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After everyone had gone through, Chen Xiang turned into a little mouse and carefully crawled towards the Transmission array. The battle on the other side of the light screen was extremely intense, but Chen Xiang's side was extremely quiet.

"So many huge beasts, all of them are giant golden lions." Long Xueyi shouted: "They look very strong, even the Flower Emperor's swords cannot pierce through their bodies."

Chen Xiang did not teleport over. He only needed to use his mind to teleport over, but right now he was watching a good show.

"What a powerful Golden Lion. Although its attack power is not strong, its defense is very strong. It was even able to stand up when it found the Flower Emperor's attack." Chen Xiang was extremely shocked. Fortunately, the Golden Lion didn't chase after him just now.

"Look, they are all very fast. Although they are big, they are not bulky at all." Long Xueyi said, "There seems to be something related to it within my inherited memories. I'll think about it."

After a while, Long Xueyi said: "These guys are called Holy armoured lion, our White Dragon Ancestor once met one, and it was an adult one at that."

"The underage Holy armoured lion are all crazy, crazy, but as long as they are well-tamed, they listen to their master's words and when they attack, they go crazy. It seems like these Holy armoured lion have received orders to protect the Transmission array." Long Xueyi said.

"So these guys are little lions." Chen Xiang said.

"That's right, he hasn't reached adulthood yet. If he had, then he would be a Saint Beast." Long Xueyi said in a serious voice: "These Holy armoured lion were already very strong when they were born, and they become even more powerful with this body size. It should be very rare, but here they are only guarding the door, and this Heavenly Realm is not simple, there must be adult Holy armoured lion here."

"Do these guys have any weaknesses?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I'm not sure." Just as Long Xueyi finished speaking, the group of Holy armoured lion suddenly stopped their attacks and ran in one direction as if they had received an order to retreat.

Long Xueyi said, "There are adult wild lions' roars over there. Although I can't hear them, I can see the mountains shaking in the distance. Their roars are very powerful."

When it became quiet, Chen Xiang immediately turned into a rock, preventing himself from being discovered by Lv Qilian.

If not for the fact that Thunder Tao Double Venerables was with Lv Qilian, Chen Xiang would not have been afraid of Lv Qilian and the others. He dared to shake around in front of them, but he had injured Thunder Tao Double Venerables's son earlier.

"This group of idiots, not only did they not teleport back, they even kept walking forward. They are dead." Long Xueyi sneered.

The fully grown Ferocious Lion was a Holy Beast. Although Lv Qilian and the others were all very powerful, they were all weak in front of a Holy Beast, unless they had the power of the Nine Emperors.

Not long after, Lv Qilian and his group left, Chen Xiang could no longer see them through the screen of light. At this time, he had activated the Transmission array, and used a teleportation method to pa.s.s through the screen of light.

The place they were at before was a light golden color, but after coming over, it became just like the Heaven Realm. It was clear and beautiful with blue skies and white clouds.

Looking ahead, there was a verdant field of life. It was completely different from the lifeless field on the other side of the light screen. There was a huge contrast.

"This place is filled with Holy Spirit Qi, which is much denser than that place. Beasts that grow up in this environment can't not be powerful. No wonder the Divine Craftsmen said that this is a dangerous world." Long Xueyi said, "This Heavenly Realm is a high level world to begin with. It is possible that some of the creatures here have just been born and are already comparable to the strong in the human world."

Chen Xiang nodded. "So this kind of world is separated from the human Nine Heaven World, but there are still people who have found the way.

Looking at the traces of fighting in the surroundings, those intense battles were not enough to shatter the rocks here. Besides being strong, those rocks were useless, but one could see how powerful the world was.

Chen Xiang carefully followed Lv Qilian and the others. Long Xueyi believed that they would be attacked by the Holy Beasts and he wanted to see what the real Holy Beasts were like. Although he had seen the White Tiger before, he didn't think that the White Tiger was one of them.

"The Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm that White Tiger and the others were in back then could also be a Heaven Realm. It was just that there was a sudden change later on." Long Xueyi said.

"It's possible."

Chen Xiang maintained a certain distance from Lv Qilian and the rest, as they had already entered an ancient forest. Not long after they had entered the forest, the birds and beasts seemed to have been shocked by something, and flew away one after another.

"The sacred beast has appeared. Hurry up and hide." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang immediately turned into a bird and flew up to a tree, hiding in a hole in the tree, and inside the hole there were two small rodent like animals, trembling and cowering inside.

In order to not be discovered, Chen Xiang had also become this kind of rat. Leaning on the tree entrance, he looked at the group of people in the distance.

The Saint Beast had appeared, but not in the shape of a mad lion. It was a middle-aged man with two whiskers and golden robes, and behind him was a man and a woman. The man was young and handsome, and wore a golden robe.

"Humans." The middle-aged man looked at Lv Qilian and the others. Even though he asked this question, he was not sure because the Phoenix King and the others were all beasts.

"No, those fifteen are all little birds, and these two seem to be phoenixes." The man said.

Long Xueyi said: "Holy armoured lion are not the good kind, although it seems that they have not acted yet, I feel that Flower Emperor and the rest are in trouble this time."

"This is my territory. Not only have you injured our members, you have also entered our territory. Now, you have pulled out your weapons and are full of hostility towards us. I give you two choices, the first is to obediently follow us and become our slave. The second is to commit suicide." The middle-aged man squinted his eyes, looking at Flower Emperor, because he knew Flower Emperor was the strongest.

"Absolutely impossible." A big sized man immediately shouted, this was one of the Thunder Tao Double Venerables, his name was Lei Jian.

The middle-aged man smiled, "Then you guys want us to take action."

"If you have the guts, come at me." As Lei Jian spoke, he swung his blade forward, but the Flower Emperor did not stop him.

"You're courting death." Chen Xiang said in his heart.

When Lei Jian swung his blade over, the middle-aged man did not make a move, but the man behind him did. He waved his hand and released a golden beam of light, which struck the blade and created a small hole.

Even though that blade wasn't a holy saber, it was still a pretty good top-grade immortal weapon. The other party had pierced through it with just a single strike. From this, it could be seen that the other party was very strong.

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