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Chen Xiang had searched the memories of an old berserk lion and understood the Heaven Realm. Furthermore, he had traveled alone and his concealing skills were strong, so he believed that there shouldn't be much of a problem walking around here.

After Lv Qilian and Little Lizhi left, he suddenly felt a little lonely.

"This thing is called Holy stone, the holy energy inside is really dense." Chen Xiang took out a piece of silver white stone the size of a brick.

They were only a few dozen. According to the old mad lion's memories, these Holy stone were very precious, they were usually used to reward wild lions with meritorious services. Even if the Wild Lion Princess or the Wild Lion Emperor wanted them, they wouldn't be easily rewarded.

"There's very pure holy energy inside. According to the Old Ferocious Lion's memories, this place is only the outermost area of the Realm of Flame Heaven. Holy stone are very rare outside, but there are a lot more inside."

Chen Xiang gently caressed the Holy stone, he used his Spirit Qi to absorb a bit of the Holy Spirit Qi inside, then took a deep breath: "This thing can help me quickly raise my cultivation, looks like I can reach the intermediate stage Immortal King here."

He stayed in this secret room for more than ten days and gathered a large amount of Drunk G.o.d powder s before he began to walk deeper. Although this was the weakest place outside, there were many groups of beasts here. The kings of the beasts were holy beasts, and although these holy beasts were not as strong as the white tiger, they were extremely strong for Chen Xiang.

He understood that the beasts here were very hostile towards humans. This was because the strongest region in the Realm of Flame Heaven was ruled by humans.

However, Chen Xiang suspected that the humans here did not really like people from the Ninth Heaven. The humans here must be very strong, they only recognized strong people, and if the humans from the Ninth Heaven were weak in their eyes, they would only be looked down upon.

Chen Xiang became a bird and carefully flew in the air. This kind of small animal would usually not be attacked, unless one was very unlucky and met with some bored and despicable person.

He flew for a few days, traversing a very large river along the way. It took him half a day to get there. The river was very fast that day, so it was a sight to behold from high above. Occasionally, he would see some huge beasts leap out of the river, causing waves.

Along the way, most of the beasts he met were huge beasts. After he crossed that large river, many beasts were smaller in size, just a little bigger than normal beasts. Not to mention the mountainous beasts from before, even some immortal beast s from the Ninth Heaven were much bigger than those beasts.

"Strange, there is such a huge difference between the two sides of this river. The group of blue tigers below feel even smaller than the wild beasts I killed when I was young." As Chen Xiang flew in the air, he saw a group of blue colored ferocious tigers on the ground, running wildly through the spa.r.s.e forest.

The trees in this forest could be considered relatively large, but they were separated by a great distance, so from high up in the sky, they could see the gaps between the trees.

"This group of tigers is chasing a person." Long Xueyi said.

"I saw it. This guy's speed is so fast. I have to say, although that group of tigers is small, their speed and strength are very strong." Chen Xiang saw an elder wearing a black robe fleeing in a sorry state.

"This old man's running posture is a bit familiar." Chen Xiang was suddenly shocked, "Could it be my master?"

Chen Xiang increased his speed and could only barely catch up. If he had slowed down a little, he would have lost a long time ago, "This crazy old man runs really fast, it must be him. Didn't he come in with Big Senior?

"It's a bit strange. Did you notice it?" Long Xueyi asked.

"Yes, there are no energy fluctuations. They are all using the power of the fleshly body." Chen Xiang frowned: "What's going on?"

Chen Xiang dove down. When he was very close to the ground, he suddenly seemed to have entered a barrier.

He immediately turned back into his human form and struck out with his fist, releasing a large amount of Saint Force. However, the moment the Saint Force left his body, it immediately dissipated.

"As I thought, any energy that is used here will be absorbed. This might be the true form of the Realm of Flame Heaven. The absorbed energy might converge somewhere." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang landed on the ground and took in a deep breath, "I didn't expect Master to be so amazing. Even if you don't use the energy in your body, you can still run so fast.

Chen Xiang started running wildly on the ground. Although he could not use his energy, he could use his divine power, so he was not too worried about the problem of him running for his life.

With the help of the Shrinking step, Chen Xiang ran very quickly and quickly caught up to the group of blue tigers. The moment the tigers noticed him, they immediately turned around and pounced over, but they were all avoided by him.

"Brat." When Huang Jintian saw Chen Xiang, he shouted in pleasant surprise, "I knew you would come to this place, hehe."

"What are you laughing at, come and help us, these beasts are too annoying." Chen Xiang punched out with both of his fists, hitting the tiger that was pouncing towards him.

However, those tigers were all very strong, even after receiving his heavy punch, they only roared a few times, stood up and pounced towards him once again.

Seeing Chen Xiang take out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, Huang Jintian immediately shouted, "Don't kill them, otherwise we will be in deep trouble."

"Why?" Chen Xiang only used the back of his blade to hit them, but did not kill them, but the pain made the tigers howl out.

"These are just a group of small tigers. The Blue Tiger tribe has a Saint Beast. If one dies, then the Saint Blue Tiger will personally make a move. We just need to think of a way to get rid of them." Huang Jintian immediately explained: "We are here to make money, not to eat meat, be careful."

Chen Xiang took out the weaker Destruction Ice seal Dan, jumped into the air, and threw it towards the ground, then shouted: "Run!"

Huang Jintian could immediately tell that the ball Chen Xiang threw was powerful, he immediately ran, then felt a burst of cold Qi approaching him from behind. He turned his head to look, and saw a large patch of ice land behind him.

"Those tigers won't die. They can leave once the ice melts." Chen Xiang said as he followed Huang Jintian and ran off.

"Where's eldest senior brother? Aren't you with them?" Chen Xiang asked.

"They went back. Although the strength of the couple is pretty good, it's not enough for them to stay here. Even the old ghost of Divine Sword Palace was almost killed. Huang Jintian sighed: "It seems that the only ones who dare to go deep in here are the two of us."

Chen Xiang asked in shock: "You guys also encountered a strong herd of beasts."

"Don't mention it. We've met a bunch of bird people who can go up to the heavens and dig holes in the earth. We're so unlucky. Just a single encounter and we've already suffered so many casualties." Huang Jintian sighed.

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