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After all, his big sister was too domineering here, and had to be in charge of everything. Many of the old wild lions were very unhappy with his big sister, and if he were to take charge of the Wild Lion Tribe in the future, these old wild lions would definitely be very happy.

"Elder, do you have any way to make them agree?" Wild Lion Emperor said excitedly.

"Yes." Chen Xiang took out two bowls. One of them was a bowl of white fruit juice while the other bowl was red.

"You drink white, they drink red." Chen Xiang laughed wickedly: "When they drink red, they will be unable to stop themselves, at that time, they will even beg you and them …. "Heh heh."

Chen Xiang said as if he knew it, "I stepped on this from the wild. I've done experiments on two big black pigs before, this method will definitely work."

There were a lot of these evil drugs in the human world, so Lv Qilian and Little Lizhi were very angry at the elder who offered them up, wanting nothing more than to kill him.

"Don't you dare kill yourselves." As Chen Xiang spoke, he pinched Little Lizhi's mouth and poured the red juice into the bowl. Then, he pinched Lv Qilian's face and poured the rest of the juice into the big bowl.

"Haha …" The taste of human women must be very good. Moreover, the beauty of these two girls is top-notch. Even Big Sis is so jealous to the point of wanting to kill them. " Wild Lion Emperor laughed and drank the bowl of white liquid.

However, just as he finished drinking, Wild Lion Emperor was stunned, and immediately fell limply to the ground, unable to say a single word.

Lv Qilian and Little Lizhi drank the bowl of fruit juice, both of them were extremely worried, but seeing that, Lv Qilian suddenly thought of something.

"Quickly kill him! There is something in his body that is rapidly expelling the poison. Furthermore, that ball of extremely strong power is currently exploding!" Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang immediately took out his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and sliced off Wild Lion Emperor's head, then cut off a few times on his body, took out the beast core, and placed the corpse inside the divine furnace.

Seeing the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, Little Lizhi and Lv Qilian knew it was Chen Xiang.

Lv Qilian thought back to the Ten Thousand Dragons Slaughtering the Heavens, who was deliberately luring the Ferocious Lion Emperor away.

"I don't have any time to untie it right now, so you guys can temporarily take it with you in this cauldron." Chen Xiang didn't care about all that as he threw Lv Qilian and her into the divine cauldron together. He quickly rushed into a cave and harvested all the green and red Blood Exquisite Fruits.

"I have to hurry, my external body will not be able to hold for long, the Wild Lion Emperor is really too fast." Long Xueyi said.

"Got it. Hold on a little longer. It will be done very soon." Chen Xiang rushed into another cave and entered the treasury underneath the ground from this cave.

That treasury was a stone room, and when Chen Xiang approached it, he felt a very strange energy.

"Be careful if there are any Holy armoured lion guarding this place." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang rushed into the stone room, and saw dozens of silver white stones of different sizes piled up in one corner. The amount of energy was coming from the inside of the rocks, and on the other side, there were over a hundred egg sized beast cores.

Chen Xiang took all of them and left the treasury. He ran in the opposite direction from the Wild Lion Emperor without looking back, and not long after he left, the Wild Lion Princess had returned. Because that strand of Long Xueyi's divine soul was moving extremely fast, and only the Wild Lion Emperor could catch up, she had to return first.

Chen Xiang used his fastest speed to run in one direction without leaving a trace. He was very far away from the ravine, but he could still hear the terrifying lion roar.

"Wild Lion Emperor has returned. It seems that Wild Lion Princess's roar has a lot of meaning. Wild Lion Emperor isn't chasing after me." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang had originally planned to run to the light barrier that isolated the Heavenly Regions and return to the teleportation station. However, that place was very far away from the canyon, and when the time came, Wild Lion Emperor would also chase in that direction.

Chen Xiang took a direction and did not rush towards the inside of the Heaven Realm. It was just that in the outer circles, after he used Soul Absorbing Devil Spell on the wild lion, he found out a few things, the Heaven Realm was much more terrifying than he imagined. He thought that the Holy Beasts were stronger than other Holy Beasts, but there were more than the Holy Beasts, and the Raging Lion Tribe's position was not high, they could only own territories outside.

Chen Xiang ran frantically for ten days and ten nights, still using spatial travel and Shrinking step. He was already far away from that canyon, but he was still very worried.

The place he had come to was a mountain forest with many large stone mountains. Along the way, he did not encounter any powerful beasts, so he suspected that this was still the territory of the Berserk Lion Tribe.

Only when he met a group of huge white wolves did he feel a lot more relieved. This was because this territory belonged to a group of white wolves of holy light, and this group of wolves had the same strength as the Holy armoured lion.

Chen Xiang found a tall mountain, opened up a very deep cave at a place close to the mountain peak that was concealed. After that, he dove straight into the belly of the mountain, carved out a relatively large stone room in the middle of the mountain, and embedded a few large glowing stones into the mountain, causing the stone room to become extremely bright.

"So tired." Chen Xiang had been running for more than a month, and he had also taken more than ten days to open the gate.

After all of this, he took out the divine cauldron and released Lv Qilian and Little Lizhi who were inside.

Although they were tied up and couldn't get anything to add on, they were fine. After all, they were all strong warriors, but being with Wild Lion Emperor's corpse made them feel very uncomfortable.

They could all see that Chen Xiang was exhausted, but he still used a lot of energy to help them untie him. After he was done, Chen Xiang immediately laid on the ground, gasping for breath.

"Eat it."

Lv Qilian took out a snow-white pellet and placed it near Chen Xiang's mouth. Even though she was originally very arrogant, after experiencing all these, she had already changed a lot. At the very least, she understood that she wasn't invincible under the heavens.

Chen Xiang opened his mouth, and then placed the pill into his mouth.

"No need to thank me. I am only taking you guys for Grandma Lv's sake. Otherwise, I wouldn't take such a risk." Chen Xiang said.

Lv Qilian understood the danger that Chen Xiang had to bear in order to save them. She secretly thought in her heart, if it was Chen Xiang who was caught, she would definitely take this risk, and whether she could save Chen Xiang. Now, she began to understand why Little Lizhi felt that Chen Xiang was a good person.

"Thank you." Lv Qilian said softly, "Rest well."

For many days, she and Little Lizhi had been tied up by those ropes and were unable to move. The power in their bodies was completely restrained, and now they could eat their own pellets, allowing them to completely recover from their injuries.

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