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Little Lizhi, who had used all of his strength, took a few steps back before collapsing onto the ground. On the other hand, Chen Xiang used the remaining strength he had left to rush over with the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword.

Wild Lion Princess's head rolled to the ground, her expression full of grief, anger and unwillingness. It was because the two people she fought were like ants in her eyes, yet they still killed her.

Seeing the head, Little Lizhi closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Because she had already avenged the deaths of her sisters, she bit the antidote pill in her mouth when she fell to the ground, because she had come into close contact with the Drunk G.o.d powder before. Furthermore, she had stuffed her hand into the Wild Lion Princess's wound.

The battle in the distance was still intense, but Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang did not have any more strength left, causing Chen Xiang's body to be in extreme pain. This was due to borrowing Long Xueyi's strength, and the golden light spewed out from Wild Lion Princess's mouth, causing him severe injuries.

Chen Xiang took out one Jade Dragon Flower. When Jade Dragon Flower was ripe, he had nine petals, and previously Chen Xiang used two, but now there were only seven. He gave Little Lizhi one, and he ate one himself.

With some energy, he placed Wild Lion Princess's corpse into the divine cauldron.

Little Lizhi didn't recover as quickly as he did, and she also didn't have his kind of terrifying flesh. She was incredibly weak right now, so Chen Xiang picked her up and held her in his arms.

Chen Xiang initially wanted to struggle, but in the end, decided to give up. Closing her eyes, she quickly refined the medicinal power within the Jade Dragon Flower's body and as she laid in Chen Xiang's embrace, she felt an inexplicable sense of security.

"It's all thanks to her. Otherwise, we really wouldn't have been able to deal with that mad lioness."

Chen Xiang gently pinched Little Lizhi's beautiful face and used his fingers to adjust her shoulder-length hair, but Little Lizhi leaned on her as if he was asleep and hugged his waist. Seeing her captivating look while she was sleeping, Chen Xiang couldn't help but to move his lips over and kiss her cheek.

Little Lizhi noticed it, but she did not say anything. She only slightly opened her eyes, glared at him with a gaze that carried a hidden bitterness, and then closed her eyes, allowing Chen Xiang to stroke her hair and jade face. It was unknown if it was because she was enjoying this gentle caress, or because she did not have the strength to resist.

Chen Xiang's heart suddenly started to beat with ferocity. His injuries were severe, and the remaining pain from borrowing Long Xueyi's strength was still there, and had become even more severe; he was not able to recover for a short period of time. If the one who lost was Lv Qilian, then it would not be good for him and Little Lizhi.

Her heart was also beating very quickly. She leaned on Chen Xiang's chest and could very clearly feel Chen Xiang's heartbeat, which made her feel very uneasy, but she was very tired, and she could not even lift up her eyes.

"It's fine. Believe her. She will definitely come back alive." Chen Xiang gently stroked her back, because he felt the muscles on Little Lizhi's body slightly tense up.

After it had quieted down for a while, Chen Xiang saw a white figure standing in front of him. It was Lv Qilian, her hair was dishevelled, her face haggard, her clothes tattered.

Chen Xiang let out a sigh of relief and said softly to Little Lizhi who was in his embrace, "She's back. She's fine now."

Lv Qilian's arm had a shocking crack on it, the flesh on it was ripped apart, the fact that there was such a wound on a beauty's body made people's hearts ache for her, it was obvious that her arm was temporarily crippled, while her other hand was dragging something.

On closer look, it was Wild Lion Emperor's body. It looked like he was dead and had not changed into his original body yet.

When Lv Qilian saw that Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang were both here, she and Little Lizhi were both feeling the same way.

She walked in front of Chen Xiang and sat on the ground, exhaling. "Can you store your divine cauldron inside?"

"Sure." Chen Xiang handed the unconscious Little Lizhi over to Lv Qilian. Lv Qilian took her over and gently caressed her face: "Little Lizhi, everything's alright. We have already avenged the sisters."

Chen Xiang's eyelids moved a little, and then he slightly opened his eyes, revealing a beautiful smile. Chen Xiang placed the Wild Lion Emperor's corpse into the divine furnace, he took a look at it, and discovered that there was a b.l.o.o.d.y hole in the Wild Lion Emperor's neck and eyes.

To deal with such powerful beasts, just absorbing them into his body was not enough. He had to use this method to let a large number of Drunk G.o.d powder infiltrate into his body.

Chen Xiang had used Soul Absorbing Devil Spell on a wild lion before, so he knew the weakness of the Holy armoured lion, it could attack those places.

"Is your arm okay?" Chen Xiang pa.s.sed the Jade Dragon over: "Eat the entire one. I'm afraid your best medicine can't compare to this Jade Dragon Flower."

Looking at the Jade Dragon Flower, Lv Qilian took a deep breath, "Can I leave a petal behind?" She was going to use it to make copies.

"Of course." Chen Xiang smiled at her, then looked at her arm and asked with concern: "Is your hand alright?"

"It's fine. It'll be fine very soon." Lv Qilian said softly as she received the Jade Dragon Flower. She knew that Chen Xiang had definitely fed it to Little Lizhi before, because there were a few less petals on it.

Lv Qilian took a piece of the Jade Dragon Flower's petals, placed the whole flower into his mouth, chewed it for a while, and swallowed it.

"We need to leave this place as soon as possible." Chen Xiang looked around and took out a flying discs.

Lv Qilian was also extremely weak at the moment. If not for the fact that she succeeded in detoxifying the poison at the critical moment, she would have been torn to shreds by the Wild Lion Emperor.

After boarding the flying discs, Lv Qilian's entire body was already exhausted, but even more so, he was mentally exhausted.

Only Chen Xiang was still quite spirited. He sat in the middle of the flying discs, with Little Lizhi and Lv Qilian both in his embrace, and he was not only rude to the two girls, but he also made them pinch him softly a little, across his thin clothes. If Lv Qilian still had any strength left, he would definitely scream out loud.

The pain on Chen Xiang's body had already receded, and he was still hugging two great beauties. One of them was Flower Emperor, and the other one was his most capable subordinate.

The speed of the flying discs was not fast. They slowly flew through the forest, taking the three of them away from the battlefield filled with ruins.

Although Lv Qilian was currently very weak, he did not go overboard. He only embraced her waist, touched her face, and blew at her earlobe.

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