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Chen Xiang was still quite confident of his own shady background. He didn't have a lot of dark history, so he wasn't afraid of Su Meiyao saying anything.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou sat on the bed. Facing Ji Ling'er, Ji Ling'er placed both of his hands on her chest.

"The person who can release this kind of strange power should be very strong." Ji Ling'er frowned: "Right now, I can only help you force it out. Without that strange power, your situation should be able to improve."

Chen Xiang had asked around about some things regarding Su Meiyao previously, but because they were mistaken for dead many years ago, their reputation had gradually decreased. Only the older generation could remember them, so he did not know much about them, nor did he know who their real enemies were.

On the other hand, because Bai Ziqian had returned and used the Magical corruption gas, her reputation was still there.

Chen Xiang continued refining the Yuxian Dan of the Immortal Second Stage. With his previous success, it would be difficult for him to fail next, and he had not used the time acceleration array inside the Yanlong furnace yet, as he was still not familiar with the Immortal Second Stage Yuxian Dan.

"Ling'er, how long will it take for you to help them force out that strange power?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I'm not sure yet. It will take at least a few months." Ji Ling'er sighed: "They still have a foundation, they only need to recover their Dantian to recover to their original state, but they need a Holy Core to do so."

"You might be able to meet a pill saint who knows how to concoct elixirs in the Heavenly Realm, but if you can't concoct the elixir, then it will be useless. Don't expect the elixir to help you sell the elixir."

Su Meiyao said: "I have almost collected all the medicinal ingredients. If I can find the Pill Saint, it shouldn't be difficult for him to refine them."

"This would require at least one or two types of Holy level medicinal herbs. I never thought that you would be able to find them in the Nine Heaven World." Ji Ling'er was a little surprised. The Holy level s were just as precious in the Heaven Realm.

If he really could find a Holy Pellet, then he would have to give some benefits to the Pill Saint. For Alchemist of that level, Holy level medicine was the best reward, so Chen Xiang planned to condense some creation divine liquid s and copy some Holy level medicine during this period of time.

"If only Lv Qilian was here. Help me get some Holy level medicinal herbs quickly." Chen Xiang thought.

… ….

After Lv Qilian and Little Lizhi parted ways, they hurried back to the Nine Heaven World. This Heaven Realm was not a place they could enter as they wished. During that period of time, many people had already returned, and the door would continue to open for a period of time, waiting for those who were still alive to return.

Several months had pa.s.sed, and w.a.n.g Weiquan stood at the main entrance. The Shao profoundyun beside him tightly gripped his palm, because they were waiting for Huang Jintian.

Huang Jintian was their master, and had originally gone in with them, but he still had not come out, causing them to be extremely worried. Now, they had to prepare to close this door, because practically everyone who was still alive had already returned.

You guys don't have to worry too much about your masters. Chen Xiang is also inside, they might have already met and planned to stay inside for a while longer. Back then, Chen Xiang did not enter through this door. Right now, her impression of Chen Xiang was much better than before. She was fully aware of Chen Xiang's abilities and methods, and felt that Chen Xiang might be able to obtain a lot of benefits from this place.

"Close the gate. If we continue to waste more time, we will lose a large amount of Spiritual crystal." The half crippled Fire Emperor of the Fire Divine Palace shouted from afar.

w.a.n.g Weiquan and Shao profoundyun were feeling helpless at the moment. They sighed and nodded towards Lv Qilian.

"They will return. You should all be well aware of how powerful your master and junior apprentice-brother are." Lv Qilian patted Shao profoundyun's shoulders, and ran towards the Fire Emperor, closing the door behind them.

Everyone worked together to remove the formation plate that kept the door open before sealing the explosive force. Not only that, they also needed to reinforce this s.p.a.ce so that the powerful Saint Beasts in the Heavenly Realm wouldn't come running over. To them, this was a disaster.

After opening the door for so long, the holy beasts inside knew that someone had entered, but they did not enter the Nine Heaven World. They did not even manage to pa.s.s through the sky curtain.

Come to think of it, after Chen Xiang was taken away by Ji Ling'er that day, Huang Jintian, who had escaped, had reunited with Mao'er. They had waited for today, and returned to the mining area.

Half of the Holy stone that Huang Jintian obtained were given to cats, and he had them escort him out. On the way, Huang Jintian used the Heaven extended method to calculate the location of a few Holy Beasts, and then led the cats to attack them. On the way, they killed a few Holy Beasts, causing Huang Jintian to be unable to hide his smile.

Just when Huang Jintian thought that he was going to return with a full load, and return to the Nine Heaven World, he realized that the door was gone.

"d.a.m.n it." Huang Jintian stomped his feet in anger, there was a teleportation platform at the side, but only Chen Xiang could use that teleportation platform.

Huang Jintian had no choice but to find a rock and engrave a few words on it before tossing it to the side of the teleportation portal. When Chen Xiang returned here, he would be able to see it and tell Chen Xiang to wait for him before taking him away.

After doing all this, Huang Jintian returned to the forest in the Heavenly Realm to find a cat to help him kill the Holy Beasts.

When Mao'er left the area with the enchantment, she could use Sacred Energy. Huang Jintian also imparted some cultivation techniques to him, such as some of the dragon martial arts, they could make Mao'er stronger.

Unknowingly, half a year had pa.s.sed while Chen Xiang was refining a Level 2 Immortal Yuxian Dan. Right now, he was using three pill furnaces, namely the Yanlong furnace, the Seven Star Treasure Furnace, and a Magic method furnace. Only by doing this could he increase his speed to six batches per day.

After he revealed this move, Ji Ling'er was quite frightened, and it made her excited for a while, because this meant that Chen Xiang could refine a lot of pills that he could sell in a short amount of time. What Ji Ling'er admired the most was that Chen Xiang rarely failed, and he always produced five pills, and the quality was also good.

"A thousand Yuling bamboo shoots have been refined. I have more than five thousand Yuxian Dan now." Chen Xiang also felt a little tired, but he was happy because he was able to see Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou everyday.

Ji Ling'er helped them heal their injuries everyday and forced them to use that kind of strange power.

He had three beauties accompanying him. From time to time, they would give him some advantage, wipe his sweat, chat with him, or seduce him so that he wouldn't feel bored while concocting pills.

"They're almost done, but I still have some work to do."

Ji Ling'er stretched lazily. Now that she knew Chen Xiang was a Alchemist with a lot of potential, she got even closer to Chen Xiang because he had used half a year's time to refine more than 5000 pellets of second stage Immortal Yuxian Dan. This was equivalent to 50,000 kilograms of Holy stone.

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