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Ji Ling'er stuck out her tongue: "Even if you are, you should be one of those unranked Alchemist. There are too many of these Alchemist here, I'll catch a bunch of them."

Chen Xiang heard her footsteps, turned his head and looked at her: "How can I be considered a mediocre Alchemist."

Ji Ling'er's eyes turned, he thought for a moment, "At the very least, you can concoct immortal pills, and with your current cultivation, you are not even at the Immortal-becoming realm, you should be unable to concoct immortal pills, right?"

Chen Xiang laughed: "I'm sorry, I can coincidentally concoct immortal pills, even though it's just a first grade immortal pill."

Ji Ling'er was startled for a moment. She had indeed not expected this, and then pouted playfully: "Even if I can refine it, it would probably be that kind of lousy stuff."

Chen Xiang did not tell her more because he realized that the pill refining industry in the Heavenly Realm was not as developed as he had imagined. At the very least, it could not be compared to the Nine Heaven World.

In this place, most of the people who were able to concoct immortal pills were only using Immortal-becoming realm, so Chen Xiang did not understand either. At this moment, he was even more curious about the Super Old Sacred City's pill refining industry.

Under Ji Ling'er's guidance, he came to one of the pill stores in the Sacred Transformation area. It was called the Heavenly Cauldron Pill Store.

The inside of the Heaven's Mandate Pill Shop was very s.p.a.cious, once they entered, it became a very extravagant exhibition hall. The decorations were very luxurious, the old man in charge of selling pills could feel that the Qi on Ji Ling'er was not ordinary, and he also brought in a very weak rookie.

Powerful seniors bringing their juniors to buy medicinal pills was a very normal thing. Furthermore, they were usually very large in quant.i.ty.

"Welcome, esteemed guests, to our Heavenly Cauldron Restaurant. We have many types of pills here, and there will definitely be ones suitable for you. If the quant.i.ty is too great, we will also get a discount." The old man said with a smile,

Ji Ling'er looked at Chen Xiang, signalling him to speak.

"Do you have a Tianlong Dan here?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Heavens …" "Tianlong …." The old man was at a loss for words. "This … "No."

"Where's the high grade Sacred animal Dan, Third grade Immortal, Fourth grade Immortal." Chen Xiang asked again.

The old man took a deep breath, shook his head and said, "No, no, not even these kinds of pills." It's mainly for the beasts, especially the Tianlong Dan. That was something the Primordial Dragon Clan created to strengthen their own race.

"What about the low rank Sacred animal Dan? It's of the first or second grade Immortal grade." Chen Xiang asked again.

"No, the beasts like to eat these, so they easily discovered it, so it's very difficult for us to pick them. Perhaps the clans and sects that raise Saint Beasts should have them and they rarely buy them, so we don't have any." The old man quickly explained and then looked at Chen Xiang in confusion. He asked in a small voice, "Little brother, are you really not a person?"

Chen Xiang was speechless: "Of course I'm human."

Ji Ling'er patted the old man's shoulder, and said: "He's still a little fairy, hurry up and go up if you want to eat any pills."

"Of course, this is the first choice for Yuxian Dan. If you want to save Holy stone, then buy a large amount of first grade immortals, and buy third grade immortals as soon as possible. But I recommend that second grade Immortals Yuxian Dan are not very expensive, and they are not very slow. The old man chuckled: "I think that he would need at least a thousand of those level two Immortal Yuxian Dan to help him reach the late stage of the Immortal King Stage. At that time, he would use a large number of them to purchase a Holy Transformation Pill, directly entering the Immortal-becoming realm, and begin to step into the Nine Transformation Saint level."

A thousand Stage Two Immortal Yuxian Dan indeed had such an effect. If it were an ordinary person, perhaps it would be just as the old man had predicted, but he was not an ordinary person. He had five unique Heaven Pills in his body, and his Innate Qi had already been converted into holy energy.

"How many Holy stone are there in ten thousand of them?" Ji Ling'er knew that Chen Xiang was different from the others, so she budgeted more Yuxian Dan.

"One hundred thousand Jin." The old man quickly said, "I can give you some benefits, it's only ninety-eight thousand kilograms of Holy stone."

Just as Ji Ling'er was about to buy it, Chen Xiang interrupted her and asked: "Then how much are you selling the second stage Immortal Stage Yuling bamboo shoots for?"

He would feel heartache for a while, because he felt that it was a bit asymmetrical to use the Holy stone to buy immortal pills. The Holy stone could extract a large amount of holy energy, and it would be of great help to him when he enters the Immortal-becoming realm.

"Yuling bamboo shoots s are the only materials used to refine Yuxian Dan s, they can only be refined one pellet per furnace, and the price of medicinal ingredients is usually half that of immortal pellets. A second grade immortal Yuxian Dan s is ten catties per pellet, and the price of medicinal ingredients is five catties per pellet." Originally, he thought that Chen Xiang would buy Yuxian Dan, but who knew that he would actually buy some medicinal ingredients to refine for his elders.

Ji Ling'er frowned, just now, Chen Xiang had said that he knew how to refine Tier 1 Immortal Pills, but now that it's Tier 2, why would he want to buy a Tier 2 one? Just as she was about to speak, Chen Xiang said again, "A thousand of these three kilograms of Holy stone, then you can give me ten of them."

"Little brother, you must be joking. I already said before that I want five kilograms of Holy stone." The old man chuckled.

"Then forget it, let's go."

Chen Xiang used his ultimate killing technique, turned and walked away.

Although medicinal herbs were precious, those that could be grown in large quant.i.ties would usually not reach half of the pill. At most, it would only reach 30%. Although this was the Heavenly Realm, it was still a good idea to try it out everywhere.

Ji Ling'er did not understand, she wanted to pull Chen Xiang to buy those Yuxian Dan, so that she could stop tormenting herself. However, Chen Xiang did pull her along.

"Never mind, I'll just sell it to you." The old man quickly shouted. Selling medicinal materials would earn him a lot of money, but the profit was slightly less than selling immortal pills.

Chen Xiang took out three thousand Holy stone, bought a thousand of them, and gave them away as ten.

knew that the other party would definitely sell them. After the successful transaction, he did not continue to stroll around the pill shop in order to not distract himself with other things.

Returning back to the house, Ji Ling'er asked in puzzlement: "Why don't you buy Yuxian Dan s and buy medicinal ingredients directly? Didn't you only know how to refine first stage Immortal Grade s? Furthermore, based on your situation, you need at least ten thousand pills, you only bought a thousand pills.

Chen Xiang smiled and caressed her face: "I don't either, but I can learn it. Alchemist isn't someone who can concoct pills from birth, she only learned it step by step."

"But a thousand sets of ingredients? How long will it take for that to happen? I'd rather be locked up for a thousand years than concocting a thousand batches of pills. I'll die." Ji Ling'er pouted.

Chen Xiang couldn't tell her the exact answer, but he felt that it would be more worthwhile doing it this way.

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