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Without a doubt, these two were Saint Beasts. Their bodies were extremely strong and their strength was terrifying as well. Every time the youth punched out, the force emitted from his fists would shake the earth.

"Why are these guys so primitive? They don't even have proper clothes and aren't even as fashionable as those holy beasts outside." Chen Xiang said. The Wild Lion Emperor and his children that he had met all dressed quite well, but the two Holy Beasts in front of them, were like barbarians.

"I understand. These holy beasts were originally like this. They have yet to integrate into the human society. Perhaps the deepest region of the Heavenly Realm is the civilized society, and this is only the wilderness. They are even restricted by a powerful barrier." Huang Jintian said.

"In other words, this place is the wilderness of our human world, specially used for hunting." Chen Xiang took a deep breath.

"That's right, these Saint Beasts should be rather precious prey." Huang Jintian nodded his head: "Seems like the youth is more powerful than the big size man."

Chen Xiang nodded his head. The big sized man had escaped after being beaten, but he was still chased by the young man. Now that he was beaten badly, he was completely restrained by the young man.

"We're going to be beaten to death. If only we could go collect the corpses." Huang Jintian was ready to make his move, but he knew that he could not beat the teenager. Although he looked like a teenager, the teenager's body was like a Holy Beast.

Just like that, the big man was knocked unconscious by the youth's fists. His head was already split open, and following that, the youth ruthlessly stepped on the big man's body.

It wasn't until the burly man turned into a giant black hawk that the youth stopped. He actually didn't want the corpse, making Huang Jintian and Chen Xiang extremely happy.

Just as Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian were planning on how to get the giant hawk's corpse, the young man suddenly looked over. Although the distance between them was still more than three kilometers, the young man's murderous gaze still made Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian feel a chill on their backs.

"We've been discovered, hurry up and run." Huang Jintian secretly sighed, just as he was about to run, the young man had already jumped over.

Just as Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian turned around and took a few steps forward, their bodies were struck by a heavy palm.

"You are a human." This young man actually understood human language. Looking at Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian who were lying on the ground, he frowned: "You two are so weak."

The young man had short hair, thick eyebrows, and a handsome face. His skin was dark, and his eyes were slightly green. He looked like a cat.

"Sorry, we accidentally entered your territory. We didn't do it on purpose, we were just curious and wanted to take a look." Chen Xiang anxiously said, because the young man did not have any intention to kill.

"This is not my territory, there is no need to apologize." The youth said, "You guys are not humans from Tiandu. It's impossible for humans from Tiandu to be that weak. I was only nudging you a little just now."

Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian both stood up, feeling great shock in their hearts. That was only a light push, but in their eyes, it was a very terrifying strike.

"The sky is where the humans gather." Huang Jintian asked.

"That's right. There's a very strong Celestial Emperor there. He's a human. His strength is very strong, and the humans there are all very strong." The youth nodded. "Where did you all come from?"

This Holy Beast youth did not have any malicious intent, allowing Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian to heave a sigh of relief.

Chen Xiang explained: "We come from the ninth day, you probably haven't heard of it."

The youth said, "I've heard of the Nine Heavens Great World, right? Many years ago, it was a prosperous world. However, it declined and now it should be gradually recovering. However, it will still take a long time."

"How do you know all this?" Huang Jintian asked curiously: "You went to that Sky Capital."

"I've never been there. The only way for me to get in is to die. They will kill me and take my beast core." The youth shook his head.

This kind of strong Holy Beast, only death awaited them when they entered. and Huang Jintian did not dare believe it.

"Don't you want to go and take a look? Or perhaps kill one or two of the experts inside?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I think, but not now." The youth sighed. "Every once in a while, they would send some people to hunt us down. I've caught a few, and I've heard many things from them."

The teenager asked: "Why did you come here? You guys also want to go to Tiandu. I heard that the heavens reject the humans of Nine Heaven World, and they even intend to rule over them."

"It's not that easy, Nine Heaven World is not weak as well. Are there no beasts in there? Chen Xiang asked.

"There used to be, but now there's none. All the beasts have been killed." The teenager said,

Huang Jintian said: "We are here to find this thing, it can help us quickly increase our strength, and it might be useful to you guys."

"This is a Holy stone. There are indeed some here, but most of them are controlled by the humans in Sky Capital. It's not easy for you to think of obtaining them." The youth shook his head. "Even if it's us, it would be difficult to s.n.a.t.c.h it away from us. The only result is death."

Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian were both very surprised. The humans in this place were just too strong, this kind of Holy Beast was actually afraid of them to death.

"What's your name, little brother?" Huang Jintian asked.

"Cat." The youth said, "I'm just a wild cat. Because my luck is good, I was able to grow to this state."

Although the other party was a Holy Beast, it was not a very fierce one. This made Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian feel a lot more at ease.

Chen Xiang took out a Sacred animal fruit and handed it over to Mao'er. "This is for you, consider this as a little gift."

Just as Chen Xiang had guessed, this cat liked it a lot. After receiving it, it smelled it and took a bite.

"Cat, is there any use for that big bird? If it's useless, then sell it to me. I will use the fruit from before to exchange for it." Chen Xiang pointed to the big black hawk in the distance and asked.

"You guys take it. It's useless for me to come. I don't like meat." And the cat said,

Previously, Lv Qilian had given Chen Xiang quite a bit of the spirit liquid that she had condensed. Chen Xiang used a bottle of over ten Sacred animal fruit s to give it to Mao'er, and then placed the big black hawk into the divine cauldron.

The cat was very happy to have gotten a dozen or so Sacred animal fruit, and it immediately ate them all.

"Cat, your strength should be pretty good. Otherwise, you won't be able to kill that big black hawk. Do you have a grudge with that big black hawk?" Chen Xiang asked.

"That big black hawk worked hard for the human race in Tiandu, hunting down mild beasts that were well-cooked. After that, I was targeted. He attacked me, so I fought with him." As the cat spoke, he led Chen Xiang towards that distant green mountain.

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