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After the large blade in Lei Jian's hand was pierced, the man had also arrived in front of him. He lightly struck the man and a golden light shone from the center of his palm.

The man flashed back to his original position, standing together with the woman in the gold skirt. Lei Jian had also been pushed back by a palm, but there was a basin sized hole in his chest.

In the nine heavens, Lei Jian was an expert who had a 4-5 revolution in the Immortal-becoming realm, but that man had almost killed him with just a casual palm strike. The most terrifying thing was that man's precise control over his own strength, he had only pierced through Lei Jian's chest, but not his heart.

"This couple should be the children of that middle-aged man. They are both mature Holy armoured lion, so that young couple should be considered young holy beasts." Long Xueyi said.

This Heaven Realm was much more terrifying than what Chen Xiang had imagined. Not long after they had entered, they met three Holy Beasts, although two of them were Lesser Holy Beasts.

Even the normally very confident Lv Qilian was now sweating profusely. How could she not see through the strength of the three people in front of her?

However, she refused to follow them back to become their slave.

"Now you know how weak you are." The middle-aged man laughed coldly, "Hurry up and make your choice. Since you are able to come here, it means that you have some power. It should be of some use."

Lv Qilian's face suddenly became gloomy, and said to the people behind him: "Hurry up and run, leave this place to me."

"Asgard Master …" Little Lizhi shouted.

"Hurry up and leave." Lv Qilian's voice was cold and carried a sense of majesty, causing everyone to flee.

Seeing that everyone had suddenly run away, the young man and woman suddenly flew out to chase after those people. However, a golden gra.s.s appeared beneath their feet. The gra.s.s tightly wrapped around their feet, making them unable to move.

"Hmph." Lv Qilian's body trembled, and a burst of golden mist surged from her body. Her hair and dress danced wildly like a witch.

As for the man and woman who had been entangled by the gra.s.s tendrils, just as they were about to break free, they were suddenly pulled down deep into the ground by the gra.s.s tendrils, leaving only two pits behind.

"You're pretty good." The middle-aged man's eyes became ice-cold. He waved his hand and a golden light wave was sent out, engulfing everyone who was trying to escape.

Lv Qilian said in a cold voice: "Even though I'm not your match, it's still possible for me to stop you."

Her hair was scattered all over her shoulders. With a light brush of her sleeves, a burst of white light suddenly surged out from all around the forest, forming a wall of light, blocking the middle-aged man's released attack.

"This woman is amazing." Chen Xiang said in surprise: "I didn't expect her to be this strong. No wonder she looked down on me."

"Indeed, I'm afraid that she's much more powerful than that crippled Fire Emperor. No wonder she was the one to contribute the most when opening the gates to the Heavenly Realm." Long Xueyi never thought that Lv Qilian was actually able to fight against the three-headed berserk lion.

"Although this Ferocious Lion is a Saint Beast, it isn't at the level of a White Tiger. It isn't weak at all. Could it be that she's already past the Nine Revolutions Saint realm?" Chen Xiang was shocked.

"It's possible, but she also has a lot of pressure when facing this mad lion." Long Xueyi said: "Quickly go. If you continue to stay here, you will also die. A battle of this level, it's best to stay far away."

Chen Xiang ran out of the tree cave and quickly escaped through the trees. At this time, the young man and woman who had been dragged into the deep forest by Lv Qilian had already escaped from Lv Qilian's trap.

Chen Xiang knew that they were all running in the direction of the Transmission array, and returning was the safest option. Now, Chen Xiang started to understand why there was such a powerful barrier around the teleportation desk.

"Try to capture them alive so that they can be of use." the woman in the golden dress shouted.

Chen Xiang followed behind them. He was curious about the purpose of these Holy armoured lion capturing people.

In a short moment, intense movements came from within the forest. The battle between Lv Qilian and the Wild Lion had already begun, although Lv Qilian and her had some conflicts, Chen Xiang did not wish for her to be in trouble. This was because she was Mu Qianxiang's master, and also the daughter of the Grandma Lv.

The commotion in front was not small as well. The man and woman were extremely fast and had already caught up to the group of people who were trying to escape. They were even fighting fiercely.

"He's dead." Long Xueyi used his divine soul to observe, "Several of them died at once."

It was normal for them to have this kind of fighting strength, and those who were running away also retaliated. Phoenix King changed into his original form, and started to fight fiercely with the man, one of them was already heavily injured, and the other one was unlucky. He was injured in just two moves, there were no longer any strong experts left in the panicked crowd.

The forest gave rise to waves of air currents. Chen Xiang was blown away, but he did not know what was happening in front of him. As a squirrel, he could only shake in the aftermath of two battles.

However, this didn't last long as the lion cub and tiger cub were both small Saint Beasts and extremely powerful.

"Dozens of them were captured, Phoenix King and Phoenix Princess escaped, and the severely injured Thunder Tao Double Venerables were captured." Long Xueyi said as she watched him with her divine soul.

"Hai." Chen Xiang sighed, and asked: "Where's Little Lizhi?"

"He was also taken away and heavily injured." Long Xueyi said: "Only Little Lizhi is still alive in the Hundreds of Flowers Palace, everything else is already dead. We don't know why the female berserk lion killed them."

Chen Xiang sighed helplessly.

"Little Lizhi was captured by the man, so she didn't die. If she fell into the hands of the female berserk lion, she would be dead for sure." Long Xueyi said: "I think that it might be because the Hundreds of Flowers Palace's women are fighting back too fiercely, moreover, they are beautiful, that mother mad lion is jealous."

Chen Xiang said: "Follow them, I want to save Little Lizhi. Although she is a little arrogant, she is still a good person."

"This is equivalent to breaking into a Holy armoured lion's nest." Long Xueyi said: "But we can try. Maybe there is something good in the Holy armoured lion's nest. With your methods, if you are careful, you should be able to steal some."

Chen Xiang had already escaped far away from the crippled forest, but the commotion inside was still very loud. Lv Qilian and the big berserk lion were not done fighting yet.

Long Xueyi used his divine soul to carefully follow the pair of little sacred beasts, and Chen Xiang followed behind them slowly. He had already been prepared for a long time on entering the Heavenly Realm's terror, because even the powerful Divine Craftsmen said it was very scary inside.

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