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"What are you so happy about?" Ji Ling'er did not understand, she only knew a little about pill refining. Since she was young, she knew that she was not an ingredient in pill refining, so she did not think it was necessary for her to be familiar with this area.

"Nothing, just that this Yuling bamboo shoots is better than I thought." Chen Xiang laughed and wiped away the perspiration on his face. During the continuous concocting of pills, he had to hit hard on his mind and release a large amount of flames, which was why he was sweating so much.

Ji Ling'er didn't understand and stuck out his tongue: "Go and take a shower. You have been continuously going on for half a day and you will also need to rest. I feel tired for you just by looking at it."

"It's nothing. I'm used to it." Chen Xiang laughed and walked towards the bathroom Ji Ling'er had built. It was only separated by a simple screen, and there was a relatively large bath inside.

Ji Ling'er walked over, took out a small gold bottle, and poured some water into the bath.

"This water is no ordinary water. When I was at the mining field, I collected a lot of underground spring water that was soaked by Holy stone."

After Ji Ling'er had filled the bath, she smiled charmingly, "Do you want me to go with you?"

Chen Xiang chuckled: "That would be for the best."

He stripped off his clothes in front of Ji Ling'er and jumped into the bath. Ji Ling'er said with a red face and a tender smile, "You wish."

Chen Xiang heated up the water in the bath until it boiled, and the holy energy that was contained in the water entered his body even more quickly, quickly removing the fatigue from his body.

Lying on his back in the bath, he closed his eyes, channeled the Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra, and absorbed the dense holy energy into his body through the Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra.

Chen Xiang returned to the side of the furnace. He did not expect that the Holy stone s' water would have such an effect, after taking a bath, it allowed his condition to its peak, allowing him to feel that the energy in his body was boiling.

"The energy contained within this Yuling bamboo shoots is able to allow me to condense at least three or even four pills." Chen Xiang took out a Yuling bamboo shoots, exorcised the human spirit inside, and placed it into the pill furnace.

This was also why he was so happy. Because of the special planting method used by the heaven, the energy within the spirit herbs was different from that of the Nine Heaven World, and it was concentrated with a large amount of high quality energy.

Having had previous experiences of failure, he was able to discover many problems. As long as he could avoid those problems, he would be on the verge of success.

Because he did not completely master how to refine a second stage Immortal Yuxian Dan, Chen Xiang did not use the Yanlong furnace's formation to increase his speed. That ability to increase speed could only be used after being completely familiar with it, otherwise, it would have been used right from the start, and would have easily failed.

Very quickly, six hours had pa.s.sed. Ji Ling'er had been calculating the time, and when it was this time, she became more alert, because it was right at this time that Chen Xiang failed. She wanted to see if Chen Xiang could hold on longer than before.

"He's coming."

The Yuling bamboo shoots inside the pill furnace was about to melt, and in that instant, it produced a huge amount of Medicine aura s and medicinal powders. Chen Xiang immediately released his strongest power to suppress it, and this energy, that was concentrated in the Yuling bamboo shoots, made Chen Xiang ecstatic once again.

"It's over."

Ji Ling'er thought in her heart. Seeing Chen Xiang's calm face, unlike those previous tense times where she knew Chen Xiang was gradually nearing success, she couldn't help but be a little excited. She continued to lie down and hum a small tune, waiting for the results.

Chen Xiang was ecstatic in his heart: "I never thought that there would be so many Medicine aura and medicinal powders. I wonder how they grew them, which actually allowed the medicinal herbs to compress their own energy.

"I wonder how many pills he can condense." Su Meiyao asked: "Under normal circ.u.mstances, it would be one pellet, and this Heaven Realm seems to be the same."

Chen Xiang laughed: "If it was any other Alchemist, they would have opened the lid to let a portion of the energy flow out just now. This way, although I could have avoided the explosion, it would have been too wasteful, and I could have controlled it."

Ji Ling'er had already eaten a second stage Immortal Grade Yuxian Dan before, so she had a very good understanding of the price of Yuxian Dan s. If Chen Xiang was able to refine them, and only bought medicinal ingredients in the future, it would save her a lot of effort. However, she was worried about the time because she knew that it would take a relatively long time to refine all these Yuxian Dan.

Just as Ji Ling'er was thinking, Chen Xiang's pill furnace started shaking again.

"Is it going to explode?" Ji Ling'er anxiously shouted.

"Nope." Chen Xiang forced a smile as beads of perspiration dripped from his forehead.

Previously, when he was refining pills, he had compressed a large amount of Medicine aura and medicinal powder, but none of them were comparable to this time's second grade Immortal Grade s. This was because the large ma.s.s of Medicine aura inside the pill furnace was different from the medicinal powder, and it had been condensed to the same size as the previous time.

However, Chen Xiang had a lot of experience compressing this kind of violent energy. In just an hour, he was able to compress it together and enter the Core Formation stage.

The ball of mist was extremely thick, and after Chen Xiang took a deep breath, he used his divine power to split it into five groups.

"This situation seems to be the latter stage of the Core Formation stage." Ji Ling'er was a little shocked, because it had only been six hours. If he had used this kind of time to refine a batch of Yuxian Dan, it would be extremely fast, and she understood this point rather well.

Chen Xiang steadied the furnace, and the five b.a.l.l.s of mist inside started to gather up, slowly condensing into a solid state, then condensing into a pill.

"It's done, the quality is very high. If you work a little harder, you might be able to give out some light." Chen Xiang let out a long breath, and relaxed his tensed body.

Ji Ling'er frowned, he got up quickly and walked to Chen Xiang's side and asked: "You have finished refining the first furnace."

Chen Xiang nodded: "What's wrong?"

"Why are you so fast? Although I don't concoct pills, I know that a rookie like you would need at least two to three days to concoct a batch of Immortal Grade Two Yuxian Dan." Ji Ling'er's face was filled with disbelief as he reached his hand out to open the lid of the pill furnace. A thick medicinal fragrance immediately rushed out and a gentle white light flickered inside the pill furnace.

After the mist dissipated, Ji Ling'er let out a cry of shock. Her beautiful eyes stared wide open as she opened her mouth wide and turned her head to look at Chen Xiang, "This … This was really forged by you. "

Ji Ling'er saw that there were five high quality [Immortal Grade Two] Yuxian Dan in the pill furnace, but to her knowledge, this was definitely not possible. A single batch or two was already very powerful, and only a few Dan Immortal could do that, but Chen Xiang being able to get five at a time gave her a big shock.

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