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Chen Xiang took out a square cauldron. "Don't resist me, I want to put you inside this thing. This thing isn't very powerful, even if you enter, you can break free, so don't be afraid."

"No, I'm worried." Ji Ling'er immediately rejected it: "I gave you five million kilograms of Holy stone, to let you relax and cooperate, but you have to let me enter this thing, what if you don't take it with you? I'm stronger than you, you must be worried that after we leave, I will kill you."

Chen Xiang nodded: "You do have reason to worry."

Suddenly, a faint tremor came from inside the room, Ji Ling'er's face changed: "Quickly think of another way, it's impossible for me to hide inside that thing, they already opened the door, and will be here very soon."

Chen Xiang was afraid that she would silence his worries, so Chen Xiang placed her inside the square cauldron, and then left the square cauldron here.

"Alright, then you have to cooperate with me." Chen Xiang said in a serious tone.

"No problem, as long as you don't put me in that c.r.a.ppy furnace." Ji Ling'er had already seen that Chen Xiang was a cunning guy. She was worried that she had been set up.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath, released a surge of divine power, and enveloped Ji Ling'er's body. After that, he sent a sound transmission to Ji Ling'er, "Relax your body, relax all of the power in your body, don't resist me."

Ji Ling'er evenly took a deep breath and followed Chen Xiang's instructions. After that, she felt a strange feeling in her body, as if her body was gradually shrinking. When she was surprised, the strength in her body instinctively resisted.

"Relax." Chen Xiang drank,

Ji Ling'er suppressed her power, and at this moment, she felt that Chen Xiang was getting bigger and bigger, and she herself was getting smaller and smaller, and all the small things in the house previously became big in her eyes.

"Alright." Chen Xiang looked at the cute little bird on the ground and smiled. Then, he turned into a bird himself.

Seeing Chen Xiang, such a big guy, suddenly turn into a bird, Ji Ling'er immediately understood that he had also been turned into a bird by Chen Xiang. He also understood why those fifteen people had quietly disappeared.

"In your mind, you are thinking of flapping your wings, but when you fly, use the same method, use the power within your body to lift up your body and fly." Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, Ji Ling'er flew up towards the hole.

Ji Ling'er laughed and followed along. Ji Ling'er had mastered it very well, her flying speed was extremely fast and even Chen Xiang was unable to keep up with her. After all, her strength was far too inferior to Ji Ling'er's.

"You are a dragon." Ji Ling'er sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang. She was very curious, she had heard that only dragons had such a profound ability, and Chen Xiang had Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s.

"No, I am a human. Quickly bring me away from here."

Chen Xiang was not in the mood to look at the scenery of the Sky Capital at the moment, because he had already sensed a berserk aura coming from the tower.

Can you teach me? I train in the Dao of the G.o.ds. Ji Ling'er was very interested in this transformation technique: "Don't be afraid, I think we'll be safe very soon."

"I can teach you, but whether you want to learn it or not will depend on you. But I can't teach you for no reason, you're not my person."

Chen Xiang sensed that there were a few auras behind and anxiously said: "They are catching up."

"Go down and hide in the forest. Right now, they are only splitting up to search for us, they didn't discover us." Ji Ling'er said, then flew towards the forest below.

was standing right beside her. At this time, a few spiritual senses swept over them, but they could not find anything. All the birds in the forest numbered in the hundreds, with many different types, and they did not know that Chen Xiang and Ji Ling'er had become birds.

"This is an important place of the Ji Clan, it's all here. Let's leave this place first." Ji Ling'er flew up, and the elders who came to search for them had already flown far away.

was familiar with the place, so Chen Xiang could only follow her. They had traveled through the night, and by the time dawn broke, Chen Xiang and Ji Ling'er had already left the Ji Clan's important grounds. But Ji Ling'er did not stop, because this was still the Ji Clan's territory.

Along the way, Ji Ling'er did not see any time. Chen Xiang felt that she was a little excited and continued to fly madly. It was only on the third day that she finally slowed down when she saw a small town.

"Turn me back." Ji Ling'er said: "We are safe now."

Chen Xiang had transformed her into a human. As his strength increased, he became more and more proficient in the art of transformations. This art was something that Ji Ling'er yearned for.

"It's really safe here." Chen Xiang asked. At this time, Ji Ling'er began to take out a few things to disguise herself, her movements were extremely proficient, and it was obvious that she did this kind of thing often.

Yes, this is the territory of the Zhao Clan, there is enmity between the Ji Clan and itself, they do not dare to casually enter the territory of the Zhao Clan, if not there will be a conflict. Ji Ling'er disguised himself as a middle-aged woman and laughed: "Can you recognize me?"

"Your eyes are still beautiful." Chen Xiang laughed: "Keep looking."

Ji Ling'er stuck out his tongue at him, took out a tool to disguise his eyes and muttered: "Who asked you to not teach me that transformation technique?"

"I'm not familiar with you, so why should I teach you?" Chen Xiang said.

"What do I need to know?" Ji Ling'er realized that Chen Xiang wanted a little something more. "With your current strength, that one million kilogram Holy stone is already a lot more than enough for you, do you still want it?"

Chen Xiang laughed: "No one will think that there's too much of this stuff, but with my current state, a million catties is indeed enough, so even if you give me the Holy stone, I will not consider teaching you."

"Let's cooperate happily. Let's part ways here."

Just as Chen Xiang turned around and was about to leave, Ji Ling'er flashed forward and appeared in front of him, blocking his path as she said: "You can't leave … You didn't give those fifteen to me. Even though I escaped from the Ji Clan, I didn't want the Ji Clan to know that I had cheated them of their Holy stone.

Chen Xiang said: "After we finish cooperating, you won't kill me right?"

Ji Ling'er rolled her eyes at him: "Do I look like that kind of person? Moreover, it won't be easy for me to kill you, right?"

Chen Xiang released the fifteen people who had died. At this moment, they had not recovered from the poison, but they still had consciousness and could open their eyes. When they saw Ji Ling'er, their faces were filled with shock.

Ji Ling'er took out her sword, shua shua, in a few breaths, all fifteen of them were killed. Then she released a black flame and burned all the bodies.

Chen Xiang had already ran far away, Ji Ling'er had said that he wouldn't kill him, but he had to be wary.

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