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Just as Chen Xiang understood, there were many strong beast herds in the Heaven Realm. There were large numbers of them both inside and outside, and the deepest area was controlled by a group of strong humans and beasts.

It's a good thing that we met Ice Dragon Race, they are really the most reliable. We used a strong frost power to freeze those Avians and then escaped together, Ice Dragon Race is stronger, although there were a few serious injuries, but none of them died. Huang Jintian said again.

"What about the casualties among the other forces?" Chen Xiang asked. He was very curious about the situation with the Fire Divine Palace and the other big powers.

"I don't know. If we meet a herd of beasts or a Holy Beast, they will most likely be wiped out. I heard that the Hundreds of Flowers Palace's army was annihilated, and all of them died. Only the father and daughter of the Phoenix King can survive."

Chen Xiang guessed that Huang Jintian had met Imperial Feather Race, otherwise he would not have known about it so clearly.

"Master, then how did you survive?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Do I look like the kind of person who would be killed so easily?" Huang Jintian looked at him in annoyance, "If you can survive, then I can as well. You didn't come here without a hitch did you?"

"Nope, I met a Saint Beast. Because it was strong, I took some time to kill it." Chen Xiang said lightly.

Huang Jintian slapped his head hard. "Don't brag about it, this isn't something you can brag about easily. Don't take me for an idiot."

"Hmph, I'll take out the evidence. Do you want to call me grandpa or not?" Chen Xiang snorted.

"Nope." Huang Jintian was shocked: "Alright, I believe you, show me the evidence."

The two of them stopped in their tracks as Chen Xiang took out a sealed beast core and laughed, "This is a beast core from a Holy Beast."

Then, he took out another piece of sacred armor. This was the piece of the Wild Lion Emperor's armor, and it was the size of a blanket.

Huang Jintian used a dagger to stab it. He frowned: "This quality is indeed Holy Beast. But this Holy Beast seems to be very young."

"Yes, it's a small Saint Beast. I killed it." Chen Xiang kept the piece of Holy Armor.

"Hey, that Saint Beast should be huge. It's as big as a plate of armor. You must have a lot more bones and flesh. Don't you want to show me some respect?" Huang Jintian reprimanded: "You don't know how to respect your teacher at all."

"I used Drunk G.o.d magical poison, so I can't take any flesh." Chen Xiang laughed: "Master, since you are so powerful, you will definitely be able to hunt Holy Beasts yourself."

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d." Huang Jintian cursed in a low voice: "Give me ten pieces, and a bone."

"Fine." Chen Xiang placed it inside a Storage bag and gave it to him.

Huang Jintian laughed and patted his head: "Since you have the Drunk G.o.d powder, then we should use this as an opportunity to kill some Demonic Beasts. If we, the master and disciple combined, we will definitely be able to kill one or two of them.

Chen Xiang said: "If there's a good opportunity, I would naturally want to take action, but to be honest, Master, what are you here for?"

Huang Jintian took out a silver white rock and said seriously: "I caught a half-dead Beastman and got this from him. Then, he told me that there are a lot of these things here.

"I know, this is the Holy stone, I also came for this." Chen Xiang also took out a piece, it was as big as a brick, but Huang Jintian's piece was only a little,

"There's no justice, how did you make it so big? Do you know that your Holy stone can be exchanged for a gigantic mountain of Spiritual crystal." Huang Jintian looked at the Holy stone in Chen Xiang's hands pa.s.sionately: "These things are what the Immortal-becoming realm needs the most. With this, it can be raised even faster."

"Then we'll look for these Holy stone. We'll split the profits 50/50." Chen Xiang said.

"No problem."

Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian clapped their hands and laughed, "Go and get rich."

The two of them continued on their journey. They had no destination, so they decided to head to some big mountains and rocky areas. In those places, it would be easier to find the Holy stone's mines.

"Master, I used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to search the memories of a holy beast and found out that there was a group of extremely powerful humans and beasts in the Heaven Realm." Chen Xiang continued: "You won't tell others the secret that I possess the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, right?"

Huang Jintian said: "You little demon, when did I reveal your secret?"

"If there really is a group of extremely powerful humans in the depths of this Heavenly Region, then that group of humans is very likely to be related to the matter of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord.

It had always been a secret but Chen Xiang had already heard from many big shots that this was a power from another higher realm.

"Will these guys move out again and head for the ninth day? With how powerful they are here, there shouldn't be any problem for them to rule the ninth day with their strength." Chen Xiang said.

There are Holy stone everywhere, it's enough for them to rule here. But if they are too strong, threatening their rule here, then they will have to intervene, do you see, now that group of experts from the ninth heaven have arrived at this place, they are as weak as a group of lambs, with just a few steps they have already been exterminated.

Huang Jintian sneered: "If it was that group of people from back then or during the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables's complete victory period, then we might really be able to take down this place and fight over the rich cultivation resources here."

Chen Xiang said: "It seems that we should keep a low profile, in case we get killed."

Huang Jintian nodded. "Mn, I don't know if it's possible to go deeper in to take a look, it should be the place with the most treasures."

Although there was a limit to the energy inside, there was no spiritual energy inside. Both Huang Jintian and Long Xueyi suddenly felt a large group of things approaching from all directions.

They were still in the forest, and being surrounded like this showed that they had stepped into the territory of a horde of beasts.

"Let's get rid of them before we lure the sacred beasts out." Huang Jintian looked at Chen Xiang: "Do you still have that kind of thing?"

"And, but not much." Chen Xiang took out a destructive Ice seal Dan. "If we do this, we might lure out a sacred beast. This is their territory."

"Let's run first. If we can't, we'll throw them away." Huang Jintian continued to run.

Not long after, a large group of grey wolves suddenly ran over. Although they looked no different from ordinary wolves, Chen Xiang felt that they were the strongest wolf he had ever encountered.

Seeing that wolves were blocking their path in front, Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian immediately flew over. At this time, a few grey wolves that were slightly larger than them pounced over like lightning, with just the strength of their bodies, they were already so terrifying, causing Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian to be shocked.

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