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Lei Jian and Zheng Rong looked at each other and started to laugh maniacally.

"Revenge, how could we allow that to happen? Don't you know that there is a thing called Master-servant Contract, hand it over quickly, or else I'll strip this girl naked and let my husband in front of you … "Haha." Zheng Rong laughed sinisterly.

Asking Lv Qilian to hand over all his treasures and then using the Master-servant Contract to control Lv Qilian in such a way would allow him to control the entire Hundreds of Flowers Palace.

Chen Xiang was startled, he thought that this couple would be the first to take care of him, but who would have thought that they would actually take care of Little Lizhi and Lv Qilian first.

Now, Lv Qilian understood these four words even more. Previously, she had cooperated with Divine Thunder Immortal Country many times, but she never thought that she would actually bite his hand.

Little Lizhi's expression was ice-cold. His eyes carried a kind of resolute light as he looked at Lv Qilian, as if he had already made a decision.

Lv Qilian had already seen that when Little Lizhi was about to commit suicide, her heart was filled with extreme despair. Thunder Tao Double Venerables's condition was already at its peak, so no matter how hard she and Chen Xiang tried, it would be useless.

Zheng Rong could feel Little Lizhi's abdomen heating up, so she let out a cold snort, "You want to commit suicide? No way, I'll let you live, and watch how Flower Emperor is enslaved by us, haha …"

Just as Zheng Rong was laughing out loud and wanting to stop Little Lizhi's pills, he flicked his finger and released a ball of transparent mist that shot into Zheng Rong's mouth. His other hand also released a ball of invisible mist that instantly enveloped Lei Jian's body.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you're courting death!" Lei Jian felt Chen Xiang attacking him, and immediately became enraged, flying over, smashed Chen Xiang's body with a palm, and sent him flying.

It was at this time that Zheng Rong suddenly shouted loudly, "Ah … I've been poisoned. This is an incredible poison... It's the Magical corruption gas. "

She could not care about Little Lizhi anymore and immediately let go of Little Lizhi, channeling her energy to resist the Magical corruption gas.

Chen Xiang had just injected a lot of Magical corruption gas into her mouth. It had been compressed and had entered the inside of her body, causing it to explode inside.

As for Lei Jian, he was also hit by a ball of mist. Because the ball of mist was colourless and lacked any energy fluctuations, the barrier on Lei Jian's body did not appear. Instead, it allowed the Magical corruption gas to attach itself to his body and infiltrate it from his skin into the inside of his body.

"Magical corruption gas, d.a.m.n you little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I want to …"

Just as Lei Jian finished speaking, his expression suddenly changed, because he felt that he was poisoned as well. He had already arrived beside Chen Xiang and brandished a large blade.

Chen Xiang was lying on the ground, his body that had not fully recovered, was severely injured, and he no longer had any strength left.

"No one can save you." He was not deeply poisoned, so he could still use some of his power to attack Chen Xiang.

Just as the big blade was about to slash onto Chen Xiang's body, Lv Qilian suddenly flew over and lay on top of him.

With regards to Chen Xiang, she owed him far too much. Chen Xiang had saved him time and time again, so how could she watch him get killed?

"Go away." Chen Xiang clenched his teeth and roared, he kicked Lv Qilian away, the big blade already slashed out.

This was the first time she cried for a man. In that instant, her emotions were mixed to the extreme, sadness to the extreme; she did not wish for Chen Xiang to die, and in the depths of her heart, she felt as if the most important person was going to leave her.

When the large blade landed on Chen Xiang's body, a golden light suddenly flashed from Chen Xiang's body. A suit of armor that glimmered with golden light actually appeared and blocked the violent and furious blade.

When Lei Jian's big blade slashed at Chen Xiang's profoundwu diamond armour, it was repelled by a burst of energy, while Chen Xiang also felt a shock, which caused him to be unable to refrain from spitting out a large mouthful of blood, but at least he managed to preserve his life.

"This is …" After Lei Jian was pushed away, it was already too late for him to make up for the poison in his body. Because the poison was spreading and his strength was gradually weakening, he immediately channeled his energy to expel the poison.

The profoundwu diamond armour on Chen Xiang's body was put away again. He painfully groaned a few times on the ground before climbing back up. Seeing the tears on Lv Qilian's face, he smiled and said, "I never thought that you would shed tears for me too."

"You failed to repay my kindness. I came to save you, yet you still kicked me." Lv Qilian said angrily, changing the topic, she was wearing a white dress with Chen Xiang's footprints on it.

Little Lizhi had already ran over, she was already crying from anxiousness, and thought that Chen Xiang would be killed just like that. Although Chen Xiang was a little hateful, she didn't want to die from this, and in order to save her.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you will definitely be cursed by the heavens for using such a strange poison like Magical corruption gas." Lei Jian's face was ugly, as he sat there detoxifying the poison.

"This matter will spread out sooner or later. Don't think that you can hide it from us." Zheng Rong was not far away, and her expression was even more unsightly, because she was the one who was the most poisoned.

Chen Xiang and Little Lizhi were already surprised to have Drunk G.o.d magical poison, they never thought that Chen Xiang still had such a strange, even more terrifying poison like Magical corruption gas, and they didn't know how he had stored it up. Furthermore, he had stored it in such a large quant.i.ty, otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to poison this powerful Thunder Tao Double Venerables.

"You're about to die and you're still so stubborn." Chen Xiang licked the blood off his mouth, took the recovery pill from Lv Qilian and consumed it, then walked over to Lei Jian.

Walking to Lei Jian's side, Chen Xiang held onto Lei Jian's head with one hand and unleashed Soul Absorbing Devil Spell.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, beast, b.a.s.t.a.r.d …" You actually know Soul Absorbing Devil Spell … " Lei Jian's face had already distorted and he was crazily cursing at Chen Xiang.

"Curse you, curse you! You're going to die anyway, haha!" Chen Xiang laughed, then activated Devouring magic kungfu, pulled out the Thunder soul from his body and placed it into a bead.

Just as he finished extracting the Thunder soul, Lei Jian turned into a pool of purplish black blood.

Seeing this scene, Zheng Rong's heart trembled. Chen Xiang immediately ran over and used Devouring magic kungfu, directly pulling out the Thunder soul from her body. The process of extracting the Thunder soul was extremely painful, causing Zheng Rong to let out a burst of miserable cries, after that her entire body exploded into a purplish black liquid.

Little Lizhi held onto Lv Qilian's hand tightly, her palm was drenched in perspiration, because Chen Xiang was truly too terrifying in her eyes, and her methods made people's hair stand up.

Lv Qilian held Little Lizhi's hand tightly, she had the same thought in her heart. She had originally thought that the Drunk G.o.d magical poison was Chen Xiang's greatest reliance, being able to help Chen Xiang kill many experts stronger than him. But now, she was wrong, because Chen Xiang still had something even more terrifying.

Zheng Rong and Lei Jian were not worth sympathizing with, so Lv Qilian and Little Lizhi did not have the slightest bit of mercy towards them. Chen Xiang had now taken back his things.

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