make up for it. If you want to quickly raise your strength, then you have to take the risk, you need to know that it is very rare to have a Holy Maiden to accompany you in cultivation."

Chen Xiang clenched his teeth, grabbed a handful of Yuxian Dan and stuffed it into his mouth.

"It's not enough yet. Eat this box, you can gather a hundred pills." Ji Ling'er pressed one jade hand onto Chen Xiang's abdomen, and the other on the location of his heart, then poured a somewhat hot power into it, causing Chen Xiang's stomach to stop expanding any further.

Chen Xiang listened to her and grabbed another handful of Yuxian Dan to eat. Although the taste was good, he didn't feel like he was enjoying it at all.

"You can start circulating and refining it." Ji Ling'er said in a serious tone.

Chen Xiang circulated various cultivation techniques, and combined them together to circulate the energy, causing the medicinal energy that had exploded out to flow inside his body, expanding all of the veins in his body, making his body somewhat painful.

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