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and Huang Jintian's reactions were very fast. They kicked away the two wolves, jumped over the pack of wolves, and continued to run madly in the forest.

"These wolves are not easy to deal with. Quickly throw out those ice b.a.l.l.s and you will be caught." Huang Jintian had thought that killing a few would give him a taste of wolf meat and more so made him want to kill one or two Holy Beasts.

However, this group of wolves were much stronger than the previous group of Blue Tigers. Under the situation where they were unable to use the Innate Qi in their bodies, it was difficult for them to do so.

Chen Xiang took out a small Ice seal Dan and shouted, "Jump high."

He threw the Annihilation Ice seal Dan behind him, then jumped into the air with Huang Jintian while the group of grey wolves below were already sealed by ice.

Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian had gotten rid of the pack of wolves, but they did not relax because of this, because they did not know how many more of these beasts existed in the forest.

"This Heavenly Realm is truly strange. After crossing this river, there is a world of difference. Especially for those beasts, they cannot use elemental energy, but their bodies are extremely terrifying. I wonder just how strong these Saint Beasts are." Huang Jintian said: "If it's a Holy Beast, it should also rely on the power of the fleshly body."

"If my flesh body had that kind of power, my Drunk G.o.d magical poison would be useless. That guy is too scary, it's best not to meet him." When Chen Xiang thought about those beasts that could rely on their bodies to obtain the power of the Holy level, he could not help but feel chills down his spine.

Huang Jintian ran frantically while looking at the sky, "I don't know if the strange barrier here thinks that we can only rely on the power of the fleshly body to seal the elemental energy, but this is our weakness."

"Master, are you afraid?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"I'm not afraid. I know that your physical body is very strong, but don't be too complacent. I'm not weak either." Huang Jintian snorted.

Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian became very careful and observed their surroundings carefully along the way. Whenever they saw any traces of beasts, they would a.n.a.lyze it and then go around it.

After a few days, they finally pa.s.sed through this vast forest and arrived at a large mountain range.

"Does this look like a place with Holy stone?"

Chen Xiang looked carefully at the desolate mountains around him. On top of them were weathered giant rocks, this mountain range that spanned several kilometers was devoid of any life, it looked lifeless and lifeless.

"Even if there is, it would be hard to find. It seems that you need a bit more time. Do you have any special methods to find these heavenly treasures?" Huang Jintian asked. Looking at the boundless mountain and sea, he felt his head hurt.

Chen Xiang shook his head: "No, I thought you did. Don't you have some Heaven extended method, can you calculate it with that?"

"If I could, I'd be rich." Huang Jintian sighed: "Are we just going to look around blindly?"

"So now you're rich." Chen Xiang looked at him with contempt. "Master, don't tell me you don't have some skills in this aspect."

"I'm not going to waste words with you, let's go in and look." Huang Jintian immediately entered the mountains. The sky was dark and night was approaching quickly.

Chen Xiang had no other choice, but he had a direction, and said: "Master, if there really is a Holy stone s here, there should be a herd of beasts there."

"That's right, although it's impossible to use attribute energy, absorbing the holy energy from the Holy stone can strengthen our bodies, especially for those holy beasts, so we have to go find the beasts." Huang Jintian nodded his head: "It's just that it's going to be very dangerous. If there were a few Holy Beasts, we might just die."

"If you're afraid of death, then hurry back." Chen Xiang laughed, he was not worried at all, he did not believe that Huang Jintian would be that weak. He dared to barge in alone, he must definitely have something to rely on, furthermore, his strength had always been a mystery in Chen Xiang's eyes.

Entering deep into the mountains, it was already night.

In the Heaven Realm, there were also the sun, moon and stars. Chen Xiang thought that this Heaven Realm wouldn't be able to break free from the Stellar Transposition of Heaven and Earth.

The stars in the sky were exceptionally bright, as if they were very close to those stars. Some of the stars even looked very big, like pearls hanging in the sky. The countless beautiful stars in the sky dazzled everyone's eyes.

Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian strolled aimlessly in the deep mountains, looking for the traces of beasts at the same time.

The sky was bright, and Huang Jintian had discovered something right after dawn. He had found the traces left behind by a few beasts, and they were all on the flat ground beneath a mountain.

"Look at these footprints, they look like sheep's footprints. They're not big, could they be goats?" Chen Xiang said.

"It should be right, and there are only a few of them. It looks like they are out on patrol. Let's follow these footprints and see if we can find the lair of that herd of beasts." Huang Jintian was excited as he followed the footprints.

"Goat Beast... "I wonder if it's powerful or not." Chen Xiang muttered a few words, then followed along.

Huang Jintian was walking in front and didn't stop until noon because there were suddenly no more footprints.

"What's going on, could it be that these guys can't fly?" Huang Jintian carefully looked around, but he couldn't find any traces at all.

"Maybe he was captured by the birds in the sky." Chen Xiang picked up a feather. This black feather was very long and very stiff, it should be a type of huge and powerful bird.

"Flying in the air is also very dangerous." Huang Jintian received the feather and sighed.

Just as they were about to cut off the clues, they suddenly heard a faint cry coming from afar.

"Those smelly birds should be over there. Let's go take a look." Huang Jintian immediately became spirited and quickly ran over.

After that roar, there was another roar.

"Aha, that's great. It should be two powerful Saint Beasts fighting. Let's go watch." Huang Jintian laughed happily.

Huang Jintian ran in front excitedly, he told Long Xueyi to pay attention to his surroundings so that he could follow carefully behind Huang Jintian.

When they got closer, the commotion became even more intense, as if the heavens were collapsing and the earth was cracking. The mountains shook and trembled, and boulders tumbled down.

Huang Jintian and Chen Xiang were at the top of a tall mountain, looking at the battle that was stirred up by the dust. They did not see what was happening inside, but they had already determined that it was a battle between two Holy Beasts, otherwise, there would not be such a large commotion.

"One should be a bird. The other doesn't look like a goat." Just as Huang Jintian finished speaking, a big fellow whose entire body was covered in blood ran out frantically. Behind him followed a youth who was only wearing shorts.

The big man ran very quickly and with a swoosh, he pa.s.sed through several large mountains. The young man could also follow closely behind and with a leap, he threw the big man onto the ground. He sat on the big man's back and swung his fists at the big man's head.

"This is a fight between Saint Beasts. It looks just like a fight between thugs." Huang Jintian frowned.

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