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"I'm going to start concocting pills, you go and play." Chen Xiang said. He now treated Ji Ling'er as a weird little girl.

"I want to see you concoct pills. Can I stay by the side?" Ji Ling'er rolled her eyes and said coquettishly: "I won't disturb you, I just wanted to see how you were doing."

Seeing Ji Ling'er's look of despise, he knew that Ji Ling'er was doubting his ability to refine pills.

"Let me ask you, are Holy stone that heavy? If it was you, how long would it take to use the proper method?" Chen Xiang was also very curious about this, because when he found out that they had lost three million kilograms of Holy stone, the elders of the Ji Clan were very angry.

It's not easy to get, only selling Saint Beasts can come fast, but the Saint Beasts around here are not weak, and they can't be easily caught either. A Saint Beast is only worth around one hundred thousand catties of Holy stone, if you're lucky, it would take more than twenty years to track one.

Ji Ling'er thought for a while, then said: "If I were to help the Ji Clan with some ch.o.r.es, and go out to fight and kill them, with only a thousand kilogram Holy stone, it would take me at least a hundred years to gather a hundred thousand kilograms, and this is under the condition of having other things to do."

"However, I am very powerful. Through the compet.i.tion within the clan, I can compete to be the guard of the mine, so I can make a lot of money …" This time, I got two million catties, hee hee. "

Ji Ling'er, this kind of relatively powerful "heaven person", could only earn a thousand Holy stone per year. However, she definitely had other methods to earn some extra money, but she could still see that the Holy stone was more precious. No wonder she took the risk of taking all of those three million kilograms of Holy stone s.

"With my current strength, I can only use Holy stone to increase my strength. High-grade immortal pills are too little and expensive, so Holy stone are very lacking." Ji Ling'er said.

Chen Xiang pinched her face: "Then why did you let me buy those ten thousand pieces of Yuxian Dan, taking away a hundred thousand kilograms in an instant? You must be trying to scam me."

"Nope, she wants to buy it for you." Ji Ling'er's face was filled with hidden bitterness.

"In the future, without my permission, don't randomly buy those immortal pills. I am a Alchemist, so I can only eat the pills refined by myself." Chen Xiang said. Just like the Refiner, he only used the weapons he refined himself.

There was only a secret room here, but it was quite s.p.a.cious. After Ji Ling'er brought Chen Xiang in, he cleaned up a bit and even made a bed for a bed.

"Why are you doing this?" Chen Xiang really didn't understand.

"When refining pills, doesn't it take a year and a half? I can't just sit there and watch, taking a bath, sleeping, eating, and so on, they shouldn't affect you, right?" Ji Ling'er said naively: "If you want to refine a thousand batches, it would take at least a hundred years."

Chen Xiang curled his lips and said: "Foolish girl who has never seen the world, I will definitely broaden your horizons in a while."

Ji Ling'er could not accept it, and snorted: "You're so weak, what right do you have to mock me? You're the one who has never seen the world, when I first came to Super Old Sacred City, you had a b.u.mp-like expression, I even want to laugh when I think about it."

"I am the eldest daughter of the Ji Clan's Patriarch after all, and I have also been to the Sacred Top. I have watched people ascend the Divine Road on scene, and not just anyone can leave this Sacred Domain." I am the eldest daughter of the Ji Clan's Patriarch, and I have also watched people ascend the Divine Avenue on site.

Chen Xiang gently caressed her face and laughed: "I am indeed a country b.u.mpkin in other aspects, but I have absolute confidence in refining pills. You just need to watch.

"That's more like it. I was chosen into the top ten Holy Maiden of every ten thousand years in Super Old Sacred City. I only got the twelfth place, but I am still very powerful, no?" Ji Ling'er hugged his chest proudly.

"Why didn't he enter the top ten?" Chen Xiang asked: "Which ten thousand years?"

"It was ten thousand years ago. However, I have fallen to the 20th place in this ten thousand year. Why haven't I been ranked …" The main reason is because I don't care, because I didn't show myself to the public before the selection, so I didn't enter the rankings. However, the saints that are ranked in the top three are all genuine, and have very beautiful looks, high standing, and authority. Only if they speak out, a large number of fools would be willing to serve them at any time. " Ji Ling'er hugged his chest, with a face full of anger: "I don't want to become this kind of woman."

Chen Xiang took out the Yanlong furnace, and laughed: "So that means, after I become strong, I can obtain you, a Holy Maiden who might even reach the top. And now, you still serve me, and are even following me by my side."

Ji Ling'er raised his head, his face full of arrogance: "Of course, now you know how powerful I am right?"

Chen Xiang began to refine pills. Ji Ling'er laid on her clothes, waiting for the beautiful eyes to look at him, showing an extremely peaceful expression. Although she could not understand, she was looking very seriously, but her gaze was mainly focused on Chen Xiang.

Two hours later, Chen Xiang's pill furnace released a "bang" sound.

"The furnace blew up. I know that." Ji Ling'er chuckled from the side: "It's more or less what I expected. The reason you bought those medicinal ingredients was so that you could explode inside the pill furnace."

"Blast your sister, this is called a mistake." said in a bad mood. He had blown up, but for the Alchemist who was concocting a Level 2 Immortal Pill for the first time, this was very normal.

Ji Ling'er laughed even more happily now: "Hurry and push the blame for your mistake onto me. Say that it's because I've affected you, then you'll feel much better."

"I do not have the habit of shirking my responsibilities. Even if you call for the top ten of the Holy Maiden Ranking and strip naked in front of me, I would still not be affected."

Chen Xiang was very confident. He had already experienced this kind of test a long time ago, and the main responsibility was Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou.

Next, he began the second batch of Yuling bamboo shoots s. When he bought the first ten, he asked the old man to give him ten, because he had already predicted that the initial stages would fail.

Ji Ling'er charmingly laughed, her laughter carrying a captivating allure, it was clear that she had received training in this area before. She then slowly took off the dress on her upper body, revealing her beautiful collarbone, the skirt slid down, revealing a pair of round, partially wrapped snow peaks.

"The flame when you refine pills makes me so hot." Ji Ling'er twisted her snow white slim waist and coiled her long black hair. She spoke with a soft and charming voice, which was extremely alluring.

Chen Xiang calmly sat there controlling the flames in the furnace and used the G.o.d purification to burn the Yuling bamboo shoots. He turned and looked at Ji Ling'er who was trying to seduce him and said indifferently: "With your level, you want to seduce me. Since it's boring to refine pills anyway, why don't you make it even more intense? Otherwise, it would be hard to break my state of mind."

Seeing Chen Xiang's expression, Ji Ling'er was very disappointed, as if the beautiful her was called ugly by others. She started to untie the cloth covering her chest, which was made up of thin white silk that had wrapped itself around her chest.

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