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The commotion in front was huge, and the sounds of fighting could be heard. Although the ground was trembling crazily, there were no cracks. The things in the sky domain were very st.u.r.dy.

"Logically speaking, there should be a lot of people rushing over to take a look, but why isn't there anyone here?" Chen Xiang carefully walked forward.

"They should have an agreement not to steal their prey. It should be like this, I sensed a few auras pa.s.s by, but did not approach." Long Xueyi said.

In front of him was a basin. Chen Xiang was high up, hiding beside a few rocks, looking at the direction where the sounds of fighting came from.

"What's going on?"

Chen Xiang saw a faint golden light screen that seemed to connect the heaven and earth, splitting s.p.a.ce into two parts.

Beside the screen of light, there was a giant, golden lion-shaped beast. Golden armor covered its body as it spat out golden light, and its enormous tail was like an iron whip as it lashed at the ground.

"Why are they fighting? That person seems like he wanted to pa.s.s through the light barrier, but he was stopped by the lion." Chen Xiang thought, he carefully observed his surroundings to see if there were any treasures, but he felt that even if there were, it should be in the world inside the light screen.

"This is someone from the Heaven Sword City, and they aren't the strongest either. I remember there are five of them, and there's only one of them left. Could it be that he is trying to stall this savage beast?" Long Xueyi said, "Inside that light curtain, it should be the true face of this Heaven Realm. The place we are in should be responsible for nurturing the Holy Spirit's power."

Chen Xiang suddenly saw a circular array beneath the lion-shaped beast, which could stand around ten people.

"That should be the Transmission array. He should have entered it." Long Xueyi said.

"It seems like this person is in charge of luring this giant lion away and has the other four to go in first." Chen Xiang suddenly laughed sinisterly: "Let's go help that big lion."

Chen Xiang quietly sneaked over, it was too easy for him to not get noticed if he wanted to get close.

Although the golden lion was very strong, he had to protect the Transmission array and not let anyone near it.

However, the old man from the Heaven Sword City tried to lure the golden lion away. The big lion was angry, but it still stood firm.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, get out of the way!" The old man shouted, controlling a celestial sword and hacking at the golden lion's body. Seeing the golden scales, it let out a "dang dang" sound and did not cause any harm to the golden lion.

When Chen Xiang got closer, he could see through the huge screen of light that there was a mountain and a lake, like a paradise, and inside, there were also a few figures. They should be from the other experts of the Heaven Sword City, but they did not come, because the Transmission array was being sat on by the giant golden lion.

"Dragon Bind."

Chen Xiang used a sacred art, the sacred and divine powers in his body merged together, forming a powerful Dragon Power. After using a divine art, a few small dragons suddenly jumped out from the ground below the old man, and like thick ropes, instantly tied him up.

The old man was tied up and hung in the air. The Golden Flame Lion took the opportunity to shoot out a huge beam of light that struck the old man's body, causing him to scream miserably.

Chen Xiang stopped his cultivation, and the old man fell to the ground, his entire body covered in blood. Chen Xiang now had a certain understanding of the Golden Lion's power, if this attack landed on his body, he would not be able to withstand it.

The people on the other side of the light screen saw that the old man was heavily injured and were immediately enraged. They knew that someone was nearby and had made the old man lose his ability to dodge, which was why they were injured by the golden giant lion.

In the Heaven Realm, only Chen Xiang would do such a thing. They were immediately sure that it was Chen Xiang, and then they were even more sure that it was Chen Xiang because suddenly Chen Xiang had jumped out and took away all the old man's heavenly pellets and Storage magic treasure. Then, he slashed a few times at the old man's body and disappeared.

"Chen Xiang." The old City Lord of the Heaven Sword City roared, but his voice could not reach Chen Xiang's side.

Chen Xiang kept the Heaven Pellet, and since the Storage magic treasure forbade it, other than the old man, no one else could get their hands on it. Chen Xiang could only throw it away, and right now, he was right beside the light screen.

The light screen was very long. Even after running for over an hour, he could not see the end of it, as if it was a curtain that fell from the sky to the ground.

Chen Xiang used a lot of methods but none of them were able to pa.s.s through, so he could only honestly look for the Transmission array's spell formation.

"There's someone ahead." Long Xueyi shouted lightly: "It's Flower Emperor and the rest."

Thunder Tao Double Venerables, Phoenix King and the others were all with Flower Emperor. The overall strength of this group of people was extremely powerful. In this kind of unknown place, it was the best way to guarantee their safety.

After knowing that it was the Flower Emperor's party, Long Xueyi did not dare to continue investigating, because it was very easy for the Flower Emperor to discover him.

Chen Xiang could only hide and use the Chaos Divine Eye to observe from afar.

"They found the formation." Chen Xiang said in shock: "But they didn't teleport over, could they be thinking about something?"

Chen Xiang was quite far away from the group of people, and he couldn't use his divine soul to look, so he could only rely on his eyesight. However, he could still see that on the other side of the light screen, there was a group of gigantic beasts walking around.

"They have the most people, there are ten in Hundreds of Flowers Palace, fifteen in Imperial Avian Race and fifteen in Divine Thunder Immortal Country. They can only teleport ten people at a time." Chen Xiang said: "They are discussing who will be sent to the first batch. Moreover, they do not know the strength of those huge beasts."

"Has the Golden Roc King arrived yet?" Long Xueyi laughed.

"It seems like the first batch has arrived." Chen Xiang said: "The first batch chose the strongest. Flower Emperor, Phoenix King, Thunder Tao Double Venerables, Little Lizhi and that Golden Roc King, along with a few other strong fellows, should be to go over and test the strength of those huge beasts."

"The Transmission array has opened."

In the blink of an eye, Flower Emperor and the other ten Rankers suddenly appeared on the other side of the light screen. The moment they appeared, the ten of them immediately started attacking the huge beasts.

Chen Xiang reckoned that there were at least a hundred of them, and they were all powerful, if not they would not have just been flung out. After being flung out, they would still be able to stand up and charge at the beasts, their bodies extremely powerful.

With Flower Emperor and the rest leading the way, the rest of them would be teleported one by one. They were sure that all the good things in the Realm of Flame Heaven would be hidden in the light screen.

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